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  1. S1 Health Insurance and Brexit Questions

      Er, no. That someone on here, being an ex-pat forum, might have been using the S1 form for a number of years and would know if it needs renewing annually, which is not out of the realm of possibility I don't think.
  2. S1 Health Insurance and Brexit Questions

    Don't you worry about where, just get cracking with the reading.
  3. S1 Health Insurance and Brexit Questions

    Yeah if you could. I'll be out of office at five so if you could get back to me before then. Thanks. 
  4. S1 Health Insurance and Brexit Questions

    Well my main question is about the S1 certificate in general if you read it. And I haven't been able to find anything about when or if you need to renew it.    There is also a Brexit thread that is eighty-odd pages long and started two years ago so I obviously didn't read all of it, though I didn't see anything there about married British seafarers with children living in Germany.   Thanks for the help though anyway RedMiserable.
  5. Hello everyone,   I've asked on here before regarding S1 health insurance forms and eventually I was able to get mine sorted. However now that everything is up and running I expect the walls to come tumbling down again.   Firstly does anyone know if I am required to resubmit the S1 form annually? When I received the S1 certificate it did indeed have an expiry date for a year later, however I don't know if this is just an expiry to use the S1 form to sort out your insurance or if the subsequent insurance that you acquire will also expire on that date. For example I had an S1 certificate from the UK that expired at the beginning of April 2019. However I took that certificate to AOK and was issued with my AOK insurance card last year. The insurance card itself has no expiry date on it and instead has xxxxxx in the place where the expiry date would be (which to me implies no expiry). I was hoping someone here would know so I wouldn't have to go into AOK and ask or worse still find out I am not insured next time I am at the dentist.   The second part of my question relates to being a UK citizen living here in Germany and if anyone else is in a similar situation and knows the potential outcomes. I am married to a German citizen and have a freshly born German citizen son here. I've been here for just over four years and married for about one and a half. My work is still UK based (I am a sailor in the North Sea) and all my taxes are paid in the UK as I actually spend more time there per year than I do here. I have made absolutely no preparations, enquiries or precautions regarding Brexit whatsoever so was wondering if anyone had any knowledge on the following;   - What will happen to people like me with S1 health insurance after Brexit? - Is it possible that even with a wife and child here I could be deported? - Would I be eligible for German citizenship and what would that entail, could I get dual citizenship? - Is there anything I should be doing etc. in preparation for Brexit? - I fly in and out of the country on a monthly basis to the UK for work. Will I likely suddenly have visa issues?   Any help, advice or thoughts will be much appreciated! 
  6. Hello everyone,   I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on importing a new car from the UK to Germany?   I have seen threads discussing bringing used cars over and bringing imports from the USA but not a NEW car from the UK.   Due to a discount I can get in the UK it might make financial sense for me to jump through the bureaucratic hoops required.   The car would already be LHD as it can be ordered like that from new.   So I was hoping someone could tell me how to go about it, and what the overall costs might be.   Thanks!   Peter.