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  1. Great, thanks for that info.

    Now, about the Beitragsermässigung you think I could still have it? 

    Ok, last year I own around 650 monthly, and provably next year I hopefully I will own bit more,  around 1000 - 1200 per month. 

    Also my wife own an apartment, and receive around 1000 p/m for renting. Do you think this will affect? Do the incomes counts together?  

    Anyhow, she is student and have her own insurance as student.




  2. Dear John G.


    Thanks For your reply, about your question I mean. I "just" start to work as a freelancer without sign in as a Selbstständig,  in August 2015.

    I didn't know I was supposed to sign in. But,  I Already resolved everything with the finanzamt and my local Rathaus, regularising my situation and Signing in as a Selbstständig in Jun 2016.


    Now, As you told me, and I being reading around Toytown, provably I gonna need to pay all the months where I didn't pay. So provably until now its around 14-15 months. What in TK for my income situation provably will charge me around 400 EU per month, that is around 6.000.

    I hope to try to negotiate that amount monthly with the TK.

    So, in that case. Do you know how how that will works?

    or If I stay with them, I could have a better negotiation?


    Looking forward to hearing from you.




  3. Hi everyone,


    I have been in Germany for one and a half years. I was unemployed for the first 4 months. 

    So I had been on my wife's health insurance policy (Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)). by the way she is student.

    After that, I got a job just for a month, where my employer pay an insurance.

    Than, my job situation was bit unstable, so I came back to my wife Techniker Krankenkasse insurance policy. From around August 2015 I start to work as a freelancer Chef/Foodstylist. Trying to see If that will work.

    Until now Im in the same situation, but in Jun 2016 I sign in as a selbständig, for tax reasons.

    My job goes ups and downs and I roughly own between 600 to 1200 per month.

    But Im still under my wife insurance! Big mistake! Visiting in few opportunities medical services.

    Now, the Techniker Krankenkasse is asking me, for show them my incomes for the last year, and I think, soon I will be in problem with that.


    I would like to ask you dear expats, what should I do?

    Sign in in a private insurance ASAP?

    In that case, any recommendations with a english speaker broker?

    Or should I wait for what the TK ask me to pay as a backpayments, and stay with them?

    There are any way to negotiate those backpayments with them?


    Any help would be very very appreciated.


    All the best