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  1. I'm a recently arrived 31 year old American who will start a 2-year masters degree in Munich in October (I have prior insurance coverage through the end of September). I have a question about insurance starting in October. I've researched this a bit, but many of the posts I've found are old or fragmented so I could really use an external validation of my understanding or a correction if I'm wrong. I'd also love any additional thoughts anyone has.   As I understand it, my having arrived in Germany over age 30 means I'm not eligible for the public insurance and must buy insurance through the private market. Either that or I've been told that I might still be able to apply to the public insurance but for staying as little as a few years at my age I'd be better off with private. I'm not sure which of those is true but either leads me to think private insurance is what I need.   I've struggled a bit to find options for private insurance though. First, the Studentwerk site for Munich links to https://portal.versicherungsdienste.de/dsw-studenten-kv as the option they have negotiated for those like me. That has two levels of insurance, but the coverage seems rather poor, particularly at the basic level (even checkups and immunizations aren't included). It has limited non-German coverage meaning travel (e.g. trips home) could require additional insurance.   The forum at https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/155506-health-insurance-for-age-over-30/ pointed me to an alternative option (https://www.mawista.com/en/health-insurance-for-foreign-nationals-in-germany/health-insurance-for-students/) which seems better (e.g. one version of it includes foreign travel for up to 6wk/yr), but has some other strange holes in coverage. Not knowing what's typical for the German market though I'm unsure which coverage level is common or low or high.   At this point I'd normally find a third or fourth option and do a simple cost/benefit analysis, but all the other options I find seem to be public options, which I am presumably not eligible for, or their sites are all in German (mine isn't good enough to read detailed health insurance information yet) and plans seem to be focused on working people (are those plans applicable for my situation? If not, what plan type is?). Is there a marketplace somewhere that could help me sort through this? Are there other plans anyone can recommend? Thoughts on things I should make sure are covered or can ignore missing coverage for? (e.g. dental and vision? Typically included or paid separately here as in the US?) Also, I read something about needing to verify German eligibility for any plan I pick; details on that?   I'd very much like to do my due diligence here before making a choice but my research so far has left me without a final answer or a clear path for further research and with lots of conflicting information; any help anyone has on how best to do so is much appreciated!     Followup Note: After writing this, another resource I'd contacted responded validating my ineligibility for public plans and suggesting http://www.care-concept.de/sprachschueler_eng.php?vmnr=0036050000&mail=patrick.schlegtendal@deutscheinsurance.com&navilang=eng instead. Adding it to the discussion here in case anyone has experience with any of the three options I have found so far.