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  1. Buying an Erholungsgrundstück (??)

      So we talked to the local municipality. It was all as you have described.  It remains an interesting option, but probably will try to focus on residential zoned properties in the same area. Thanks!
  2. Buying an Erholungsgrundstück (??)

      I had read this before. The author mainly to be talking about small summer shacks that are only comfortable in summer months or when it's warm outside.    I'm describing a decently heated house that would be comfortable in summer as well as winter... where you might want to live if you could. 
  3. I'm considering buying an Erholungsgrundstück about an hour's drive north of Berlin. The property market in this city is ridiculous and the country air would do us all good.    The site that I'm looking at is about a 1000sqm, with a decent sized house that should be habitable in all seasons.    I've got a few questions and wondering if anyone can provide some tips:    Do these sites typically hold their value or increase their value over time? After 5-10 years, could I expect any capital appreciation (even if just to cover the initial transaction costs)?    Is it ever possible to apply with the local authorities to use the property as a primary residence? What would they look at if assessing such an application?    The expose mentions that new constructions may be possible after approval. What might this mean in practice? Is it likely there will be a limit on the total square metres that can be on the site? 
  4. Which Bank would you recommend

    IngDIBA are good, I've been with them a year and no complaints. They seem smart. I came from DB (definitely no).    There are also some new Internet banks like N26, they could have a card to you in a few days if you sign up.