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  1. Switching employers and drop to part time on work permit?

    Thank you for the information! I do not have the Blue Card, so the topic is unrelated at the moment.  
  2. Hi everyone,   If you have a work permit that is not connected to a specific employer, can you switch employers and drop to part-time hours with the new employer? I am not sure: 1. If you switch employers, what steps (if any) you must take legally (inform the KVR of new job, etc.) 2. If the new job has to meet a certain amount of hours or salary. Can you take a part-time job?   Thanks for the help!          
  3. Hi all,   I'm an American working in Germany with an eAT (elektronischer Aufenthaltserlaubnis). The HR department at my company told me during salary negotiations that after my probation ends, they would raise my salary so I could apply for the Blue Card. Currently I am 6,600K under the needed yearly salary to apply for the Blue Card.     I am a bit worried they will not keep their word when I bring this topic up, so I want to be prepared with the reasons the Blue Card is better for me than the elektronischer Aufenthaltserlaubnis. Can anyone please tell me things I can do (etc.) with the Blue Card that I cannot with with the eAT? I know the basics like applying for a settlement permanent sooner, but anything else I'm missing? Benefits, rights, flexibility, etc. that Blue Card holder gets that someone with the eAT doesn't? For me security of a 4 year visa and fast track to permanent residency are very important to me and allow me to have security of staying in Germany and be a long term employee for my current company without issues. Not sure what else to argue for my case of getting a raise for the Blue Card...any insights appreciated!   Thanks everyone! : )