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  1. No the radiators are not warm but the rooms are super warm. Including for instance also the corridor where the floor is heated (although there is no floor heating).


    Something that I cannot understand is why these radiators have the snowflake effect (with temperatures at 6C) when there are warm temperatures in the Summer. I have been used to radiators which are set to "0" and turn off completely. But this seems to be not the case here.



  2. Hi,


    I would like to ask support on the radiator of my new place. I have all the radiators on the off option (snowflake), however according to the instructions, this still sets the temperature to be at 6C. I cannot move the valve any further than the snowflake.


    The issue is that the rooms are still super hot and I cannot find a way to turn off them completely, as there is no "0" in the valve.


    Do you happen to know where can I turn off it completely or shall I complain to the landlord.






  3. Hello all,


    I will be 3 days in stuttgart with 2 small kids (2 years old) and I was planning the following.


    1 day (afternoon)

    Ludwigsburg palace and garden


    2 day


    Burg Hohenzollern


    3 day

    Schloss Solitude (only in gardens)

    Lunch and walk in Stuttgart city center


    I will use a car. Would you recommend something else, especially with kids?





  4. On 23/04/2012, 10:19:12, nickelcadmium said:




    what is the correct procedure to hand over an apartment once lease is over? My Vermieter has been hostile and tricky all along, and I have a strong suspicion he might try something with the deposit...


    The apartment does not have any damage, and is now empty. Lease will be over at the end of May. I have been there 18 months, so basically everything is in the same condition as it was before.


    I have never done a German übergabe before, but in my mind:


    - I give him an appointment around the end of May, say the 26th

    - We meet there, and if he finds that the apartment is ok, then he gives me a signed piece of paper that says everything is ok - otherwise, he tells me what he thinks is wrong, I fix it, we meet again after 2/3 days and then he gives me that piece of paper


    Things that could go wrong, knowing Germany:


    - somehow the law has a special procedure for doing the übergabe that I am not aware of - landlord tricks me and I lose deposit [he comes the last day of the month, finds "problems" and does no give me the piece of paper, or something like that] -> who makes the appointment? what if "problems" are found?


    - landlord tries to delegate somebody to do the übergabe for him, I get the piece of paper, just to find out that person had no authority -> I lose deposit


    How is it done?

    I am about to move out from house. In the day out, one relative of the landlord is supposed to do the protocol. If i understand it, then if the relative has no authority, the whole process is null?


  5. Maybe to contextualize, this is inside Messe/Festhalle ubanh station. So it is in the ground floor/road area, next to the lift. It is impossible to avoid since there is ony this lift to get the Ubahn. This area is covered like a small pyramid. It seems that telling Police would not help much...


  6. Ok. But in this case it is incredible, it is inside of an underground station on the ground floor, next to the lift. Today for instance there were 3 men doing it, huge blood on the ground, everyone scared about it but it keeps going almost everyday. It has been like this for at least 2 weeks. I could not think that Police is not aware. Since it is in the city centre and not in a dodgy place...


  7. Hi All,


    I have one question. I live in Frankfurt and in the city centre next to a underground station, there is always from 12:00-15:00, drug dealers injecting with seringe. My wife needs to pass by this place everyday and she mentioned that she is scared to see it everyday. How shall I report this? Police?


    it is a bit strange because it happens almost everyday and apparently nobody has reacted.




  8. Hello all,


    I have one question since I am moving to a house with clothes washing machine and dryer.  Is the noise of thr machine considered as noise pollution as well? Do you usually wash clothes after 10 pm? Is this acceptable?


    in my old flat, I was used to wash plates in the machine, even at midnight and never heard complaints...




  9. 7 hours ago, RainyDays said:

    Hi @Criolo,


    so you are already living in Frankfurt and just change house, do I understand that correctly? If so, this is the to-do list:


    Unitymedia: Contact them asap; also check if and what kind of cable fees (packages?) are included in your new rental contract in the Nebenkosten section. 


    TV fees: If you mean GEZ fees, you don't need to do anything, they'll find you anyway :lol:


    Car: I assume your car already has a Zulassung in Frankfurt (is registered)? If yes, the simple change of address may be done when you do your general Ummeldung at the Bürgeramt (see below). I don't own a car, but the Bürgeramt clerk can tell you more.


    Electricity: When doing an Übergabeprotokoll with your landlord on the day of the handover of the old apartment, also write down the readings on the meters (electricity and water). Then submit the electricity readings to your supplier (in case it's the city's energy provider, Mainova) and request a final bill (Schlussrechnung) because you're moving out. Independently of that and about 14 before moving to the new house, you should set up a new contract with let's say Mainova or any other provider. Choose a tariff, e.g. one of Mainova, Produkte, and go to their office or set up an account and a new contract online.


    Ummeldung at the Bürgeramt: This is important and needs to be done within 2 weeks of moving to the new house. In order to register your new address, you need to go to the central Bürgeramt or one of its branches in the city and bring a bunch of documents, see Ummeldung einer Wohnung:


    – your identity cards/passports (+ those of family members living with you)

    – a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung by your new landlord (statement that you are his tenant); see link to form on the right side of website beneath Musterformular

    – if applicable, marriage certificate and birth certificate of children (don't know if that's really necessary in case of an Ummeldung in the same city)

    – your car papers


    Take a deep breath and head to one of the Bürgerämter, draw a number and be prepared to wait (last time it took me over an hour). If you want to go to the central Bürgeramt on Zeil, you can set up an appointmentment online.


    Congrats, (I think) you're done!



    Many thanks for you effort. It is highly appreciated!


    If I may, I would have few questions:

    - in electricity, you mentioned independently of the handover, 14 days before to move to the new house, I should set-up a new tariff with Mainova? Would that be possible? Since I would have still 1 month to stay in the old house but my intention is to move things and maybe live already shortly in the new house. 

    - could you precise elaborate on the cable fees, is there something I shall look for?

    - tv fees, no need to worry then, although I read somewhere that I should inform them? Would they know anyway?


    Thanks a lot. I have an EU driving license.


  10. 13 minutes ago, sneaker said:

    2. The more proof the better. I.e. best is to have them signed somehow. But: if you make photos of the damages they will be listed in the protocol anyways, right?

    4. I didn't say anyone was an easy target. In the end everyone you bring will somehow have a motive to speak for you because it's either friend, family or paid by you. Why else would anyone waste their time with this, right?

    Hi sneaker,


    I will list everything in the protocol in written. And then the real estate agent signs and brings to the landlord. But as far as I understand, the photos will be a parallell process right? Since I am not able to take and print it out on the spot, unless I would send by email to the real estate/landlord.


    btw, the real estate agent is pressing me to do the protocol in the morning of the move in day, but as far as I understand, I can do it whenever I want right? This would still imply the landlord or its representative in person.


    sth to not forget is to ask for a copy of the protocol signed by the landlord to use it as proof.



  11. Hi sneaker,


    the problem is that I will do the protocol with the real estate agent. So, he will probably sign and ask for signature of the landlord afterwards.


    1 - I think I could try in english.

    2 - in this case, if the real estate takes the protocol with him - the photos need to be sent always afterwards - by post and ask for confirmation of acceptance?

    3 - ok thanks. Read several times 2 weeks and was confused

    4 - ok thanks. But would a great German friend be also an easy target? Unfortunately, my mitverein does not provide the service to show as witness!


    thanks for the help


  12. Hi all,


    i am about to do a Übergabeprotokoll next week. And I have some doubts:

    - its recommended to list all items and cracks. If I write in english, is this legally enforceable?

    - i should take photos. But are the photos going to be sent to the landlord after the Übergabeprotokoll? 

    - is the 2 weeks time after the protocol still envisaged in German law to announce any defects?

    - having a witness is great. Would my wife be eligible as witness or needs to be a third party?


    thanks in advance


  13. Hi all,


     I researched in the forum, bu there are threads from 2004, other newer but got confused with the current requirements.


    I will change house soon in Frankfurt and was wondering with the necessary changes to do:


    unitymedia - understood that I should get in contact

    car - I have a foreign driving license but do I need to change something in car registration? If yes, where in Frankfurt?

    electricity - do i need to provide some i go?

    tv fees - also do I need to contact?


    Maybe is there someone who passed the same and could indicate the best way to proceed?




  14. Thanks. This is something I never thought, since I had both machines at the basement. Now I will move and have both machines at house. At least, for the washing machine, it makes sense to stay at home - while for the dryer, flexibility may take role.


    But never thought, if you leave the house and a water leak in the washing machine is there, that  is pure there any legal precedence in Germany to support such strong statement?


  15. Thanks. As just mentioned, I have a very cheap household content and in case of a fire or any disaster, It wouldnt be too dramatic (well costs would come for sure).


    if I may, would a fire/water leak/ caused by my negligence (eg misuse of hoven) and the impacts in the house I live as tenant, would it be covered by private liability ou housecontent insurance?




  16. Hi all,


    After reading the threads in the forum, I still have the question why as a tenant should have hausratsversicherung? 

    I currently have private liability insurance and legal insurance. Is is then recommended to have hausratsversicherung in which scenarios? 

    Would a fire or any other event be covered? Isnt the landlord supposed to have one?


    i think there is the question, that nobody knows if all the landlords have one, but if the rental contract only refers to the duty/recommendation that a tenant should have private liability, that is already an indication that the landlord have one?


    please note that I do not have anything of high value and the kitchen is owned by the landlord not me!


  17. Thanks PandaMunich. 


    In the web, there are various opinions about this clause being with Xxxxx, here for instance, it says one could cancel at any time:


    but I have seen different opinions about it. I also do not find arguments why the real estate would fool me (although, I asked him to write in email and 12 hours nothing right, while he has always superfast answering)


  18. This is true. Spoke again with the real estate who guaranteed again that no minimum peruod is in there.


    However, for me, it is still not clear. I asked him to send me an email confirming it, because without, probably I wont sign. It is a pity because I like the house. My tenant association is only able to offer a call by Thursday!


    For me, the earliest of xxxxx or 47 months, it means the 47 months applies but I could be wrong...


  19. Thanks sneaker. It could well be that XXX means "whenever I want". However one may also interpret as 0 and then end of 4 years would apply.


    the issue here is it seems if I am going to create big troubles, the real estate/landlord will pick another person. The real estate guaranteed is open ended but only verbally.


  20. Thank you very much for the help.


    What is for me strange is that the contract has really this XXXX. I understood the earliest of XXXX or end of 4 years? But the XXXX is even legally accepted? I quote the exact paragraph below and got even more confused after reading:


    I am simply reticent to find the XXXX as I could decide whenever I want? 


    1.Das Mietverhältnis beginnt am       01.05.2017

    2. Beide Parteien können eine ordentliche Kündigung des Mietverhältnisses frühestens zum –XXXX-- mit gesetzlicher Frist erklären. Der darin liegende Kündigungsverzicht kann höchstens für die Dauer von 47 Monaten seit Abschluss des Vertrages und mit der Möglichkeit zum Ablauf dieses Zeitraumes erfolgen.  


    3. Für Zeitmietverträge nach § 575 BGB gilt eine gesonderte Vereinbarung.


    4. Die Kündigung muss schriftlich bis zum dritten Werktag des ersten Monats der Kündigungsfrist zugehen. Bei der ordentlichen Kündigung eines Mietverhältnisses richtet sich die Länge der Kündigungsfrist nach den zwingenden Vorschriften des Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuches. 


    5. Bei nicht rechtzeitigem Freiwerden oder nicht rechtzeitiger Bezugsfertigkeit der Räume sind Schadensersatzansprüche gegen den Vermieter ausgeschlossen, es sei denn, der Vermieter hat schuldhaft gehandelt.


    6. Setzt der Mieter den Gebrauch der Mietsache nach Ablauf der Mietzeit fort, so gilt das Mietverhältnis nicht als verlängert. § 545 BGB findet keine Anwendung.



  21. Thanks jeba. So this means that no minimum period is envisaged?


    maybe a question related, that means after 47 months I wont be able to terminate the contract? Or considering the 4 years max in German law, that will be automatically possible?


    this paragraph is still a bit tricky for me. Searched on the web, that one rental contract had in appendix that the "regular notice period wouldnt apply" which means that I need carefully mine before signing.