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  1. Radiator off but heating is still present

    Hi,   Many thanks all for your advices.  @LeonG: spot on, it is on the top floor with huge windows faced to the south. I will close the windows/curtains during the day  and fresh a bit closer to the night and check how it looks
  2. Radiator off but heating is still present

    No the radiators are not warm but the rooms are super warm. Including for instance also the corridor where the floor is heated (although there is no floor heating).   Something that I cannot understand is why these radiators have the snowflake effect (with temperatures at 6C) when there are warm temperatures in the Summer. I have been used to radiators which are set to "0" and turn off completely. But this seems to be not the case here.    
  3. Hi,   I would like to ask support on the radiator of my new place. I have all the radiators on the off option (snowflake), however according to the instructions, this still sets the temperature to be at 6C. I cannot move the valve any further than the snowflake.   The issue is that the rooms are still super hot and I cannot find a way to turn off them completely, as there is no "0" in the valve.   Do you happen to know where can I turn off it completely or shall I complain to the landlord.   Thanks