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  1. My local Finanzamt asked me to pay tax in advance quarterly for my Kleinunternehmer. Where on my steuererklärung can I claim this “vorauszahlung”?
  2. Something is in progress as a lawyer has been incited. I think the steps you mentioned are the results after a few warning letters and you are right, there are nothing to negotiate. The question is just how long time a Property owner can drag such cases before they have to refund.   Some of the owners suggested to contact the renters directly of those two properties and ask them to pay directly to the Property Management, so they could both pay the Community share and the current growing/leaking debt. This option would not work legally and place the renters in a bad position concerning their renting contract.  
  3. A friend of mine lives in a community of seven flats. There are both owners and renters living in this community. There is currently an issue where two owners (who is renting out) don’t pay their share of the “Nebenkosten” to the Property Management, though that they get their monthly rent from their renters aka they put the money in their own pocket.   The 5 other owners has now been asked to cover the missing incoming expenses from the two owners who don’t pay their share, while the Property Management is running a dispute with lawyer against the two Property owners.   What can a Property owner do concerning above issue besides waiting for the dispute output and paying extra expenses each month to cover the missing payments?