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  1.   It depends. His Berater should calculate, based on his ALG I, what the maximum distance he should be paying for when travelling to interviews is. When he needs to travel to interviews further away, he can contact AfA with his invitation before he travels. They will then give him the forms to submit with the originals of his travel tickets (a confirmation from the employer and an expenses form).    
  2. Rentenversicherung office without appointment

    What do you need? For example, if you need a Rentenversicherungsverlauf, just call them and they will send one to you immediately.
  3. The Vent - No Chat!

    L: Be careful, the fence is electrified.  Boyfriend: No, it's only plastic...  Bloody hell, do let go of my hand if you choose to do something stupid!   
  4. A question about Studienkolleg

    I have checked and it seems that Halle-Wittenberg is one of the universities where DSH courses are organised by the Studienkolleg. It is the same at my current workplace though at the previous one these courses were organised by the International Office. I think this is causing confusion in this thread.  
  5. Hi everyone!

    Hi JayBurd,   If you are a Facebook user, feel free to join our group 'Awesome People of Saarbrucken' and join us at one of our meetings (no fixed schedule, keep an eye on the postings). There is also a Couchsurfing group meeting every Thursday, often in Ubu Roi, and Wednesday nights there is a regular meeting for English speakers in Iguana.    Yes, Jeremy, EI lives in SB.  
  6. It depends on what you want to study as the second degree. For example, in order to be allowed to study medicine as a second subject, it is necessary to submit an application in which it is explained why this is necessary for one's scientific work. Going by the applications submitted to our office in the past, the decision making in these cases is very subjective. 
  7. Why are you happy today?