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  1. Hi everyone!

    Hi JayBurd,   If you are a Facebook user, feel free to join our group 'Awesome People of Saarbrucken' and join us at one of our meetings (no fixed schedule, keep an eye on the postings). There is also a Couchsurfing group meeting every Thursday, often in Ubu Roi, and Wednesday nights there is a regular meeting for English speakers in Iguana.    Yes, Jeremy, EI lives in SB.  
  2. It depends on what you want to study as the second degree. For example, in order to be allowed to study medicine as a second subject, it is necessary to submit an application in which it is explained why this is necessary for one's scientific work. Going by the applications submitted to our office in the past, the decision making in these cases is very subjective. 
  3. Why are you happy today?

  4. Jobs for new arrivals in Germany

      It is possible to reach C1 level in one year. However, you do have to work full time on this. In these intensive courses you'd usually have 20 hours a week, which would also mean that it would not look like a gap in your CV. 
  5. Why Don't Germans Answer Their Emails?

      Not really. It's quite simple, we get too many emails and cannot answer quickly. If you come in person, you will get your questions answered there and then. 
  6.   It is possible to message her but it's not possible to message you -- is your messenger disabled perhaps? 
  7. Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)

      Not necessarily. In some countries if you have an electrical socket, you pay. 
  8. Why Don't Germans Answer Their Emails?

    We are understaffed. I work at a university and our office answers all our emails but it does take us long sometimes. 
  9. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    That is awful, John! Hope it goes well! Do let me know if you find the beer machine -- I have a conference to attend at that medical school at the beginning of May. 
  10. Führerschein book (not the question booklets)

    There are various books available. Are you looking for a specific one? My theory book came with the online questions from https://www.fahren-lernen.de/ which I bought through my school.  
  11. What are you currently reading?

      Me too! A massive change after all the Adler-Olsen books I've read recently. 
  12. What have you learned today?

      Were you the interviewer or the interviewee, Malt-Teaser? And was this in English or in German? All very different things. 
  13.   If you send scans, you need to pick up your documents with the original in hand. Otherwise you need to send them the original. Because he needs this certified, he needs to pick up the translation or wait for it to come by snail mail with the proper stamps, pretty string, etc. I don't know about you but I hate sending originals.    
  14.   dstanners, is she registered with a German court?    ETA: She is registered in Saarland.     
  15. Moving above TV-L E10

      Länder don't have enough money and do everything in their power to 'reset' the experience, as it were. Actually, even the rich Länder do this. They would most likely start with arguing the previous position was different (or it was a similar job but in a different department, so it's different in their eyes).