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  1. Hi guys,   Does anyone have direct experience (or knowledge) of breaking up a parkpatz from the flat (aufteilung) in the Teilungserklärung?   How much is it, and what's the process (notary does it all?).   If you don't know but you know where I can ask/find this info, that's also super helpful.
  2. I understand, thank you dstanners! 
  3. Interesting, thank you Smaug.   Does that mean the contract should be unbefriestet then or it means that it would be available to you.   Like for example if one were to give out a contract for the winter until May-June and spend a few months in Germany until he rents it out to someone else with another close-ended contract.
  4. Thanks guys!   Obviously I need to more research.   I own a house here and my business is online. Courses, AdSense revenue and some affiliate income, almost all of it outside of Europe -it's all in English-.   I suppose that owning a house does not automatically make one a tax resident?   I'll reach out to those guys at, eventually will update here when I get all the answers for future reference.   LOL good one.
  5. Hi guys,   I have an online business which is growing and I need to incorporate this year.   Not in Germany though. Simplicity and not filing returns is my main goal. Plus I'm not German, I don't speak the language, and I plan on being a bit of a nomad (ie.: won't stay here more than the legal 180 days/year).   Where to incorporate, I don't know yet. And that's why I wanted to speak with an expert on international laws and taxes.   Anyone has a good recommendation? Best in Berlin, but also away with Skype/phone could be OK.    
  6. Quick update here:   The seller did not want to refund me in the beginning. The Ebay seller protection was useless because it only kicks in when you can prove that you paid to the seller account, which I could not.   When I escalated to Ebay the seller was playing the game sending me standard "not paid item" messages and saying they hadn't received anything. But in our previous private email conversation they had fully acknowledged the security breach. That made me  angry but I care too much about my time to go to through lawyers over a few hundred bucks.   So I bought the same phone from them, but this time using Paypal. That gave me leverage in ways that I don't want to necessarily describe here, plus the added leverage of leaving two feedbacks instead of one.   I told them they could either have an happy customer for life or two feedback from a not so happy customer and an escalation of the matter. Finally, they refundend me.   And I will indeed use their services again because I like their business model.  
  7.   .. Said the paranoid.   Of course you can be suspicious while nothing is wrong.
  8. Thanks Jay!   I'll keep this post updated on how it goes for future reference.   Lesson learned so far: if you are suspicious it doesn't hurt to wait a day to double check with them (albeit the first reply you get might still be from the scammers). If you are in a hurry only buy items with high seller protection payment options. And if you aren't money conscious buying it new -and possibly at the shop- is much less likely to give you time-wasting issues.
  9. Hey guys,   I bought a phone on Ebay from a super reputable seller ( They have tens of thousands of feedback, including for my same exact item.   I was a bit surprised they didn't have Paypal. But hey, I thought maybe they're trying to save some on their small margins.   The bank details where for Italy (PostePay), which got me very suspicious. I double-checked the message was from Ebay and the seller itself: it was.  I clicked on the links on the message, leading back to the correct product.  There was 30-days Ebay guarantee on the item, which helped assuage my fears.   Alright, I send the money. Now it turns out they got their account hacked.   Any idea? I would guess it's the seller's responsibility to protect their data. Do they still owe me that phone?
  10.     Ebay Kleinanzeigen is a bit different.   Also these guys were using the publicly visible phone number, so anyone with an internet connection, even without being registered could read it.   BTW, here is an update: 8 different people wrote me on Whatsapp in a few hours until I had to cancel phone number. + 2 spam emails later on and not a single real interested person. Kleinanzeigen is swamped with scammers.   I successfully used the platform before without an issue though, but it was for smaller items. I think these guys target a certain price range, valuable enough to make it worth their while and physically small enough that can be shipped (ie.: probably not cars).      
  11. Hey Jay, thanks.   But at that point bank transfer only makes it more complicated for them to play that game (PayPal would be easier).   And an escalation through official channels, I suppose, would be likely to end badly for fishy guys pitted against an honest seller (as long as he took the right steps, that is).     P.S.: From the first message until now 3 different people Whatsapped me outside of Germany (even if you don't fall for it, you still get spammed). Get honest guys, if not out of ethical grounds, because online scamming is becoming a damn crowded market   The latest genius:
  12. Fair enough, wasn't going to.   But what can he do with that information?   P.S.: he also asks for email and says he cannot send money through Paypal (so it wasn't going to be a scam of faking non-received items).
  13. I just put on sale a camera worth around 1k.   Literally not even 2 minutes it was online I get on message on Whatsapp. Suspicion 1.   It asks if it's still available and how much it would cost to ship to UK with DHL Express. Suspicion 2. They are not asking how to pay, not confirming the good condition of the product and not even asking if the price is negotiable. Suspicion 3.   Then I checked the area code of his number, +234, which seems to be Nigeria. At that point, I'm 99% sure there is something fishy.   But where could the fraud lie from a buyer perspective? I'm moving the conversation along out of curiosity and he is asking me for my bank account details. Do you guys have any idea where the fraud could lie?  
  14. Interesting.   Alright, thanks!   I'll updated you guys as I look for more info -or ideally go ahead with the sale :)-.   If in the meanwhile anyone knows more on the topic, feel free to share.
  15.   Yes that's the case, but I have done abmeldung a few months before completing 2 years as I'm moving in and out all the times.  Wasn't there a rule of two years living in the property before it was capital gain-free?