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  1. Thanks guys!   For those who share about bicycles, I think the situation is very different and can't be compared. Bicycles can be sold without papers as they are, and any druggies can do.   Motorbikes would be slightly different as you'd need a chop shop or some better-equipped crime network to make it work.   So from what I gather so far, it seems like for quick daily stop overs the standard steering lock should do, but overnight parking better somewhere fenced (in my case it would be a "tiefgarage". Not an actual box for the motorbikes itself, but still gated and not visible from the outside). And maybe still insurance for peace of mind.    
  2. Hey guys,   I spend some time in Berlin when in Europe, and there bicycles are stolen commonly, so you'd need to carry a lock with you.   However, I don't know anything about motorbikes. Do riders in Berlin/Germany ride around with a lock and lock up their motorcycles?  
  3.   Yes, exactly, don't need crazy speed. Great point, thank you!   I'm thinking of knocking at my neighbor's flats and asking if they wanna share and I'll pay them instead. Sharing is caring :).
  4.   LOL great point.   What are you moving to?
  5. Hello guys,   After a few issues and terrible customer service, I started disliking Vodafone and thinking to change. I've seen much cheaper options, so that would be 2 birds with a stone (no more Vodafone + money saving). for example offers Internet cable for 13.99 a month. They seem to be a daughter company of Vodafone though -I wouldn't get rid of Vodafone, but still glad of going from 29.99 to 13.99-.   Anyone tried the switch and has any experience to share?
  6. Does wildlachs really mean "wild caught"?

      Tried today, not that good. Salmon itself was dry and insipid, and the "bio creme" there which is a good chunk of the total weight was also underwhelming.   Not terrible, mind you, still edible, but only good for a quick thing when you have no time or nothing else.  
  7. Does wildlachs really mean "wild caught"?

      LOL welcome to food geekdom :).    Jokes aside, there is an healthy side of over-obsessing about food labels and details, and it's being fanned by the many "nutrition gurus" springing up all over the place.   My approach to avoid falling for that while also eating well and healthy is: Test the diet out for yourself, then stick to what works for you Find good quality food, then stick to it and repeat-buy (time-effective, rather than time wasting)  
  8. Does wildlachs really mean "wild caught"?

      I got one, but not yet opened.   I like lining up my favorite foods, looking at them, picking them up, and enjoying them with all the senses before eventually enjoying it.  Who said that the foreplays aren't also part of the fun     I'll update here once I give it a try.
  9. Does wildlachs really mean "wild caught"?

    Thank you again guys, ZA1234, very helpful.   Updating now this thread with a new-found low-priced option at "Denn's Biomarkt":   Fontaine Wildlachs Filet   I suppose this one is actually wild-caught, right?   I wish they had an option without any condiment... 
  10. Does wildlachs really mean "wild caught"?

    Thank you Mako! Wow, looks like it's a big world to explore to learn more about salmon :)
  11. Does wildlachs really mean "wild caught"?

      Thank you for explaining.
  12. Does wildlachs really mean "wild caught"?

      Then we agree on both the rich man's price, and the sockeye in olive oil (and from what I'm reading, Pacific seems to be healthier).   Even then though, every once in a while even non-rich folks can splurge on something.
  13. Does wildlachs really mean "wild caught"?

      Yeah, same here, and perfect analogy :)
  14. Does wildlachs really mean "wild caught"?

      I might be wrong, but it doesn't seem to say it's a different fish, it says it's a sub-type of salmon, like the more popular Sockeye and King Salmon are.
  15. Does wildlachs really mean "wild caught"?

      Nah man, it's food for those who want to eat well.   When I get it in Italy it's less than 9.20 a can:   You can mix it with locally freshly caught fishes like sardines, mackerel (also available in cans in DE), and various clams, all very cheap (and sustainable), and it's no more expensive than a meat-based meal.