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  1. Recommended Day-2 test for England

    Eurofins was one I tried but they too, like Boots, required me to photograph my passport and upload the photo. There was no way I was going to do that without good reason.
  2. Recommended Day-2 test for England

    After wasting over four hours trying over 30 of the providers on the UK government list I finally got one to agree to supply the Day 2 test and give me the number I need for the passenger locator form. The firm is called Assured Screening and the test cost £61 with PO special delivery.
  3. Recommended Day-2 test for England

    I have just tried the Boots site and they are not only requesting my passport number but are also insisting I upload a copy of my passport. Is this usual?
  4. I have just booked a flight to Birmnigham for mid September and am trying to book a Day-2 test as required by the British government. The list on the government website lists over 400 providers. I have tried three already without any success in placing an order. The Expert Medicals recommended by a member here keeps clearing the form when I click on "Submit & Checkout" and doesn't answer its emails or instant messinging, which doesn'rt exatcly fill me with confidence.   Can someone recommend a reliable provider of Day-2 tests?
  5. But the article linked to by Feierabend mentions a deadline of 29th March for spouses to apply. What happens after that date? I can't believe it will not be possible for we Britons with EU wives to return to the UK with our wives after March 2022. Is that really what they are proposing?
  6. I am a British citizen with German citizenship since 2017. I have been married to my German wife since 1997 and we have lived in Austria and Germany since then. We own a small flat in England for visiting my ederly mother (not used since the pandemic started). We are both retired and living happily in Bayern, but there is a possibility we might decide sometime in the future to live in England. I have read in some British newspapers that there is a deadline of March 2022 for EU citizens (ie my wife) to apply for an EU Settlement Scheme family permit to join family in the UK   But reading the document it would appear that this applies to those wanting to move to England right now. What is the situation for people in our position, should we a) wait until we want to move and then apply? This might be in ten years time. Or  b). Apply now so that my wife has a right to settle at any time in the future?   Another question to the process: It seems that we have to send our actual passports with the application. I am loathe to do this, can notarized copies be sent instead?
  7. I am a British citizen and since 2017 also a German citizen. I live in Germany haven't visited the UK since December 2019. My mother is in a care home with Alzheimers and my brother and sister visit her regularly now that visits are allowed and keep me informed of her situation. I have had my first vaccination and would like to visit her now that things are starting to return to some sort of normality, my second vaccination is due at the beginning of June. What restrictions would be in place if I visited after my second vaccination?
  8. I recieve Austrian, German and UK state pensions. My UK pension is almost a full pension as I have paid 32 years contributions, however most of those contributions were Class II voluntary contributions. I pay the usual 7,3% health insurance and 3,3% care insurance to my Krankenkasse from both my UK and Austrian pensions and it is automatically deducted from my German pension. Now someone on a UK forum has suggested that my UK pension entitles me to free health insurance from the AOK. Does anyone know anything about this?