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  1. Wow! Thanks Emily! Glad you were pleased. I hope you got the second tressel set up OK! :)
  2. Van hire for transporting things from IKEA

    Hi guys!   I just made a completely new topic for my furniture transport service here in Berlin. I am very happy to do Ikea moves. Check the post below out and get in touch on +447867636967.   It's very up to date. I'm available right now in 2018! : )
  3. Man and van removal services

    Hi guys! I just made a completely new topic for my furniture transport service to update the comment I made above: It's very up to date. I'm available right now in 2018! Get in touch!
  4. Reliable "man with van" recommendations

    Hi guys! I just made this topic for my furniture transport service: It's very up to date. I'm available right now in 2018! Get in touch!
  5. Hi guys, Do you need a 'man with van' service but you are concerned about the type of MAN that might turn up with a grubby VAN to handle your valuable personal items? Well, it is time to meet the GentleMan With A Van! My main aim is to take the stress OUT of moving your stuff: I will arrive full of energy with a clean van and a calm considerate attitude ready to move, lift or assemble whatever you need.  I have ramps, trolleys and clever systems to enable me to move large items of furniture and heavy items such as washing machines up and down stairs and in and out of my van without anyone needing to put their back out. I am also a fantastic ‘tessellater’. What I WON'T do is turn up on a ridiculously low fixed price and then just stand by impatiently as you struggle to load things into my van. The 'GentleMan With Van’ service includes me the GentleMan as part of the deal. I work exclusively on a ‘Pay For My Time’ system: For up to two hours you pay €45, and then anytime after that is €25 per hour, chargeable in increments of 15 minutes. This means you do not get stung for extra time you do not use.   The main advantage to me is that I am a complete maniac for cleanliness and tidiness and will apply these same standards to your stuff. I just can't stand it when things get scratched and grubby unnecessarily.   Here are a couple of brief examples of moves I have done for Toytowners: Toytowner David lined up a few good deals on furniture from Ebay Kleinanzeigen. We went to three addresses and then moved it all into his lovely new flat. It cost David €50. Toytowners Andrew and Emily needed a full move of all their stuff within Berlin. With some clever tessellation, we loaded everything in the van from a ground floor flat. We then picked up a load of boxes from a second address and then unloaded everything into the new flat on the 4th floor via a tiny lift and stairs when needed. Working as a successful team, the whole move also surprisingly only cost them €50. Price clarifications: Minimum price is €45 (so it's worth it for me), which includes up to two hours. This may be useful for picking up an Ebay item or two, for instance. Extra hours after that are €25 (I won't sting you for full hours if it's only a few minutes over and I can charge extra time in small 15 minute increments to minimise extra charges) This price structure could mean 9 hours for only €220! For €300, you can have me and my van for up to 15 hours straight, which could be from 7am till 10pm! This may be a great deal for a whole house of stuff with multiple trips. I am a health coach, so have lots of energy extended physical exertion. If you need a receipt for tax purposes etc, I can provide one as I am a registered freelancer here in Berlin. I hope these prices seem fair and clear. Within the time I am happy to carry things up and down stairs, dismantle and reassemble, package and protect delicate items, and position items in their new location. I have any tools that might be needed. The most efficient use of time is for you to have helpers and for me to just load and tesselate.   Here is some useful practical info: I have an professional loading trolley like package couriers use, enabling me to get things like fridges, ovens and washing machines up and down stairs single handed.  (The photos were taken when it was dark outside, sorry.)   I have a fantastic large 90cm x 61cm trolley with beefy wheels. This is very helpful for moving large items like wardrobes across uneven terrain such as pavements etc.  90cm long x 61 cm wide    I have strong aluminium loading ramps with a wooden cover board to safely get heavy and/or fragile items into the van without the need for everyone to put their back out.   I have another flat based trolley 73cm x 43cm useful for odd shaped objects and moving several heavy boxes across car parks and Innenhofs. 73cm long x 43cm wide   - The loading space in the van is 3.3m long, 1.8m high and 1.7m wide. Items as long as 4m can be put inside the van by swivelling the passenger seat. It is a 2005 Ford Transit LWB T350 90 High Roof. There is a passenger seat in the loading space, but this is useful for delicate items. The space between this seat and the back door is exactly 2m long.        I have a giant roofrack ca. 6m long x 1.8m long, perfect for long or awkward items like ladders and bikes. I can shrink wrap your entire mattress for no extra charge to keep it perfectly clean. This only takes 5-10 minutes. Availability I work regularly as a freelance cargo bike courier from ca. 12.00-18.00 Mon-Fri, but can be flexible with enough notice. Evenings, early mornings and weekends are the easiest.  If this sounds like what you need, drop me a reply here or call me on +447867636967 (better) or 01573 274 7836. I always have my UK number with me but My DE number is often at home and not charged. I don't use Whatsapp, but you can SMS text me. I am based in Kreuzberg and may be available at short notice. I speak fluent German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. I am 36 and originally from Scotland.  I look forward to hearing from you. Best, Paul  
  6. My latest thinking is that I should just squeeze in a point for the owners' meeting agenda that simply states the folllowing:   - No owner can configure their Klingel to automatically let people into the building.   This would stop the complications of sanctioning a new Video Klingel systema and the possible complications of that. That would force a debate and mean the Praxis owner, a=who is also the Vorsitzende Beirat chairwoman, would have to somehow justify how her subversion of the intercom system has led to a broken leg and a robbery and she still wants to keep doing it.
  7. Interesting idea @lisa13     That is very clever, but no insurance covered my injuries. I just paid for it myself, only circa €200. Loss of earnings as a bike courier, is another thing, however, but tough to prove as a freelancer.   Thanks for your innovative ideas.
  8. Well, I agree. But I don't have any practical knowledge of if they can actually be threatened with culpability or a civil suit or something to get things moving. The Hausverwaltung certainly rejected the idea that they are at least indirectly responsible. That was by e-mail yesterday. Maybe Juratel will have an idea tomorrow, Cheers!   If any lawyers are reading this, do chip in.
  9. @swimmer Well, I have Arag Recht Schutz and a paid for legal advice line called Juratel, but they are often quite useless in reality. I'll phone Juratel tomorrow to see if I can get anything useful out of them. What I need is for the Beirat and Hausverwaltung to just become cooperative. The only way to achieve that sadly is by pressuring them somehow and knowledge is a key starting point to mount pressure.
  10. Hi helpful Toytowners!   I am trying to find out if my Hausverwaltung is legally obliged to consult all owners before setting in stone the 'Tagesordnung' agenda for the yearly owners meeting. This is particularly important right now as we were just informed yesterday of the upcoming owners meeting (Eigentümersversammlung) to be held on Aug 6. So, nobody apart from the Beirat has been at all consulted or informed about the points to be voted on.   The dangerous and imminent issue that this is influencing is as follows: The Praxis Klingel allows anyone to buzz themselves all day. This has lead to me having my leg broken by teenagers trespassing and a robbery by people who got in using the Klingel.   In the 3 years I have been an owner, it has been clear that all key decisions were essentially pre-decided between the Beirat and the Hausverwaltung. With regards to the insecure Praxis Klingel, for example, the lead member of the Beirat (die Vorsitzende) is also the Praxis owner, and she is refusing to change the current system, which works for her as her customers can come in and out without her or her colleagues having to perform any kind of receptionist duties.   Six months ago when my leg was broken, I started a drive to change the Praxis Klingel and was never informed of developments nor the fact that the Beirat Chairwoman was rejecting and blocking any changes.   Outraged by all this, I contacted the Hausverwaltung this week and asked to be informed regularly of owner relevant matters and to be given a draft of the owner's meeting agenda so I too could comment and add to it before it was set in stone. The Hausverwaltung refused and said they would be only dealing with the Beirat. The Beirat, however, does not inform us of anything and also, as described above, is pretty useless and looking after their own interests. I also had and have a very concrete Video Klingel solution, which I suggested 5 months ago. This was ignored.   Yes, every owner can submit things to be added to the agenda for the next owners meeting, but without being consulted or informed about anything, we are all misinformed and do not know when the actual meeting will be until two weeks before it happens,so we can't time our submissions. Anything that other owners submit is discussed amongst the Beirat and the outcome pre-decided by the Beirat and the Hausverwaltung without consulting the person who originally put the motion forward.   Extra context on the Hausverwaltung conflict of interest:   Residea Hausvewaltung used to be Taekker Hausverwaltung. Taekker Immobilien was and still is the majority owner in the building and can just quash any decisions in any case. Taekker sold everything to a company called Fritz with exactly the same legal structure i.e. it is still actually Taekker under a different name, and Residea is still Taekker under a different name. They still keep the same offices, have the same phone numbers and bank accounts for Wohngeld payments and employ the same people. So, the massive conflict of interest still exists and they are really just pretending to represent all owners, just as the Beirat is pretending to represent the rest of us.   It is clear to me that all this unfair, but, 'This is not fair.' doesn't seem to hold any weight as an argument here in Germany, so I am wondering if Residea and the Beirat are breaking any rules. If I have this information, I can possibly pressure them to behave more fairly.   I have asked for the Beirat to be expanded to four to include so I can at least be informed of things and share all info with other owners, two of which I have power of attorney for. The Verwaltung has added the Beirat vote to the official agenda of the upcoming 6 Aug owners' meeting, but the Beirat and Residea can just agree to keep the status quo and use Residea's (Taekker's) majority to vote through the same Beirat members.   There are many other problems that this conflict of interest and under-representation is causing, but this is the most imminent and the one which is putting my physical safety in danger.   Does anyone have any useful information?   - I read another post, which mentioned the Haus & Grund. That sounds great, but they are on holiday now till August. There are many resources in theory, but I am a lot slower reading in German.   Here are some useful things i have found so far:   - Haus & Grund:   - Book on owners rights excerpt on joining the Beirat:   I have ordered the same book on owners rights:   Any help gratefully appreciated!   P.s.   Extra context if you're interested:   - In January 2018, after months and years of problems of courtyard trespass by pupils from the school across the street, two teenagers buzzed themselves in to our Innenhof to smoke, spit and hangout. They were doing this every day at the time and there was nothing to stop them as the Praxis Klingel is configured daily from ca. 8am to ca. 20.00 for everyone to buzz themselves in. Of course, all the school kids had learnt this.   I live on the ground floor with windows facing both the street and the Innenhof, so this is a nightmare for me. After two years of feeling helpless to stop this, I had started telling the school pupils every single time that this was not acceptable and ensuring they left immediately.   So, on the day of my attack, I politely informed the pupils that they were not allowed to come into this private area. They reacted VERY aggressively instantly and tried to intimidate me into leaving them alone. Fed up with this nonsense and being threatened on my own doorstep, I started filming them in order to make an Anzeige to the police and the school. They didn't like this at all, and, while I was walking away still filming, one of them came from behind and kicked my lower leg, breaking my fibula bone. In my opinion, the Praxis owner and the Hausverwaltung are indirectly responsible, to some degree, for this and other problems caused by people trespassing in our building.  
  11. Great news and a victory in my constant and never ending battle with the concept of Germany! My obligation and thus back-payments since Jan 1 2018 was completely removed by BG Verkehr since Jan 1 2018 i.e. I don't have to pay anything and don't have future obligations for this Pflicht Unfallversicherung that I don't need and never wanted: A victory for freedom of choice and logic!   How did this happen:   - I filled in the as suggested by @PandaMunich. - I also phoned my BG Verkehr case handler and explained the whole affair. He said I had two choices:   1 - I contact the Gewerbeamt and get 'Klein Transport' removed from my Gewerbe Anmeldung retroactively from the beginning of the year and thus remove any obligation to pay BG Verkehr anything. (This wouldn't have been a legit course of action, however, as I did do small amounts of Klein Transport and intended to do small amounts in the future);   2 - Fill in the above form and provide evidence of what else I was doing and how little work I had done. I chose this legitimate course of action and provided the following info:    - Filled in 'Befreiung' form as per above - Info on credit cards I'm using to fund myself in the form of bank statements etc. - A bamboozling collection of photos of the unfinished renovations to my property - Copies of quotes for work to be completed etc. - A copy of the Leistungsübersicht from the firms I had done small amounts of Klein Transport for, thus proving that I had done less than an average of 15 hours per week. - A statement that if my Befreiung was not accepted then we would be in official Rechtlicher Streit and the case would be passed onto a lawyer provided by my Arag Rechtschutz legal insurance. I think this helped.   I hope this is helpful to others who find themselves in the same situation.   "Just because something is a Pflicht, that don't make it right." (Me, 2018)      
  12. Hi helpful Toytowners!   Question: Is it possible to get out of an automatic subscription to BG Verkehr Unfallversicherung and replace it with a cheaper more flexible form of Unfallversicherung, similar to the Mawista Expatcare replacement for Krankenkasse?   Context: Earlier this year I had to do a Gewerbeanmeldung to sign on as a freelance bike deliverer for Deliveroo. I then started working as a freelance bike messenger for as it was better paid. Both have no obligations for minimum hours and you just sign on when you want to work. In both cases, payment is per delivery, no per hour. I did a few weeks of intensive work in these roles but haven't worked for either now for a couple of months and will probably just do a few hours now and then for a bit of cash flow from now on. I haven't even actually submitted my invoices yet to be paid for this work.   The problem: I just found a letter from BG Verkehr from the beginning of February informing me that I had been automatically signed up with them and would need to be paying them €840 for 2018 cover, in 6 installments. I do not want to be signed up to obligatory Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung because of the expense and difficulties in leaving it, especially as I will probably only sporadically work as a bike messenger and may just stop doing it altogether. I would like the option of making some extra cash-flow, however.   Options as I see it:   Option 1 - Make first contact with BG Verkehr and inform that I wish to be exempt from their Unfallversicherung because over the year I will be averaging less than 780 hours, as demonstrated by the fact that I have done 0 hours in the past couple of months.   Option 2 - Replace the expensive BG Verkehr Unfallversicherung with a cheaper flexible Mawista style Unfallversicherung. A cursory search suggests there are a lot offers, for example from Alliance, from as little as €7 per month.   Option 2 is preferable as I can then work an unlimited amount of hours as a bike messenger if I so wish.   Specific questions on Options 1 and 2:   - Will getting an exemption from BG Verkehr be a problem? If so, what might BG Verkehr ask for as proof? Considering that my invoices will be for numbers of deliveries, proving actual hours worked could be tricky. - Can I just inform BG Verkehr that I work an average of less than 15 hours and therefore just refuse their Unfallversicherung insurance? I have Rechtschutz so could in theory use this to deal with any legal dispute between us. - Is it actually possible to get private Unfallversicherung for working as a bike messenger? Or does BG Verkehr have some kind of monopoly on people working in logistics?   Thanks for any input! Your help is as always appreciated. @Starshollow @PandaMunich and @john g. this sounds right up your street. Your wisdom and experience would definitely be useful.  
  13. Hi guys,   I've been officially registered in Berlin as my Hauptwohnsitz (main residence) since October 2015. I have no health insurance and have not been employed or earning any income.   N.B. Any quick responses are appreciated as I may need to tell my new employer today to hold off on getting me my first German social security number if indeed this will open Pandora's box. See below.   Questions:   -Is there a particular Krankenkasse I can sign up to not back-charge me for two years of no health insurance? - Or can I now sign up with a cheap foreign health insurance company (i.e. UK based) to either just count as my ongoing insurance or to present to my upcoming Krankenkasse so that they don't think I have been uninsured and maybe then don't back-charge me? - If I do end up having to pay back-charges, how much will that be based on no income? (I'm still actually registered in the UK as a freelancer but have submitted £0 tax returns for a couple of years) - Today I am signing up with Deliveroo as a freelance bike courier. I have to get a Gewerbeschien for that. If I cancel the Foodora job and just take the Deliveroo freelancer job, can I stay off the health insurance radar? - Whether I work for Foodora and Deliveroo or just Deliveroo, does the fact that I will probably be only earning under €1500 mean my health insurance premiums will be only circa €150 per month from now on? (Presuming I don't just take some kind of cheap foreign health insurance?   Useful background info:   I am from the UK where the NHS just happens automatically, so obligatory health insurance is unfamiliar to me. I have not been employed or earning any money while I have been in Germany. I have just been using savings to renovate a mixed use Gewerbeeinheit property where I have been living, with the aim of setting up a business in the property, maybe.   Money is nearly out, so, yesterday, I signed an employment contract with Foodora for circa €850 per month as a bike courier to keep me afloat financially while I renovate. Today I will also sign up with Deliveroo on a freelance basis to earn roughly €15 per hour for a number of hours of my choosing on top of Foodora.   I wasn't sure if I would be in Germany for long at all at first and don't plan to be here for more than the next 3-4 years, so health insurance into old age is not an issue for me. I have just attended to any health queries on my visits to the UK for the moment, but that seems untenable for the next few years, so heath insurance would be a plus, but not if it is just asking for trouble.   Toytown research:   N.B. I have read a few similar posts and feel a new post is worthwhile as the useful posts I found were old and things change. I'm particularly hoping that @PandaMunich and @Starshollow or @john g.may have some good input. There was talk in earlier posts by @john g. of Central stopping but then reverting to back-charging, which seemed particularly relevant: From @lightcycle: "A friend of mine recently got health insurance with AOK after two years of no insurance, she asked them if they were going to back-charge her for that time and they said "no, we don't do that anymore". Anyone heard anything similar? Have they really stopped the back-charging nonsense?"   From @john g. "lightcycle: that´s interesting! I´m surprised but glad! I work in the insurance business and I know there´s one private health insurer which is no longer enforcing backpayments. Where will it lead? Don´t know...we´ve been through this before. A big private insurer, Central, did this in 2009 and got a lot of business. I know I got people insured there for that very reason. Then other private insurers got annoyed - as did the Govt. Central had to backtrack. The whole issue is absurd - how can you backcharge people for services they haven´t had? Bloody ridiculous."   Thanks for your help! It is appreciated!   Related posts I have viewed:   Good overall wiki article by Patrick Ott (@StarsHollow):   A very relevant yet old and long post widely discussed by key Toytown players (as quoted above):   Some relevant info from the UK gov:   Short but sweet on a similar topic:   A guy sadly getting slagged off for asking a question: