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  1. Make anmeldung retroactive, is that a thing?

    Just to be clear, none of us want or wanted to cheat the AfA, the person who rents me the room told in time to the AfA when I begin to live and pay for it, they cut the money gives to her accordingly, but later they decided to investigate more.  I just wanted to find the less harmful solution to a problem I created, obviously I didn't think of the possibility of the existence of such thing like an investigation from the Agentur für Arbeit. The problem is not the money they may or may not ask to return, is the charge of fraud and seems like that involves a police record when it happens, we certainly want to avoid that!   Many thanks to both of you, I will probably try to go to the Burgeramt ask if they can backdate the ummeldung, if this doesn't work then probably the Eidstättliche versicherung will be the way.  
  2. hi!   Seems like I fucked it up and I need to solve this situation in the 'less bad' way, so I need some advise if possible. I'm renting a room since August (2018), when moved here I didn't have the intention of staying for long, then I didn't do the anmeldung (I'm registered in the previous place I lived in), the next six months just happens too fast. The person who rents me the room is receiving certain money from Arbeitsamt since February (2018), now they want to have proof I'm living here since August and not before (we have a contract, but seems like that is not enough) because if not they can accuse her of fraud for the money received with the pretension I'm living here from February. Then, is there a way to be registered from a time in the past? (if it's possible without the need to pay a fortune in fines) or another kind of 'official' statement that can be presented in the Arbeitsamt and they believe me I'm living here and paying the rent since August? Thanks in advance!