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  1. Non-active UG company taxation - kleinunternehmer

    Your advice is highly appreciated.
  2. wife's health insurance contribution on low income

      She do some online Art-related tutorial and she has to buy some materials and studio equipments since she is in an establish mode. Thanks again.
  3. wife's health insurance contribution on low income

    Many thanks for your answer:   I mean the net profit, because she has some expenses related to what she does.  I suppose to say 200-300 for now. But she is expecting much better income in the third year.
  4. Hello, in 2017 I found an UG company (as kleinunternehmer) for a possible freelancing opportunities but then I found a full time job before I do any activities on this UG. I learned at that time that I must hire a tax advisor to fill the yearly tax declaration and I'm not allowed to do it by myself. And since then I'm with FreeFibu and paying around 78EUR per month (there is zero activities on this UG company). However, I learned recently, that if I the UG was registered as a (kleinunternehmer) then I am allowed to fill tax declaration by myself (Through Elster) since there is no activities. So, I would like to know if I'm allowed to do it myself or it shall be done only through a tax advisor. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello everyone, I just would like to clarify; We are 5 family members, insured by TK, and I'm working as a full time employee. My wife started to work as an online freelancer and expected to earn 500-600 EUR per month (net 200EUR). By consulting the insurance regarding any changes to our family insurance, they stated that: - Since she is earning 450-1000EUR/month (regardless to the net income - but what comes to her bank account) she has to pay something around 190+ EUR per month. My questions are: - Is this a typical procedure? - Are these fees/contributions differ from insurance provider to another? - Is it feasible for her if this is her max income? I mean, can she return anything when she do her tax declaration? Another question if anyone can help (Don't know if it is related to this category): - How much approximate percentage she is expecting to pay in taxes on this low income? Many thanks in advance.