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  1. Kleinunternehmer unexpectedly exceeded 50k - VAT

    What is the proper tool/way to pay the dividends? Currently, I'm maintaining the bookkeeping through LexOffice. Is it something I have to wait for my Steuerberater only to execute or I can do it without going back to the Steuerberater every time I do it? I can't find how to forward the Kapitalertragsteuer and Soli to the Finance amt.
  2. Kleinunternehmer unexpectedly exceeded 50k - VAT

    @PandaMunich I mean I didn't want to mention the name of the Steuerberater company at the beginning. Yes P8 is the current one but very slow in response. Today only I received punch of documents to sign prior starting any tax advise which is expected. I hope I will get a dedicated Steuerberater till I settle down at list. I can forward you the email if that makes sense. Maybe a quick advise if I'm going in the right direction? Happy to work with you on general pieces of tax advice if that makes sense. I know you are overbooked but maybe we can find a way to work together along P8?!
  3. Kleinunternehmer unexpectedly exceeded 50k - VAT

    @PandaMunich I'm not with them anymore. I didn't want to mention the company, but currently working with P8, and they are so far very slow in response, I have already ordered packages for advice through last 2 weeks and never get any follow-up. I was even not fully onboarded on their Datev but found my way learning from the docs. I had experience with both. There are cons pros for FreeFibu as well. However, each time I contact them I get random Steuerberater assigned to my case, and every time I have to start from scratch with the onboarding (explaining the situation) and I lose hours of unnecessary chats over the phone without solid/written advice, until I opted-out last year. I also had bad experience with other topics.
  4. Kleinunternehmer unexpectedly exceeded 50k - VAT

    @PandaMunich Thanks a lot for the detailed answers! 💙 That helped me a lot with all my concerns at this level. I will look into more details of the shared links and learn more. So far the only thing I'm doing now through a cloud-based tax advisor service is bookkeeping. Until I find a tax advisor who can accept me, I think I'm totally blocked to pay myself in a proper way to avoid any possible mistake.   Please keep me in mind whenever you have the capacity. I will make sure to not bothering you with these kinds of dummy questions as they are a result of confusion and the fear of doing any mistake.
  5. Kleinunternehmer unexpectedly exceeded 50k - VAT

    @PandaMunich That makes sense. Thanks a lot. With the mixture of my EU and non-EU clients and the consideration of (1st, 2nd, and 3rd rules), I believe I'm still able to maintain my Kleinunternehmer status.   - Is it true that I can't pay myself dividends/distribution during my first profitable year? I didn't pay myself yet. I know that I can do it through Datev, but I learned that it is not allowed to do it this year.   - Since I'm working as a full-time employee with another company and contributing to my health insurance when paying a dividend and considering the capital gains tax, do I have to pay more for the health insurance as an extra income? My basic calculation shows I will pay 25% percent in tax on dividends. I assume when the 75% reaches my account I have to pay an additional health insurance contribution. Is there any additional tax on this income?   Still burning to find a tax advisor to help me settle.
  6. Kleinunternehmer unexpectedly exceeded 50k - VAT

    @PandaMunich Oh, looking at your profile, I just realised I tried to contact you outside days ago to get a tax advise but you were overbooked. I still hope I can get a proper tax advice as i have more questions, maybe it is too much to be discussed in a forum thread 🙌. I find difficulties to get a long-term tax advisor during this time. Thank you again for putting time to help the members here!
  7. Kleinunternehmer unexpectedly exceeded 50k - VAT

    @PandaMunich Thanks a lot for your detailed response. That makes totally sense! I'm currently working with a digital Tax-advisor-based service, such as FreeFibu and P8 for bookkeeping (which has been started last week when I started getting more projects). I opted in to get tax advice directly when my situation changed. However, due to their heavy workload this month, it is becoming hard to get an appointment in the upcoming weeks.   - I am a software developer and delivering online services such as web-development and marketing (I invoice get paid when I finish the work and deploy). Does that counts as "electronically provided services"? - 90% of my clients are Canada, UAE and UK based clients. e.g., 35k from the turnover are from those clients, and I'm issuing proper invoicing with VAT exception according to § 19 UStG with a disclosure for both (Kleinunternehmer & umsatzsteuerfrei) and keeping all records of their VAT-ID. How does that count towards the 50K turnover limit? thanks a lot again!
  8. Hello, I am running an UG (sole proprietor) and opted-in "Kleinunternehmer". Last 3 years there was no activities with sales didn't exceed 5K€/year. This year, I was expecting in sales (Online cloud services) less than 50K, and I didn't charge my clients VAT according to § 19 UStG. However, upcoming months, unexpectedly, I might exceed 50K by 5-10K. My questions: - I know that I will lose the "Kleinunternehmer" status and I am aware that I will add VAT to the invoices. But how to deal with the old invoices? I can't contact old clients or reissue the invoices with VAT. Will I still be questioned about the previously issues invoices? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance. Side note: - I also work as a full-time employee and my employer aware of my other activities without conflict.