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  1. The current weather in Munich

      Hahaha. Yes I will. Thanks!
  2. The current weather in Munich

    Ah snow, precious snow, I've been waiting for you to fall...   I am going skiing tomorrow. Work can go to hell!
  3. The current weather in Munich

  4. The current weather in Munich

  5. The current weather in Munich

  6. The current weather in Munich

  7. The current weather in Munich

    Those of you who supposedly "don't like winter", tell me you are not outside enjoying this amazing snowfall :)
  8. De register car a day after selling it?

        I called the insurance company directly this time (as opposed to using the broker) and they confirmed that "they will make an exception" about the temp insurance. They will send me the EVB for the temp registration and then another one for the permanent registration. I really had to push them to get them do it though. 
  9. De register car a day after selling it?

      What the hell? I must have been using the wrong German terms for it. Now I see, they are indeed everywhere. And the green card is only required if going out of Germany, correct? They all seem to give the option of green card or no green card.
  10. De register car a day after selling it?

        Hi Krieg, I have looked high and low on the internet and all I have found is temp insurance for test drives where the maximum cover is 1000 euros or something and it is only valid for test drives.   I did find one other company but they give you the licence plates also (printed ones! lol) and I guess this wont work if I am registering at the Kfz-Zulassungsstelle. But at the same time, these people might cover both the registration and the insurance.    Can you please give me a few links for the temp insurance that you know of? I have looked honestly, so not being lazy ;)
  11. De register car a day after selling it?

          2B, thanks for rearranging my plan!   The "official notification to the Bayerische Finanz Ministerium ", is that something I have to do or is that also done automatically upon de registering  at the Kfz-Zulassungsstelle?   Also, I only get the EVB code with the "offer" from the insurance company, correct?    My current insurance company wont deal with temporary insurance for some reason, however I will be sticking with them for the permanent insurance. So I went to another company called Verti who promised free temp insurance as long as I signed up for permanent afterwards, otherwise it would be 75 euros for the temp.   I don't trust them though and the guy just seems like he wants a quick sale and the offer he sent says nothing about temporary insurance. So I am still stuck for temp insurance. Its funny as I thought this being a "motoring" nation, and many sales going on, that temp insurance would be available everywhere. Even the UK has at least 4 companies that do it. 
  12. De register car a day after selling it?

    Thanks Gents! My plan of attack is coming together slowly...I hope it works. Here it is so far:   I drive to the dealer in current car > make the deal > we both go to the zulassungsstelle to get 5 day registration for the new car and de-register the old car > I send the temp reg details to the temp insurance company to make sure I am covered > I notify the old insurance company that its de-registered and that I am no longer responsible for it >  then I drive back to Munich in the new car and hope that I didn't forget anything.    Zulassungsstelle is both for registering and de-registering right? So this should work. Question is, will I be able to de-register a Munich registered car in another location / town / municipality?    Edit: I just found three different sites that confirm I can de-register in another location or town.  Absolutely brilliant! 
  13. What made you smile today?

      I love dog behaviour, it's incredibly adorable but that rolling in dead things - I will never get used to it. Three baths just to get the smell out and three days of almost vomiting every time they go near you. They won't ever make the connection between your distance and them rolling in dead stink so they will continue to do it, unfortunately.    You would assume that with their incredible sense of smell, it would be even worse but apparently, they love it. Strange creatures!
  14. Yes I definitely see them much less now than before. I have not been back in over 6 years, but used to go back every year.   Maybe I will regret it one day but money is a huge factor, my family are on the other side of the world and the phone seems to do the trick...or perhaps I am just a bad son, brother.     
  15. Dear All,   I have found a few threads on related topics albeit very old ones and not quite my situation, hence the new thread...   I plan to trade in my current car while purchasing a new one from a dealer. The plan is to drive to the dealer (100 kms away) in the current car and then drive back with the new one. I understand I should de-register my old car asap but can it be done a day or two after I have sold it?  This way I have a chance to drive back to Munich and then do it the next day while I register the new one. Or, will I have broken the law by selling it before de-registering, even if only by a day or two?  Or is there no law and I am just being silly?   Also, I plan to get temporary car insurance here in Munich (for the drive home) and then the dealer will organise a 5 day temporary registration so that I can drive it back legally. Will this work and has anyone else done this?   Any information would be greatly appreciated.