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  1. 4 hours ago, engelchen said:


    I regret to inform that you have come to the wrong website to receive accurate information. Unfortunately there are many obtuse and obstinate posters who have no idea of what they are talking about yet feel the need to post. You correctly understood the question.




    Thanks. Maybe I have to go to and Elternberatung to ask. I guess they know what I should do (finger crossed).


  2. 6 hours ago, karin_brenig said:

    you can safely (and legally) mark the checkbox "alleinerziehend", because the definition posted by @nadjaaa lists "dauernd getrennt lebend" as one of the qualifying factors:


    You are considered "alleinerziehend" if you are
    living separate,
    or divorced

    and there is no other adult living in your household continuously




    Thanks for the reply. I interpreted that as "legally separate" so I tought it was not my case because he regurarly come to visit me, but most probably once the baby is born he will try to come for every weekend. I am confused, because I have posted the same questions on another forum and they told me I am not allowed to be considered in this category because we are actually married and he visit me regurarly, even if not living here.


  3. On 7/7/2020, 11:47:09, nadjaaa said:

    Hi there,
    well officially you are NOT a single so you shouldnt ask for a płace as a single... but on the another hand yours husband doesn’t live with you and he is not registered at the place where do you live so you can use the explanation of : dauernd getrennt lebend, which means you are living for a longer time alone . So you can decide . Kita is not the only one problem that you gonna force with;-) 


    Alleinerziehende sind Mütter oder Väter, die ledig, verwitwet, dauernd getrennt lebend oder geschieden sind und nicht mit einem anderen Erwachsenen, jedoch mit ihrem Kind oder ihren Kindern in ständiger Haushaltsgemeinschaft zusammenleben (sogenannte Einelternfamilie)



    Thanks for your reply. Where could I put this info in the kitafinder? (if there is the possibility...)


  4. Hello everybody,


    I have a question regarding the concept of "alleinerziehend" (single parent). I've always thought that a single parent is a person that has no partner and that is raising the child alone. But yesterday, after a talk with a person that was trying to explain me how the kita score works, told me that I can be considered as a "single parent". I'll try to explain my current situation, so maybe you can help me. I am married and waiting for my first child, but I am currently living alone, because my husband is living and working in another country. He visits me regularly, and he will do the same once the baby is born, so I don't know if, for this reason, I can be considered a single parent or not. This is very important for me, because I could get an higher score with the kitas, and maybe have the chance to enter in a public one. But I want to be sure to be compliant with the law before I tick the option "Frau XXX ist alleinerziehend für das Kind." in the kitafinder.

    Can someone give me an hint, or tell me where I can find more info regarding this topic?

    Many thanks!


  5. 21 hours ago, karin_brenig said:


    that's easy:

    are you currently employed, in training/school/college, or participating in an integration course? - that would be option 1


    or are you currently not doing anything other than being pregnant, but plan on finding employment, or enrolling in some kind of education, or going to that integration course? - that would be option 2, and the projected start date of the job/school/course.


    I understood the meaning of the two sentences. However, at the moment of course I am not in maternity leave, so I chose the option 1. But I don't know if I have to consider option 2 since I will be in elternzeit when the child should start. This is why I am confused.


  6. 22 hours ago, SophG said:

    - Note that the Eingewöhnung period is a minimum of two weeks, sometimes up to several months! On the first day the child stays for 30-60min with you there as well, then this time increases and includes periods when you leave the child with the teachers. Maybe by the end of the first week the child stays for a couple of hours by themselves. But do not expect them to be there for a full day without you for several weeks (I know some people for who it took months...). So you should factor this in as well as if you want to start work in March, then you will need to start the Eingewöhung in February already. Maybe if you are going back to work full time your husband could do the Eingewöhnung instead of you.


    Thanks, I didn't know about that! I'll take this period in consideration!


  7. Good morning to everybody,


    I just wanted to have an help to understand if I am doing things correctly also because my German is not so good and I fear to make a mess... I am nearly 5 months pregnant and at the beginning of March I tried to register my future child to the public crèche ( for the next March, so that I could come back to work asap. On the 1st April I have received and automatic reply, stating that the allocation process is not completed and that commitments will continue to be made. If I check all the kitas in which I registered, they state that they have only waiting lists with no or few places available.


    I just wanted to know if any additional input is requested from my side now, or if I have to wait until I receive a message from any of the kitas. Consider that I have also a very weird family situation, since my husband is not even resident in Germany, and (mainly for economic reasons) I would like to come back to work full-time asap.


    Sincerely I don' t know which are the requirements to get a place... maybe I have done the registration too late, but before March I was not able to do the registration since the child was too young. Any suggestion? Do I have to register him/her to a private kita???


    Many thanks for your help.


    PS. I would like to understand I have to thick the option: "Der/die Sorgeberechtigte ist derzeit aktuell berufstätig, in einer Ausbildung, einem Studium oder besucht einen Integrationskurs. " or "Der/die Sorgeberechtigte plant die (Wieder-)Aufnahme einer Berufstätigkeit, Ausbildung, eines Studiums oder Integrationskurses.", and then insert a day? I am very confused...


  8. 4 minutes ago, El Jeffo said:

    Okay, that's a different story then. It depends on when the settlement period is. If it is defined by the start of the rental, it would be October 2018-September 2019, but it's more likely that you'll have a shortened year settlement in the first year, because everyone's meters get read at the same time, for example.


    In any case, if the settlement period in question includes any part of 2019, then she has until the end of 2020 to provide it to you. Pestering her about it will likely not be conducive to having a good landlord-tenant relationship.


    Hi, thanks. This is exactly what I wanted to know. So I will avoid asking her again and, in case, at beginning of 2021 I will push again. I want to avoid to create useless frictions if not necessary.


  9. Hi guys,


    thanks all for the replies. My contract started middle of October 2018, this is why I was expecting a report last month, but I don´t know when it is actually due (but she told me it would have been ready last month and now she is not replying). As I told you, she probably owes me money, but at this point maybe it worths for me to wait a while until I am sure I can push her without "consequences" for me. Where do I find this rule that if I owe her money for 2018, she loses the right to charge me if she fails to bill before the end of this year? I think these rules are valid in the whole Germany, or can they be different in Bavaria?Will a register letter be valid or do I need anyway to join a mietverein? Before I was living in Bremen and every here my landlord was providing me with it every year...



  10. Hi all,

    time ago I rembember I've read a post of someone talking about his landlord that did't want to provide him with the nebenkosten report. Unfortunatelly I am not able to find it and so I am opening a new thread, sorry for this. Basically my question is: when is normally provided the report of the nebenkosten? I've asked my landlady last month, and she said that it would have been ready last month. This month I've sent her already two whatsapp messages asking her to provide me with it before paying the rent of december, so I could adjust it, but she didn't reply at all (but she has read the messages). Now, I have the impression that she has to give me money back and she is not replying for this reason, hoping that I could forget. So I was wondering if I can do anything or if I have to go to a mietverein (I would avoid if possible). Suggestions? Many thanks.


  11. Hi Everybody,


    I hope someone can help me with this issue.


    From June of last year, until July of this year, my husband has worked in UK with one year contract. My tax advisor told me that is possible to do a combined tax declaration if we get the EU certificate (  validated by the tax office in UK, for the years 2018 and 2019. The point is that my husband has already left the UK, and we have no idea if there is the possibility to get these info by post or email. Moreover, we have no idea who should we contact.


    Can someone, that has already done it, help me for that? Many thanks.