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  1. "Vermögenswirksame Leistungen"

    Hi everybody, I rise the argument again because I would like to get an advise. My company offers me this "capital forming payment" of 26,59 euro (that I don't understand if they are paid both from them and from my salary). But what I would like to understand is where to invest them and if they are blocked. With my husband I had the idea to open a saving account and both put money on it to be used in the future or maybe for common uses, but then I don't know if we are obliged to keep them there there for a while. I already have an account with commerzbank but I don't know if it's convenient to open a saving account with them as well. Any suggestion?
  2. Hello, I think I'm in! :)
  3. Hi Vanya, finally I'll be able to come! But consider that I could arrive a bit later. See you next week!
  4. Hi, I think I'm in, but I will come later (I hope not later than 19).
  5. Hi everybody, my landlandy has replied, telling me to organize with an electrical company and then send the invoice to her. I don't know if it is the regural way to do, but now I have to find someone to fix the problem... Suggestions?   Many thanks!
  6. Thanks for the reply. How much it cost to join it? I´ve never heard about it.
  7. Hi all,   In the last period I am encountering some issues with the electrical switchers in my apartment, and I don´t know who should do what. Basically from the beginning I was having problems with the one in the entrance that probably has a fake contact, so I was using another switcher to avoid problems. And up to this point ok... However in the last period also the one in the kitchen is giving me a lot of problems. Basically here there are two switchers, one is for the light, the is working properly, and the other that activate the electrical connections to the electrical plugs on the right side of the kitchen. To these plugs are connected the appliances of the kitchen (i.e. the dishwasher) and since this switcher is not working fine I am having problems to use them and I fear I could damage them due to the power outage. My question is, if it should be foreseen a repair, who should pay for it? The tenant or the landlord? My husband says that should be an easy thing to fix, but he doesn't want to open the switcher because he fears to break it. Some people told me that my landlady should pay for it, but she is not replying to my email at the moment...   Is there any rule for it? And, if I should contact someone, do you know somebody who speak a bit of English?  
  8. Hi Vanya, count me in! :)
  9. Hi Vanya, count me in! After dinner then?  
  10. Hi Vanya, count me in!
  11. Hi everybody,   a short question. In march I've asked, trough immobilienscout, the schufa report, even if then I've opted for a temporary apartment because my time was running out. Now that I have three months to find a new one (I hope I will be more lucky) I would like to now if the schufa is still valid or if I have to ask (and pay) for it again. On the paper received by immobilienscout says that I can retrieve my data online only for 60days, so it seems not valid anymore.., Someone told me that you can always ask for a paper version (I did it few days ago), but I've heard that it takes a lot to arrive. Can someone explain a bit better how it works? I would prefer not to pay again for it, if possible of course.   Many thanks