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  1. Hi ladies, happy new year! Count me in for the next meet up. Cheers
  2.   I'll not be able to make it at the end. See you next time.
  3. Nebenkosten report, when is it due?

      Hi, thanks. This is exactly what I wanted to know. So I will avoid asking her again and, in case, at beginning of 2021 I will push again. I want to avoid to create useless frictions if not necessary.
  4. Nebenkosten report, when is it due?

    Hi guys,   thanks all for the replies. My contract started middle of October 2018, this is why I was expecting a report last month, but I don´t know when it is actually due (but she told me it would have been ready last month and now she is not replying). As I told you, she probably owes me money, but at this point maybe it worths for me to wait a while until I am sure I can push her without "consequences" for me. Where do I find this rule that if I owe her money for 2018, she loses the right to charge me if she fails to bill before the end of this year? I think these rules are valid in the whole Germany, or can they be different in Bavaria?Will a register letter be valid or do I need anyway to join a mietverein? Before I was living in Bremen and every here my landlord was providing me with it every year...  
  5. Nebenkosten report, when is it due?

    Hi all, time ago I rembember I've read a post of someone talking about his landlord that did't want to provide him with the nebenkosten report. Unfortunatelly I am not able to find it and so I am opening a new thread, sorry for this. Basically my question is: when is normally provided the report of the nebenkosten? I've asked my landlady last month, and she said that it would have been ready last month. This month I've sent her already two whatsapp messages asking her to provide me with it before paying the rent of december, so I could adjust it, but she didn't reply at all (but she has read the messages). Now, I have the impression that she has to give me money back and she is not replying for this reason, hoping that I could forget. So I was wondering if I can do anything or if I have to go to a mietverein (I would avoid if possible). Suggestions? Many thanks.
  6. I fear this time I can only join for the mulled wine, and I'm not even sure... I'll text you in case.
  7. Hello Vanya, I "should" be present, but I don't know if I will arrive in time since I have an appointment before.
  8. Me too.   Edit: I've just seen it is close to Ostbahnhof. Nachtkantine then?
  9. Combined tax declaration (Germany & UK)

  10. Combined tax declaration (Germany & UK)

    No one can tell me if it is possible to contact the tax office in UK and get this document by post?
  11. Hi Everybody,   I hope someone can help me with this issue.   From June of last year, until July of this year, my husband has worked in UK with one year contract. My tax advisor told me that is possible to do a combined tax declaration if we get the EU certificate (  validated by the tax office in UK, for the years 2018 and 2019. The point is that my husband has already left the UK, and we have no idea if there is the possibility to get these info by post or email. Moreover, we have no idea who should we contact.   Can someone, that has already done it, help me for that? Many thanks.