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  1. Hi Vanya, count me in!
  2. Hi again ladies,   just a proposal after dinner... Wednesday I go sometimes to dance Salsa to Nachtkantine (that is just 15-20mins walk from there). Maybe if one of you like to dance we can go together. :)
  3. I'm in too! See you soon!
  4. Hi everybody,   a short question. In march I've asked, trough immobilienscout, the schufa report, even if then I've opted for a temporary apartment because my time was running out. Now that I have three months to find a new one (I hope I will be more lucky) I would like to now if the schufa is still valid or if I have to ask (and pay) for it again. On the paper received by immobilienscout says that I can retrieve my data online only for 60days, so it seems not valid anymore.., Someone told me that you can always ask for a paper version (I did it few days ago), but I've heard that it takes a lot to arrive. Can someone explain a bit better how it works? I would prefer not to pay again for it, if possible of course.   Many thanks