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  1. BOSCH Table top Dishwasher

    Update: this item is still available, and the price is slightly negotiable. :)
  2. Vanity/desk

    No it is not sorry. 
  3. Hello,

    is the vanity desk still available?

    thanks Francy

  4. Great condition KALLAXs and more

    Hey guys! Sorry, they are no longer available. 
  5. Vanity/desk

    Hello! We are moving abroad so we are giving away a bunch of stuff. This vanity is one of them.    Pick up only. We are in Neuhausen. If interested please comment or PM me.    Have a great one! 
  6. Great condition KALLAXs and more

    Hey all! We are moving abroad and we are giving away 4 of 4x4 KALLAXs in great condition, and a filling cabinet/chest of drawers.    One has no drawers or boxes. The other 3 have different numbers of drawers installed.  This is the general product type:   I'm attaching some pictures of the Kallaxes with drawers.    The filling cabinet is also free.    Pick up only. We are in Neuhausen.    For more pics/info please leave a comment or private message me.   
  7. Hello all! We are moving abroad and we are selling our table top dishwasher since we can't take it with us.  BOSCH Dishwasher - 2 years, 3months old Perfect condition - 75e   Pick-up only. We are in Neuhausen. For more info/pics please leave a comment or private message me.  Cheers!   
  8. Hey all! I'm giving this Decathlon Domyos Stepper for 5 EUR. Very good condition. Pick up in Neuhausen, I have the original box, it has a handle, so it's easily transportable.    If you are interested, reply to this or send me a message.    Have a great weekend!      
  9. Fan / heater CLATRONIC

    I'm sorry I forgot to write the price in the post as well, it is written in the tag. 10 EUR. 
  10. Fan / heater CLATRONIC

    I have this CLATRONIC double function fan and heater. I got it for my office, but I rarely used it. Does a great job despite its tiny size. It is in perfect working condition. Pick-up anywhere in Neuhausen. PM or reply to the thread if you are interested.    
  11. I'm selling this new, size 36 DE,  beautiful  Little Mistress dress. I bought it new, the tags are still on, and I am selling it for 35 EUR.   It has beautiful details, such as the belt, and tulle underneath so it keeps a nice shape when worn. We can meet anywhere downtown Munich and I will give it to you with a coat hanger and a cover. If you are interested PM   Unfortunately I lost a lot of weight and it doesn't fit me properly anymore that's why I took the pics on the hanger.    Hope you have a great day!     PICS: