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  1. won't accept passport as ID...

    Want to save a tree? Kill a dog Nah, just kiddin'.
  2. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    @bramble No, there is no such thing as a "European" citizenship in any formal sense. It's just a loosely-used phrase. The EU has only national citizenships. Relax.
  3. won't accept passport as ID...

    @Allershausen Strange. Mind you, I wouldn't exactly be busting my guts to become a Deutsche Bank customer right now
  4. won't accept passport as ID...

    @ snowing again: I honestly wouldn't bet on them accepting your German firearms permit if they're not going to accept a Bundeswehr ID. To them, a German firearms permit is probably as worth as little for ID purposes as a German (or other) driving licence. But try it and let us know.   @ sneaker: Some (German) kids have a "Kinderausweis". But of course, that's only for German kids. Presumably foreign ankle-biters would need to carry their residence permits.   General comment: This proposal is probably a good argument for having mug-shots on bank cards and credit cards AND for accepting them as alternate official IDs. Driving licences ditto.
  5. won't accept passport as ID...

    @ Lisa Q: Replace your cards and take your passport with you.
  6. won't accept passport as ID...

    Just in: Starting today (1.10.16), long-distance rail travellers will be required to identify themselves with a passport, a national ID card or residence permit (for third-country nationals), not the ticket they are travelling on. Presumably this will only apply to tickets purchased in the holder's name, not "ordinary" tickets. Note: driving licences and a few other doc's will not be accepted. The article doesn't say exactly whether credit cards or bank cards will be accepted but I suspect they will not. Those wishing to try using their German social security card (Sozialversicherungsausweis) are welcome to do so but I recommend having a passport/national ID card/residence permit available as a back-up. Feedback on acceptability or otherwise of the German SSC will be welcome here for info. See: and (Heading: "Kontrolle im Zug" and under "Ausweis nicht vergessen!"
  7. German/UK cultural differences I've noticed

    As has been remarked in another thread, Germans don't apologise if they're in the wrong because being wrong is a sign of incompetence (or something like that). Too much ego involvement.
  8. Orwellian threat or necessity nowadays?

    Ta. I still think I'd be too scared to lie to the police, though.
  9. Orwellian threat or necessity nowadays?

    @LeonG Are you really that it's legal to lie to the police here? I understand that you don't have to answer any questions simply in order not to incriminate yourself (that's a constitutional right). But it surely must be illegal to lie to the police - isn't that making a false statement or something?
  10. I had forgotten about that but I still think some form of national service should be compulsory for both sexes, even if in a civilian capacity.
  11. I have no objection to the re-introduction of compulsory national military service for both men and women but it must be remembered that not everyone is suited to military life. That is why I think a form of national civilian service should also be made compulsory - also for both males and females.
  12. Irish to provide a passport card from next year

    Don't they have to be formally recognised by other EU/EEZ countries before they can be used?   The reason I asked was that, after the British ID was introduced on a trial basis in the UK, it was not accepted by as a travel document by the German authorities (details a bit fuzzy here).   Once I get my Irish passport card, I don't want to get caught the same way.
  13. Irish to provide a passport card from next year

    To repeat my earlier question of 30 July, does anyone know whether the German (and other continental European) authorities have got around to actually officially recognising the Irish passport card as an official ID and for travel purposes yet, please? Thanks.
  14. Thanks, guys. I forgot to specify that my current mattress is too hard. I need something softer but not too soft. I tried a low-price Tempur model last year but found it a little too hard. I only tried it for an hour or so: was that not enough?