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  1. Agree with Bramble: If you get your marriage certificate translated, get the translation certified as well.
  2. @ Fleischpflanzerl: Once you're privately insured, it's almost (not entirely but almost) impossible to get back into the public system.
  3. @ john g: Fleischpflanzerl should be entitled to public health insurance here in Germany as we have a public health system back home (just not public health insurance). And I've always only been publicly insured here. @Fleischpflanzerl: If you haven't already done so, mate, don't go for private medical insurance here (speaking as a fellow Kiwi). If you're single with no dependents, it's cheaper but if you plan to marry and have kids here it's ultimately far more expensive. And it gets more expensive as you get older. Good luck.
  4. I very much suspect that the concept of honour killings is quite a bit older than the Napoleonic Code.
  5. Microwave plus Grill, any good?

    Currently looking for a new microwave oven. Used to have a Bomann MWG 1246 HCB (25 l, 900W microwave performance)) with grill (1200W) & convection (1400W) functions but this model does not seem to be available any longer. Would welcome any suggestions/recommendations on a new model with the same performance & capacity as above. Thanks. onemark.
  6. Opinions and info about DeepL translation software

    Speaking as a professional translator, I am aware that translation software and digitisation generally are ultimately going to takje over much of our functions and that we are going to end up doing what is referred to as "post-editing". However, that day is a long way away simply because software is not be creative as the human mind and because human language has too many nuances in it for software to catch up overnight. Perhaps your friend might care to think about aquiring some more fields of specialised activity in her work, such as "branching out" from translating patents. Would that be an option?
  7. If you are a Muslim (I asume you are), your application to immigrate would take about three years - maybe more - to check (for security reasons). Even if you were let in, there is no guarantee that you would be safe, given the current social and political climate of anti-Muslim feeling. And people in the States would on average be more preared to shoot you. I cannot judge entirely but you just might be safer in Germany.
  8. If you have references in German, you should attach them to a German job application. If you are applying for internships in English-speaking countries, you should have your refences translated into English and attach them to the application. I am a professional translator and also translate references ("Arbeitszeugnisse"). If you want your references translated, feel free to PM me.
  9. Is there a word for 'Fragenkomplex'

    "All the aspects of this issue"
  10. Coffee or Tea?

    There is a German tea importer "somewhere in northern Germany" that sells black "Friesentee" in large 5 mg sachets. It's not as cheap as supermarket tea but it's very strong and does me for 2-3 cups at one go. If anyone's interested, PM me. Disclaimer: I'm not being paid to say this. I'm just a tea-lover.
  11. Cross-Border Marriage

    Agree entirely. You can live apart as a married couple while you have no children. However, if you decide to have children, then you should live together.
  12. Ref. optimista's last comment:   Let's have a "design a T-shirt slogan" competition on this subject!   PS: I seem to recall that not too long ago, we also had a thread on how/why Germans don't like to admit they're wrong.
  13. @ Kase: May we enquire as to why do you do not want German citizenship? Do you already have another citizenship you do not wish to renounce? As a German citizen, you have various rights that do not apply to non-German EU citizens, such as: 1. voting at state and federal level; 2. not needing a residence permit or work permit if you become a third-country national; 3. more importantly for you, you cannot be extradited; 4. anything else I haven't thought of.
  14. Your stories with the Bundespolizei at the airport

    US Immigration knows it can get away with shit like this because, you know, trzm.
  15. Don't you think you'd better get you cousin a lawyer if he hasn't already got one?