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  1. is it generally safe to share one's birth date?

    First ask them exactly why they want it.
  2. Change of name by German in UK

    if this issue really bothers you and you still want to change your name, you may have to engage a German lawyer who specialises in German name law. It won't be cheap but at least you will get better and truthful advice because the lawyer will be on your side. Good luck.
  3. Travellers' Cheques

    My two brothers and my sister-in-law will be coming to visit me in a few months and are wondering about which the form in which they should bring their pocket money. Should they use travellers' cheques? Which ones? - AMEX? Other? And who accepts them in Germany (My Sparkasse and the Postbank don't. They told me.) My Sparkasse told me that my bros/SIL could even use their NZ bank cards, which I find a bit far-fetched. Is this correct? Do travellers' cheques still even exist in this age of credit cards? (I admit to not being up with the latest on this subject.) My bros/SIL all have CCs but as we all know, it is notoriously difficult to use these in Germany. Advice/assistance much appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Got cheated by Indian Husband

    Do you have German legal insurance?
  5. You should be able to. Just say that you overlooked the reporting requirement last time and apologise briefly but not abjectly. And don't forget to add the precise date you started freelancing. They will require this information. They may also require you annual income to date. If so, have this information to hand but don't supply it unless they specifically ask for it.  
  6. Germany and non EU dual citizenship

    What is your current citizenship? Also important: do you have a German parent?
  7. Marriage in Germany - British citizens re-marrying

    Looks like a serious case of German thoroughness gone mad.
  8. Behavior of German children while playing

    Disclaimer: I have no children. But is it possible that some German parents have a problem with the concept of discipline, regarding it as negative rather than positive?
  9. Ummeldung - change of address

    Here in continental Europe the law requires you to report your address to either the local municipal authorities, e.g. Germany and Italy, or the police, e.g. Belgium and Spain, just to name a few. I.A.W., it's not just Germany. Curiously, France has no such system. Residential registration is essentially an administrative instrument but I still fail to understand why it should also be illegal (not just virtually  impossible) to live under the radar. I guess the state here in continental Europe likes to be able to track and trace everyone living here.
  10. Chat about Ireland and things Irish

    OK. Thanks.
  11. Chat about Ireland and things Irish

    Just on this evening's function: is there any kind of advance programme available, e.g. who speaks when, question-time (if any) etc. etc.? Thanks.
  12. Chat about Ireland and things Irish

    Gotcha! No problem. Thanks.
  13. Chat about Ireland and things Irish

    Hi, Tap, Just an afterthought: what - if any - are the catering arrangements at the venue, please? Thanks.
  14. The English Teacher's Corner

    I'm a freelance translator German>English. PM me if you like. onemark.
  15. Street checked by die Polizei

    I'm fine. Thank you. To know why the police wish to check someone's identity if they are not aware of having broken the law is a perfectly reasonable expectation.  Or do you have some kind of problem with that?