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  1. Need a new trackball

    I should have added that I'm looking for a wired trackball, not a wireless one. Sorry.
  2. Need a new trackball

    I need a new trackball. I am currently looking at: 1.) a Mod-It USB Laser tackball with 5 buttons and a 4-way scroll wheel (1,200 DPI) Price: roughly €33. and 2.) a Perixx Perimice -517 (or 520) with 7 buttons and a 2 DPI level. Price: roughly €38. Does anyone have any idea as to which might be the better deal and/or any other suggestions apart from those above? My upper price limit is about €40. All views appreciated. Thanks. onemark.
  3. Conspiracy theorists

    @ john g.: I would love to have seen what Monty Python would have done with this current C19 crisis. Jesus, the mind boggles.
  4. Windows 10

    OK. I haven't got it yet but I'll bear the tip in mind. Thanks. onemark.
  5. Windows 10

    I'm thinking of upgrading (finally!) from Windows 7 to Windows 10. However, I read recently that Windows 10 has a keylogger built in as standard, which would allegedly let Google read all my emails etc. Does anyone know whether this is true or just hysterical propaganda / a nasty rumour? Thanks. onemark
  6. Only in America...

    @ BethAnnBitt: I'm curious to know whether Copeland also charged the faithful for this blessing/cure. Or did he merely request donations?
  7. I happily stand to be corrected but I thought "Mobbing" (bullying) was already a criminal offence in Germany.
  8. address registration

    Keep your flat. At some stage in the future you will not be doing this job and you will need somewhere to hang your hat on a more permanent basis.
  9. Mass Shooting in Hanau

    @ murphaph Of course we are all online. But I bet we're not (all) socially isolated the way this rooster was. I also believe he had psychological - if not psychiatric - problems.
  10. Mass Shooting in Hanau

    @Keleth The perpetrator was - among other things - socially isolated, especially as he seems to have spent long periods online. He can therefore hardly be said to have belonged to some sort of extreme right-wing organisation or other group.
  11. Mass Shooting in Hanau

    The only person responsible is the perpetrator, nobody else. He and he alone is guilty. To blame Merkel or even the EU is completely ----ing insane.
  12. Flip or Slider Mobile

    I have just ordered a Nokia C2-03. Thanks for all the advice. onemark
  13. Flip or Slider Mobile

    @lisa13 As I said in my introductory request, I am - essentially - looking for an ordinary "steam-powered" "Handy" (dual sim & slider; not a smartphone) with which I can make and receive calls and text messages. That's it. (I realise the phone I get may have some features I don't need but I can live with that.)
  14. Flip or Slider Mobile

    Are the phones available at the two links above 4G-compatible?