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  1. German house insulation vs US?

    The current deep freeze has actually been in the Midwest, not the NE (sorry, I don't mean to be a Besserwisser!) My spouse complains about the 'matchstick' houses and building techniques of buildings over there-- maybe they aren't built the same way some buildings in the GAS countries are-- but in terms of insulation I personally always felt comfortable there. Also I have never heard of the mold issues that you have to watch out for here.   I would also add that it is much more common to have AC and window screens for when windows are open, and I felt more comfortable there in all four seasons than I do over here.   Also in the GAS the temps just aren't so extreme in the winter. I have lived in these countries for closer to two decades than not, and never experienced, say, a -25 windchill, whereas I experienced it in the Midwest. I don't know how comfortable a building here would feel, if the heating could keep up.   Personally I think they tend to overheat buildings here in the cooler months anyway. I am fine with wearing a sweater indoors in winter but so often I see people peeling off their sweater or whatever and turning up the heat. (And often these are the same people tho tell me how horrible AC would be in summer in terms of the environment! I can add clothes if it is cool inside in the winter, but in summer there is only so much one can take off. For example, in my office I still look professional if I am wearing a cardigan and scarf in winter, but when down to a thin cotton or linen blouse in summer I can't do anything to cool off, and the heat collects in the Dach/upper level of buildings.)