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  1. What's the German for "Blu-Tac"

    A wealth of information - thank you all so much, and further greetings from an immer noch swelteringly hot Berlin.
  2. What's the German for "Blu-Tac"

    Hi all,   Yes, I know this thread is pretty old. However, I have just used up my last Blu Tac supply and I was looking for - and couldn't find - a German equivalent.   ant3269 mentions above that Pritt and Uhu have their own versions on the market (or did then). My question is, does anyone know what they are called? I'm not sure if my local Baumarkt will be able to make much sense of the Blu Tac packaging if I present it to them.   Greetings from swelteringly hot Berlin.    
  3. Hi everyone,   Any English cracks around on this sunny afternoon? I've been looking at this phrase for too long and I now can't decide which is correct. Can someone give me a helping hand, please, please und nochmal please?   The gist being ... the said human resources need to be sufficiently qualified to do the job i.e. have the appropriate qualifications.   Huge advance thanks for any answers.
  4. ' Morning all,   Does anyone here know anything about copyright? If I were to take a couple of screenshots from an old tv film (2004 or so) and use them to illustrate a text, would I have to ask the tv company or the author and, even more important, what sort of fees are charged?   Cheers from Berlin      
  5. copyright tv-film now on YouTube

    Thank you everyone for the input. Actually, all I want is a couple of screenshots to illustrate a text I have to write and the guy who made the film - and presumably owns the film rights - lives in South Africa, I found out. What fun! I shall write him a mail and see how things pan out.   Thanks again guys and cheers....
  6. copyright tv-film now on YouTube

    Thank you for the info, that's a really big help. Is there a price list for the trade somewhere online, just to get an idea of what the charges are? Thanks again and cheers....
  7. Good morning all, Has anyone ever used the above company or heard anything about them at all? I'd just like to know if they are reliable when it comes to forming a company and also managing it from afar, so to speak. Or does anyone know of an equivalent here in Deutschland? Advance thanks and cheers from a sunny Berlin.
  8. Thank you so much for your input, it was very useful. I keep forgetting that the Heimat is leaving the EU anyway so I think I am barking up the wrong tree. I shall have to look at the alternatives, i.e. either a German or Hong Kong company. Any input regarding those alternatives would be a huge help. Berlin is still sunny, wonderful! Cheers all  
  9. Aegisub

    Hi TTers, This is a long shot I know, but does anyone use Aegisub who would be willing to answer a couple of questions that are not on YouTube nor in the Manual? Advance thanks.  
  10. Aegisub

    That's a good suggestion, many thanks.  
  11. Good evening all,   Microsoft is insisting that I  upgrade my old Home & Student 2010 Prog because support for will be discontinued later this year. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to go out and buy the necessary CD, you now have to download the programme from a site as you do with other progs. The problem is that there are myriads of firms offering this service and it is really difficult to know which one to choose - Microsoft is out because it is most expensive - can anyone recommend a site that is reputable and won't take me for a ride? That would be a huge help.   Advance thanks for useful suggestions and greetings from a pretty cold Berlin.
  12. Hi everyone,   Thank you so much for those replies - they have really given me a boost. The upshot is that I am going to ignore  Microsoft's nagging messages and keep my 2010 Office Suite - it has done me great service for so many years I would hate to let it go.   Thanks again, this has really made my day!   Cheers