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  1. Hi everyone,   This is a long shot but I am desperate! I am hoping a computer expert knows the above progs and can either advise me or point me in the right direction. Thunderbird doesn't seem to have online assistance like Firefox.   The story is, I upgraded to Win 10 yesterday and wanted to get my email prog. going. I have been using Thundersave as backup for ages - you just click on 'restore' if anything goes wrong and things go back to normal. The trouble is Win 10 installs Tbird on a different path and Thundersave can't seem to find it.   So I have all my mail details duly backed up in two Thundersave zip files but I am not clever enough to know which files go where and Thundersave is not doing its job. Is there anyone out there with advice/ideas as to how I can save my data? The two Tbird sites I have tried haven't reacted.    
  2. Many thanks for the suggestions, I'll check them out. Have a nice week ....
  3.   Hi there starkebogen, moin all,   I have been using Toucan for backups but find it 'clunky'. Can you (or anyone) suggest a user friendly alternative?    
  4. Oh dear, I wish I hadn't read this - I shall probably experience what your Dad did. Fingers crossed one and all - it has to be done, the sooner it's over with the better. Thanks for the warning dj. Cheers.
  5. Thanks for the input and the link - I have 2013 so it probably makes 'sense' to invest in a 2019. The constant updates that constantly go wrong is what has put me off Win 10. However, as there's no support for Win 7 after the end of the year I shall just have to install the wretched thing.   Thanks again for the info. Cheers ....
  6. G'day all,   I have just heard that only the latest Office H & S 2019 is compatible with Win 10, i.e. you cannot upgrade previous versions when you upgrade to Win 10 (which I will grudgingly have to do this year). Can anyone confirm this at all?   Advance thanks from very overcast Berlin.  
  7. HEM, you really have lost touch with the mother country. Take a look at this:   As well as removing a time limit on the right to vote for UK citizens living abroad, the government intends to enfranchise any British expats who was previously resident or registered to vote in the UK. ... Combined, these changes will mean millions of UK citizens overseas will be eligible to register to vote.08.02.2018 Government delivering on pledge to give back British expats the right ...           FWIW you can now vote in old Blighty. This also solves the non-vote problem Kommentarlos.      
  8. Hi there fellow Brits,   This is a Brexit / Einbürgerung question.   Are there any Brits out there who have no plans to leave D but also no plans to apply for German citizenship? Before the 'no deal' option became acute I hadn't considered becoming a German. However, now that the Brexiteers predominate (seemingly) I'm starting to get cold feet because I have no idea what the consequences might be if I don't have a German passport and I'm certainly not planning to return to the UK - for one thing it's not clear if dual citizenship will be possible once the deed is done.   Does anyone have any thoughts or, even better, insights on this?