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  1. FiNland the country but FiNNish

    Thanks for the comments - I know it is in the many dictionaries but even if it is correct English it's still pretty peculiar, I think.
  2. Hi everyone, a happy 2021 to you all.   Are there any clever people around? I need to double check for an assignment I have: Do we Brits seriously write the country "Finland" with one "n" but spell all things related to Finland with two "n's", i.e. "Finnish"?   Advance thanks for either reassurance or correction, as the case may be.
  3. Translation for "m, w, d"

    Thank you so much you brilliant people, you just saved my (work) life. 1000 thanks.  
  4. Hi all,   I'm stuck again because I suddenly realise I don't know the English equivalent of the German short form "m, w, d" when translating job offers. Does anyone have an answer? Advance thanks!
  5. FCDO Survey

    ' Evening all,   Has anyone else received a questionnaire from The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and perhaps filled it out? I'm curious to know what it's all about before I decide whether to participate or not.   Advance thanks, cheers and happy Herbst.  
  6. Why do you want to reduce them?   Because their salaries, additional payments, pensions etc. are all covered by the taxpayer (li'l ole us) and they contribute nothing to either the pension or health services. Fewer MPs would mean fewer Beamten and that's not a bad thing IMHO. Alternatively, they could all contribute to the services like the rest of us so that the burden is better shared. In Corona times I reckon the health service could use some extra cents, and with a few more contributors our share would be reduced. 
  7.   If anyone here is interested in signing up to the above there's a petition on proposing just that. Just click on the link to find it - and share it if you can. Cheers....
  8. A basic photo editor

    Good morning all,   Does anyone know of a nice, simple photo editor with no frills?  MS Office had one attached. I managed somehow to lose mine only to discover that my very old CD doesn't work with WIndows 10 so I can't re-install. The current trend is to offer ever more functions in a programme and I really don't need them. I would be grateful for any suggestions because my search efforts have been unsuccessful.   Advance thanks and happy Herbst.
  9. What's the German for "Blu-Tac"

    A wealth of information - thank you all so much, and further greetings from an immer noch swelteringly hot Berlin.
  10. What's the German for "Blu-Tac"

    Hi all,   Yes, I know this thread is pretty old. However, I have just used up my last Blu Tac supply and I was looking for - and couldn't find - a German equivalent.   ant3269 mentions above that Pritt and Uhu have their own versions on the market (or did then). My question is, does anyone know what they are called? I'm not sure if my local Baumarkt will be able to make much sense of the Blu Tac packaging if I present it to them.   Greetings from swelteringly hot Berlin.    
  11. Hi everyone,   Any English cracks around on this sunny afternoon? I've been looking at this phrase for too long and I now can't decide which is correct. Can someone give me a helping hand, please, please und nochmal please?   The gist being ... the said human resources need to be sufficiently qualified to do the job i.e. have the appropriate qualifications.   Huge advance thanks for any answers.