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  1. Thanks everyone, thanks so much. What a wonderful discussion, an abundance of information with plenty of follow-up links, couldn't be better. This has been a great help so thanks again.    Oh, and a happy New Year when it comes - Berlin has decreed a partial 'Böllerverbot". I wonder how many Berliners are going to keep to it....
  2. Hi all, Happy old Boxing Day,   I'm catching up on work while others 'sleep it off'. Well, Christmas is a bit exhausting.   What I really want to ask is -  (because I can't myself think of anything appropriate) - is there any way of translating Hochdeutsch? That is to say, it makes sense to 'translate' Plattdeutsch to Hochdeutsch but do you translate from colloquial English to the Queen's English? - Well hardly, if you're American, Australian, Canadian etc. Can anyone think of a general term for 'normally spoken' English as opposed to dialect or slang? I'm sure there is one, I just can't think of it at the moment.   I'd be grateful for suggestions. I just hope there's someone around today. Cheers....
  3.   Hi John G and anyone else reading this thread,   How can you be registered in HH without living there? Here in Berlin they are querying exactly this because my son lives abroad but is still registered at his/our flat in Berlin. Are there differing regulations for different parts of the country? Can anyone clarify this situation, particularly with regard to Berlin? That would be a great help.   Cheers and advance thanks for information.    
  4. Thank you all so much for all the tips and advice.   I am having the thing overhauled and will put it up for sale as soon as that's done - which means I have time to look up the bike vocabulary and then hopefully measure the right bit when it comes to selling it.   Thanks again everyone, that was a great help.
  5. ' Evening all,   I've been ordered to sell my son's nifty bike and checked the ads on e-Bay etc. to see how best to do it. I see that the height is always given - in inches! I'd just like to  find out what exactly does that measurement specify? From where to where do I have to measure to get the height of the bike? It doesn't seem to be from the ground to the saddle, as far as I can tell. Any bike enthusiasts out there with an inkling? That would be a great help.   Advance thanks  for the info. Cheers from cold, damp Berlin
  6. Bleeding a radiator

    Thanks Krieg, that's a big help. I wanted to try it today but thought it might not work because the heating is not on. Now I've got my work cut out for tomorrow. Cheers and happy Weekend - Berlin will probably be sunny. Lucky us!
  7. Bleeding a radiator

    Oh my goodness me I made a boo boo. Sorry Frau Fruit, who'd've thunk there are 'many' existing threads on bleeding a radiator. Please accept my sincerest apologies. Won't happen again.
  8. Bleeding a radiator

    Hello all,   I have a technical question: Does anyone know whether radiators have to be on and warm when bleeding them? Advance thanks for useful answers.
  9. I've just discovered this - DeepL for Windows, an offline beta Version but worth a try.   Neu: DeepL für Windows Die schnellste und einfachste Art DeepL zu nutzen. Übersetzen Sie Texte in jeder Anwendung auf Ihrem Computer. App kostenlos herunterladen (beta)    
  10. 'Insert' symbol in Word

    Mornin' all,   My goodness, that's a whole lot more suggestions than I expected! A big THANK YOU to you all - I shall try them out later today.   Cheers for now....    
  11. Goodday all,   Are there any clever people around who know whether Word has an 'insert' symbol? I can't find one in the symbol table and if I ask google it just tells me how to place a symbol into a text, which I am quite capable of doing.   Advance thanks for the info.
  12. onemark - I have just discovered your comment. I find certain contractors don't like their texts being translated online for security reasons which means you miss out on that work. I was wondering if the Pro-Version gives clients a good measure of security/confidentiality which is why I asked Kommentarlos if he had registered.
  13. anne k - I don't really do much translation as such, it's more of a sideline, so I rather think that the memory software you mention is eine Nummer zu groß für mich, so to speak.   Kommentarlos - I use Deepl as well and find it so good I was considering registering for the Pro version. Have you registered at all?
  14. Hi there,   I quite agree, pmd, DeepL is excellent as they translate and offer alternative synonyms. In answer your question, Acton, I wouldn't want to tackle either technical or medical translation, just stinknormale journalistic type texts.   Hmmm, it seems not many freelancers rely on translation software and prefer the online options. Anyway, thanks for your thoughts.   Cheers....
  15. Hi everyone,   Does anyone here actually use the translation software on offer, is it any better than online options e.g. Reverso, Linguee, etc., and are you pleased with the programme you use? There's such a large selection I don't know where to start. Any suggestions are more than welcome.   Many thanks and cheers....