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  1. Are you Swiss savvy?

    Thanks guys, that is a big help. Why didn't I think of Wikipedia? Thanks for that as well.
  2. Are you Swiss savvy?

    Good morning TTers,   I hope there is someone around who knows Switzerland quite well. The Swiss have "Spitäler". Are these just run-of-the-mill hospitals or should they be called infirmaries or even something quite different? All suggestions/infos appreciated. It's a lovely day in Berlin and I shall be stuck indoors with my Spitäler prob. Sigh! Cheers all...
  3. Hi everyone,   This is a further attempt to reduce the number of German MPs. The only country in the world with more MPs than Deutschland is China, believe it or not! It looks as though there will be even more of these people living on taxpayers' money this time around. I hope there are quite a few of us who would prefer not to fund them and will sign - and encourage others to do so as well. Here's how you get to the petition: Petition · Schluss mit dem XXL-Bundestag! 500 Abgeordnete sind genug! ·   Cheers and have a relaxed weekend....
  4. HMRC VAT E-mail?

    Great! Thanks for that. I somehow get caught up in loops when I use the website.
  5. HMRC VAT E-mail?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have an e-mail address for HMRC VAT. I need to send them a couple of documents and don't want to print them out and send them per snail mail. An e-mail would be much more convenient. Thanks and cheers.
  6. Yet Another Pension Problem

    Hi again everyone, Just to clarify things, I think I now understand why the DRV and Krankenversicherung knew nothing about my English pension. It is because I applied for it while I was in England looking after my mother who was very ill at the time. When I got to the UK, I discovered the NHS was nothing like the image of it that exists in public, it was in fact the complete opposite – at any rate in the geriatric wards I saw. I realised wouldn't be able to take on a mini job while I was there, it was necessary to check on mother's welfare daily, so I applied for my English pension to see me through. When I later returned to Germany, I applied here for my German pension – two separate processes. I think most people apply for a pension and submit all the documents for their claim at the same time, so everything is registered just once and no problems arise. My case is an exception. Also, the fact that I believed the German and UK systems were somehow joined up, both being in the EU, and the DRV was aware of my English pension was a misconception. Take care…..
  7. Yet Another Pension Problem

    PandaMunich, thank you once again for another comprehensive explanation of the ins and outs of German officialdom. I think there may be a couple more oldies who are as stunned as I was when I received the information. Sadly, I just have to bite the bullet and cough up, to put it crudely!   Thank you for confirming that the information is in fact correct - very unwelcome, but correct. Thank you also for giving Toytowners vital support in these matters.   Join in everyone - four cheers and more for PandaMunich, hip hip hurray....
  8. Yet Another Pension Problem

    Hi all,   My Krankenkasse and I have a slight disagreement which came to light when I submitted a Heikostenplan from the University Hospital. This included my yearly German and English yearly pension notifications.   On receipt, the Krankenkasse contacted me claiming they knew nothing about my English pension and I was immediately liable to pay them - direct - the monthly deductions for Kranken- and Pflegeversicherungen. These have, up to now, been deducted from my German pension by the Deutsche Rentenversicherung and I assumed also covered the UK deductions. The Krankenkasse disagrees. My first question is: Is there anyone here who receives both D/UK pensions and pays the monthly deductions to their Krankenkasse (as opposed to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung)?   Also, does anyone know which agreement now governs UK pensions in Europe? My belief was that the UK and Germany have a longstanding pension agreement that existed before the UK's EU membership and remains valid after Brexit, i.e. nothing has changed (yet).   Any information on the topics is very, very welcome.    
  9. Does anyone here do fleamarkets?

    In my book it's easier to make a sale if the buyers can see and handle the stuff - especially clothes. I've sold at them with friends when we had mountains of kids' clothes to get rid of - and we had great fun. Sadly, no takers either here or on eBay - Müllcontainer here I come!
  10. Hi everyone,   This is aimed at Berliners and Brandenburgers.   I have a bunch of stuff I would like to get rid of - it's not attractive enough for eBay unfortunately. Unfortunately, I no longer have car and need someone who does. I would, of course, help with the transport costs or even take them over if they are not too high. It would be just a one off as far as I'm concerned.   Thanks and cheers
  11. Microwave without a rotating plate

    Good morning, guys, and many thanks for the infos - that sounds as though I can just go for it! The version without a turntable seems to be easier to clean and have fewer bits that can malfunction. Thanks again, cheers and have a good 'un.
  12. Good morning all,   Has anyone here ever tried a microwave with a ceramic base rather than a rotating plate? Rumour had it that rotation was necessary for thorough cooking -  have the latest developments made that nonessential?   Advance thanks for any infos.