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  1. HEM, you really have lost touch with the mother country. Take a look at this:   As well as removing a time limit on the right to vote for UK citizens living abroad, the government intends to enfranchise any British expats who was previously resident or registered to vote in the UK. ... Combined, these changes will mean millions of UK citizens overseas will be eligible to register to vote.08.02.2018 Government delivering on pledge to give back British expats the right ...           FWIW you can now vote in old Blighty. This also solves the non-vote problem Kommentarlos.      
  2. Hi there fellow Brits,   This is a Brexit / Einbürgerung question.   Are there any Brits out there who have no plans to leave D but also no plans to apply for German citizenship? Before the 'no deal' option became acute I hadn't considered becoming a German. However, now that the Brexiteers predominate (seemingly) I'm starting to get cold feet because I have no idea what the consequences might be if I don't have a German passport and I'm certainly not planning to return to the UK - for one thing it's not clear if dual citizenship will be possible once the deed is done.   Does anyone have any thoughts or, even better, insights on this?
  3.   Hallo everyone,   I don't know if anyone has heard about Oliver Schröm, the journalist who researched and exposed the Cum-Ex scheme. He is now threatened with prosecution because he incited the betrayal of business and trade secrets or as the Germans put it "wegen Anstiftung zum Verrat von Geschäfts- und Betriebsgeheimnissen."   His  company, Correctiv, has written an open letter to the Finance and Justice Ministers asking them to drop the case. This can be signed by anyone who would like to support their cause. The website has an English version explaining the situation.  Here's the link for interested parties:   Cheers and a happy Advent season to you all ....  
  4. Thanks everyone for your input.   Charges are a problem in this case and getting to the EEZ from Rissen without a car is not easy especially if you are not up to full strength - but otherwise certainly pretty good suggestions.   My best bet seems to be the Internet Café so many thanks for that 2B, I will certainly follow it up.   Cheers and happy Advent to you all.  
  5. Good afternoon all,   Is there a savvy computer person in or near Rissen who would set up an e-mail accout for a senior citizen with a tablet? He's been through a couple of very stressful years with various ops and therapy and rehab and crashed his laptop on the way. He was talked into a tablet but has not managed creating an e-mail account although he is online, - i.e. he can surf the internet - he also has a mail account he just can't join them up. If there is someone who would be willing to help or knows where he might get the necessary support nearby (because he is not very strong at the moment) please pm me.   Advance thanks for any suggestions. Cheers
  6.   Hi all,   Here's an amusing interactive map which shows you how many people from where make up the population of Berlin. Just scroll down to the map and enter the name of your hometown in the browser bar and the amount is displayed below the map.   The interesting thing is that only 47% of the population is made of up "waschechte Berliner", all the rest are newcomers.   I've also discovered there are 31 London Islingtoners, 74 London Croydoners, 47 Poolers and 25 Bournemouthers. I can't believe it! So, hi guys, maybe we'll bump into each other sometime.    
  7. Good morning all,   Now here's a thing! Can anyone think of a snappy translation for 'Fragenkomplex'? I can't and I need it to describe sets of questions in a translation on questionnaires. 'Set of questions' doesn't work well because it is used in the headings and to describe Table contents which follow. 'Question complex' is not 'proper' English in my book. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm stuck.  
  8. Hi everybody,   My microwave just died a horrible death and will have to be replaced so I'm considering getting one with the additional grill function. Has anyone here tried one out? Do they actually grill? Are they any use for grilling/toasting a pizza, for instance, or crisping up rolls, or even making toast? All remarks, positive and negative, are welcome.   Enjoy your weekend and advance thanks to anyone who takes the time to comment.