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  1.   Hi everyone,   Here's a petition worth supporting (in my opinion). The text is in German but I'm sure everyone has heard about the MPs who earned millions by grabbing the opportunity to have masks produced while there was a shortage. The two men specially mentioned are the type of MP who are simultaneously (well-paid) public servants and private businessmen, that is to say, who use their government connections to get business but get paid for it through their private business, or on the side - kickbacks. The strange thing is that this is not punishable by German law and this initiative wants to have that changed.   There are also explanations as to why this is the case - if you're interested Deepl will translate them for you. Anyway, here's the first paragraph:   "Alfred Sauter and Georg Nüßlein, the main protagonists of the mask affair, will probably get off scot-free and be allowed to keep their mask fees. The case shows once again that buying influence in politics is legal in Germany. Because the law has huge loopholes. Help us to change that! Join us in demanding the reform of Section 108e!"   Cheers from sunny Berlin....    
  2. Zero Covid

    Hi everyone,   I have been sent the latest Chinese idea for getting their Zero Covid policy to work. To make absolutely sure no one leaves their flat they have decided to put barbed wire on the staircase. This is a screenshot from the clip - it's a bit fuzzy but it gives you an idea of what they're doing. They've been using robot dogs and metal fences to keep people inside, but this is a step too far I would say...  
  3. The dreaded EStErklärung

    Thank you so much for the prompt reply Panda Munich. I shall read through your instructions, wrap my brain around them and hopefully find the right form in the end. 
  4. The dreaded EStErklärung

    Hi everyone,   I am once again struggling with my tax declaration. I have had to cover hospital costs for my son in China because his insurance here refused to do it. I am going to claim on my tax and hope it will be accepted, however, I'm not sure which form to use. Should I declare them under " außergewöhnliche Belastung"? Any idea?. Has anyone tried something similar and had it accepted? Thanks for any suggestions and sunny greetings from Berlin....
  5.   Hi all,   Here's a link for anyone who might like to support a good cause - for instance, the immediate evacuation of the civil population from Mariupol. Although, it seems to me, mad Vlad is not in listening mode right now.   Cheers
  6. Hi all, good morning,   Many thanks for your replies and the infos in them. It all sounds really encouraging. I think he's hesitating about applying for jobs because he flunked the German test and believes it is key in an application/assessment. I'll try and convince him that his prospects are actually quite good even without German and not-quite-perfect English. Thanks again everyone and have a great Christmas season - well try anyway. Delta and Omicron might just complicate things a bit. Cheers!
  7. Hi Toytownies, good morning, Here's a question which I hope someone can answer. Does anyone know of a group or institution that supports non-asylum seekers hoping for a job here but who are struggling with the German language and institutions? I'm afraid I am just not good enough. This guy is a Chinese computer specialist and it seems his skills are needed here but he needs to have a B1 or something to get a job. Well, he flunked his exam and I think he can't fund another couple of terms at school because his funds are not endless (as Mr. Gauck once said) and covid seems to have depleted his. He is doing some sort of menial job to get by, but it seems a bit of a waste. Can he just go to a Job Center and register there and they would give him any support he needs? Or are there other possibilities? Any ideas about how he can go forward? Advance thanks for helpful suggestions.
  8. Good afternoon TTers,   I am trying to complete my tax declaration for 2020 and discover there is a new form called R-AUS for anyone receiving a pension from abroad. Has anyone seen this form? Is it the same as the R form? Does one have to declare the original amount, or how much was paid out after conversion - or both even? I e-mailed the Pension Service but have had no reply as yet so I'm hoping someone here has a useful insight on the subject.   Advance thanks.