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  1. Good morning all,   Just to round things off - I put this ad on eBay-Kleinanzeigen and, believe it or not, within 5 minutes I had 5 interested candidates. The bag was collected within the hour. The lesson is, if you want to get rid of something free of charge, try eBay-Kleinanzeigen.   Have a good day....
  2. Hi everyone,   This is the story. I have a dog visiting since Christmas and got in a whole bag of dry dog food in, (see above), put it in a bowl for her - and she turned her nose up at it. So I'm now stuck with 3 kgs of the stuff. If there's anyone in Berlin who can use - or knows someone who could make use of - 3 kg of dry dog food, please let me know.   I have already checked with Tierheim Berlin - they won't take open bags. The Tiertafel would take it, but they don't have an Abgabestelle around here, sadly. I can't chase over to Friedrichshain or Pankow right now as I don't have an auto any longer and my bike has been eingemottet for the winter.   The dry food is labeled:   Romeo Premium Trockenfutter Reich an frischem Geflügel   Friendly greetings....  
  3. Hi everyone,   Thanks for the advice. I managed to convince Kleinanzeigen that I really was the owner of the account and, hey presto, they let me back in a couple of days ago. So I have been able to get some of my stuff online and buy a couple of things as well.   What I would like to comment on is the strange way the two eBays and Paypal function these days. They seem determined to scare off their customers rather than help. Their service leaves a lot to be desired. However, things have worked out this time so I'm okay, I just have to try and avoid future trouble.   Anyway, while I'm here, guten Rutsch one and all - no böllern, but otherwise go for it. Happy New Year when we get there.   Cheers  
  4. Hi everyone, I wanted to sell some stuff over Christmas and find I can't access my account. This has been the case all week. I get the following  message:   In dem IP-Bereich kam es vor kurzem mehrfach zu unsicheren Versuchen unsere Plattform zu verwenden. Dies kann auch durch andere Personen versucht worden sein. Daher wurde dieser IP-Bereich zur Vorbeugung von Betrug zeitweilig von der Nutzung von eBay Kleinanzeigen ausgeschlossen. Bitte versuche es einfach nachher erneut. Mehr informationen: IP-Bereich gesperrt bei eBay Kleinanzeigen Ref#: 0.8ad01702.1671805962.2432b0e9 IP#:   They say 'try later' but this has been going on for days. The silly thing is that they are not responding to e-mails either.   Apparently, you can't start a new account with an old mail address (unless you are a real estate agent). I am at a loss as to what to do. Has anyone experienced this and can suggest a way forward? I'd be really grateful for any suggestions. Kleinanzeigen doesn't have a hotline, unfortunately - well, there is one for real estate agents apparently, but that's of no use to me.   While I'm here, let me wish you all a merry old Christmas and a guten Rutsch when the time comes. Greets....
  5. Winter Fuel Payment

    Good morning all,   Does anyone here know whether the Winter Fuel Payment is tax-free or not? I have a sneaky feeling that it is tax-free in the UK. If it were, would that mean it should also be considered as such by the Steueramt? Any ideas or actual experience?   Friendly greetings....
  6. I have been having terrible service from the postal service here in Berlin. A  greetings card with an Amazon gift voucher never arrived, bank documents go astray and either never turn up or do arrive extremely late. Unfortunately, there are still banks that want an original contract via snail mail - even though I have described the postal problems I've had.   I have complained to the Deutsche Post three times also by snail mail because an online service for complaints is not available. Each time they promise to look into things and make sure it doesn't happen again - until it does happen again!   My advice is to complain anyway because if enough people complain they'll actually have to do something about it.
  7.   Hi again,   Here's a request from for Olaf Scholz to send heavy weaponry to the Ukraine in an attempt to shorten the war. Please sign and share if you agree.   Greetings
  8. Airfryers

    Gosh, thanks, everyone. I'm now wondering why I didn't do this ages ago! Everybody's pleased with theirs - well apart from Frau Fruit's son. FF perhaps you could describe the negatives to complete the picture. I'm pretty sure it's the answer to my crispy food cravings - at long last, hurrah!
  9. Airfryers

    Hi again,   Thanks everyone for the infos. Pretty convincing stuff, it's probably worthwhile for me.   I must say, I had no idea the the Munich members were so active. I only ever read the Berlin and Hamburg postings and so I thought Toytown was slowly losing custom - or whatever happens to a forum.   Anyway, thanks for your input. I shall now check out what airfryers are on offer in this neck of the woods.   Bye everyone and thanks again.  
  10. Airfryers

    Good morning all,   Does anyone here have an airfryer and would be willing to share their experiences with it? Has it proved a good investment? I can't digest fat of any kind and this seems to be the answer to crispy food without cooking fat.    There are also so many different brands offering airfryers, a brand recommendation would also be appreciated.   Here's hoping the warm weather holds a little longer...  
  11. mgr    Alex L

    Hi there,

    Are you still doing odd jobs in Berlin? If so please let me know. My e-mail address is 

    The job would entail painting my kitchen ceiling. Water leaked in after heavy rainfall some time ago and the Hausverwaltung asked someone to fix it but he hasn't turned up so I'm trying to arrange something myself.

    If you are still around and do paint jobs please get in touch.

    Freundliche Grüße

    Marion Griesbach

  12. Zero Covid

    Hi everyone,   I have been sent the latest Chinese idea for getting their Zero Covid policy to work. To make absolutely sure no one leaves their flat they have decided to put barbed wire on the staircase. This is a screenshot from the clip - it's a bit fuzzy but it gives you an idea of what they're doing. They've been using robot dogs and metal fences to keep people inside, but this is a step too far I would say...