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  1. Salary per month for family

    You would be just about ok if you went alone.  You could get a small place for 700-1000EUR, but bear in mind you would then need to factor in all the other expenses - food and drink, transport, entertainment, etc.  this can easily run up another 1000 EUR per month, as Munich is an expensive city.     If you have a family, 2000 is not going to go far at all.  You will struggle.  Also, consider that in a year your oldest will have to go school, which causes additional expenses.
  2. Thanks! We have an open day with BIS and it looks quite nice, although rather far away from where we live, so we may have to move closer.
  3. Moving out and Inspection

    Most likely you will be on the hook for these repairs.  Possibly if you took pictures at the time of damage you can show the date of these images to the landlord, and any conversation logs (via email/text/IM), and then they might be agreeable.
  4. For entertainment budget I think 500-1000 EUR is fairly standard for most in Munich.  Consider entertainment all things like going out to have a drink - beer gardens, cafes, bars, clubs, etc. / Culture - cinema, museums, gigs, meetups, etc. / Hobbies - gym, sports clubs, skiing, hiking, etc. /  Various incidentals like subscriptions to things like Spotify, Netflix.     As a single person, I'd say it's very easy to spend 100-150 EUR per week on these things!   Then, if you've got kids (I have 2), then you can spend another 100+ EUR on them per week for kids activities.  So yeah, factor in somewhere 500-1000 EUR for entertainment per month in Munich, unless you want to live like a hermit and drink beer alone while watching Youtube every night.
  5. Hi all,    I'm considering sending my 6 year old daughter to an international primary school - namely Jules Verne , International Bilingual School or PHORMS.  Does anyone have any recent experience of these or opinions?    Grateful for any thoughts
  6. It depends on what quality of life you desire.    Factor in 1000-1500 EUR for rent in a decent neighbourhood, food and essentials another 500-1000 EUR per month, entertainment budget 500-1000 EUR, and I'd say you need at least 3000 EUR to live comfortably.  This increases exponentially as your appetite for the good things do!  Also if you have children, expect to need to spend more!
  7. How to download netflix fims

    You could always use a torrenting service ? 
  8. Go to MediaMarkt, locations below.  Although any larger electronics store should sell these   Pankstraße 32-39 Einkaufsbahnhof Berlin Hbf, Europaplatz 1   Grunerstraße 20  
  9. Moving company recommendations

    I'd check out Smoovr.  I've used for a couple of apartment moves and also some smaller items from storage.  They speak English and make life easy by arranging everything via WhatsApp
  10. Getting a forklift truck licence

    This is relevant:  
  11. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

    You get arseholes everywhere unfortunately.  Most of the Croats I've met have been rather friendly.
  12. Man & Van

    Try Smoovr , I've used them a few times and they are great!  Speak perfect English and arrange the move via WhatsApp.  
  13. Renting with dogs and cats

    I have a lizard, and have had a few problems with landlords who refuse it