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  1. I'm pretty sure you will need planning permission if you plan on getting things like water, electricity, etc. hooked up!  If you are just talking about a basic shed, then probably not.
  2. Employed and extra income

    If it's just small change, don't worry about it.  No one is going to be checkig=ng your accounts forensically and asking about a few hundred extra Euros coming in each month.
  3. If you are after unofficial cheap and inexperienced labor, try posting on a Munich university noticeboard (just search Facebook groups).  Finding someone with a van would be trickier.  Your best bet would be to check lamp-posts in your area and find a cheap and cheerful mover (they typically charge between 40-60 EUR per hour for a man with van).  They will probably be unlicensed and want cash-in-hand, but it sounds like you just want labor, not professionals! 
  4. Dog on the leash or not?

    It all comes down to how well the dog can be controlled. If they are very obedient and well-trained, they can trot alongside the owner without a leash.  If they are boisterous and energetic, and easily distracted, not well-trained to voice commands, then a leash should be deployed.  You can always let such dogs off a leash in a dog park/run or the countryside, and they can get their energy out there.  
  5. I've moved a couple of times with  Once within Germany and once Germany - UK.  The guys are really helpful and all communicate in English, so should be able to sort you out!
  6.  is seriously your best bet.  Otherwise take out some space in your local newspaper, or put up notices in your local supermarket billboard.  This is going to be more hassle than sticking it on Ebay Kleinanzeigen though!!
  7. BIS, St George's or ESM?

    Bear in mind that intakes for most (all?) international schools for starting in September 2020 will already have been completed.  Usually you have to attend an open day. It's worth getting in touch with them to see if they have any drop-outs - its more likely in current times of Coronavirus, but don't bank on getting a place for this year!
  8. Where to buy sex toys in Munster

    I'm sure Amazon stock a good range, and you can order from the comfort of your home!
  9. Moving from Germany to US (Need Advice)

    I've used when re-locating in Germany.  I know they do international removals as well, and might be able to combine your goods in a container that is already going to US if you do not have enough to fill a whole container.
  10. I would think it is possible to work remotely from UK without having to sign/declare anything. However, once you do decide to physically relocate to germany, then you will have to register etc. I'm sure your firm's HR dept can advise on this!
  11. Salary per month for family

    You would be just about ok if you went alone.  You could get a small place for 700-1000EUR, but bear in mind you would then need to factor in all the other expenses - food and drink, transport, entertainment, etc.  this can easily run up another 1000 EUR per month, as Munich is an expensive city.     If you have a family, 2000 is not going to go far at all.  You will struggle.  Also, consider that in a year your oldest will have to go school, which causes additional expenses.
  12. Thanks! We have an open day with BIS and it looks quite nice, although rather far away from where we live, so we may have to move closer.
  13. Moving out and Inspection

    Most likely you will be on the hook for these repairs.  Possibly if you took pictures at the time of damage you can show the date of these images to the landlord, and any conversation logs (via email/text/IM), and then they might be agreeable.
  14. For entertainment budget I think 500-1000 EUR is fairly standard for most in Munich.  Consider entertainment all things like going out to have a drink - beer gardens, cafes, bars, clubs, etc. / Culture - cinema, museums, gigs, meetups, etc. / Hobbies - gym, sports clubs, skiing, hiking, etc. /  Various incidentals like subscriptions to things like Spotify, Netflix.     As a single person, I'd say it's very easy to spend 100-150 EUR per week on these things!   Then, if you've got kids (I have 2), then you can spend another 100+ EUR on them per week for kids activities.  So yeah, factor in somewhere 500-1000 EUR for entertainment per month in Munich, unless you want to live like a hermit and drink beer alone while watching Youtube every night.
  15. Hi all,    I'm considering sending my 6 year old daughter to an international primary school - namely Jules Verne , International Bilingual School or PHORMS.  Does anyone have any recent experience of these or opinions?    Grateful for any thoughts