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  1. Should one provide Arbeitszeugnis (reference letter) from the current employer when applying to a new employer for a new position? Asking for a Zeugnis or a Zwischenzeugnis from the manager is signal that you want to leave the company while no one knows what will happen and if you will get the position. Any experiences?  
  2. I will ask mieterverein for help on that. I just do not know if it is better to join the mieterverein in my current city of the old one where my flat was and the landlord lives.
  3. Hello everyone. I am posting my case here as I have a similar issue with my landlord. Here is my case. I left my flat more than 1.5 years ago. I asked my landlord several times to do the final calculations for utilities (Nebenkosten) and the supplementary payment (Nachzahlung) so that I can get my deposit (Kaution) back. In my last call, he said that the flat is renovated after my leave and my deposit goes for that. It was surprising for me. I asked him for a letter with details. He sent a letter along with a list of changes and repairs at home, which many of them has nothing to do with me. He also sent the Nachzahlung bill for utilities after 1.5 along the letter and gave me a few days to pay that. A few points: I paid the Nachzahlung (~75€) before the deadline he gave me in the letter, even if he sent me that after I asked for it. Normally, he would send a letter asap, asking for a payment. It was like, I did not want to ask you for this money, but now that you are insisting, you should also pay this. I was in the flat from April 2014 to September 2020. When I told him that I want to leave, a few weeks before my leave he come to the flat without a notice and had a look at the flat. He said that everything is fine, and it was a pleasure for him having me there! On the day before I move out, we had the last meeting for visiting the flat, key delivery, and signing the papers. He did now show up. He called me and told that he had an accident so that he cannot come. So, there was no official handover (Übergabeprotokoll). I did not sign anything showing that I accept  his claims. The neighbor gave him the keys later. I had to leave as I had a moving-in appointment in another city. I could not meet him again after that. It was due to corona situation, work pressure and moving to another city being far from the previous one. After ~1.5 years, he sent me an invoice showing that he spent ~10K for the renovation and he kept my 1200€ deposit. It was like, be happy that I do not charge you more (He is a bit old, rich, having many buildings in Germany and in Spain!). When I entered the flat it was not painted or renovated. I also cleaned up everything before my leave like the day I entered. As I see all his expenditures were for renovation, e.g., removing all the wallpapers, fixing the issues in Toilet, ... . There was no damage to anything from my side. I was there for ~78 months and based on the contract, he had to do some of these renovations after 84 or 96 months. I just do not now  how long the tenant before me was in the flat. I wrote a letter to him saying that the things you paid for was part of the renovations and have nothing to do with me and asked him to pay my deposit back until the end of March. He did not do that. I know he received the letter as it was a registered mail (Einschreiben). I also once had an issue with him for the mold (Schimmel) in the flat. He would not accept that there is an issue with the flat that I have always mold at the corners. A German friend of mine I knew in my neighborhood at that time called and warned him and he accepted and quickly fixed the issue, however temporary. I guess a serious warning before a legal action may help, but I am not sure.   The main point for my case is that, there was no official handover (Übergabeprotokoll). I do not know if this makes the case easier for me or makes it more difficult. Unfortunately, I do not have a lawyer’s insurance ("Rechtsschutz") I am not a member of any Tenants' association ("Mieterverein"). I was not aware of that! What should I do now? Any ideas? Do you think, as a second letter, going for a Mahnbescheid and citing BGB 548 helps? If it does not work out, I am not sure if Mieterverein can help, as the case is for a time prior to my membership.