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  1. Discrimination against foreigners in Kleingartenvereine

      Actually as I wrote in my original post the police discouraged him from making an Anzeige against the neighbor for the assault because it might make things worse. They believed that if he didn't make an Anzeige then things would cool down.   The value of our stolen possessions was only about 100 euros so we certainly understand the police not having the resources or desire to do more in our case. We are far more bothered with the statement made by the Vorstand that this does not concern them because it was a fight between adults. We had never had any sort of disagreement with our neighbor at all. If you rush over to someone and start hitting them and screaming at them with no warning then that is an assault and NOT a fight between adults.
  2. Discrimination against foreigners in Kleingartenvereine

    No. The neighbor is early 50s so a few years older than my husband and much more powerfully built. I made the mistake of not clarifying that his claim of having had his garden over 40 years is because his father used to graze horses on the land where the gardens are now. I apologize for the oversight.
  3. Discrimination against foreigners in Kleingartenvereine

    Realized that I didn't directly answer your very old question with my rambling post.   It was made very clear to us from the beginning that we should consider ourselves lucky to have been allowed a garden in their association because I am a foreigner. Secondly, back when we were still on friendly terms with our crazy neighbor, he had told us that he bought his second garden (he has 2 side by side) in order to prevent an interested Russian couple from buying it. He did not want these people as his neighbors. After we had joined, this neighbor claimed he actually spoke up to the Vorstand so that they'd accept us. No idea if that's true.   Here in Wriezen discrimination and dislike of foreigners is unfortunately alive and well.
  4. Discrimination against foreigners in Kleingartenvereine

    Long run on post:   My husband and I bought a Kleingarten from an old man here in Brandenburg. At the contract signing the Vorstand told us that at first they hadn't wanted to let us take over a garden there because I'm American. This was about 8 months ago and we have been having problems with our direct neighbor since 2 weeks ago. My husband prepared our electric lawn mower for use on a Saturday about an hour before the end of quiet time. Neighbor saw this and rushed over to my husband who was then standing about 10 feet from the mower. Ripped my husband's t-shirt and punched him 3 times on the side of the face and once in the stomach. My husband did not make an Anzeige. In fact, the police discouraged him from making one saying to let it be and hopefully everything would calm down. Next day was Sunday and the neighbor came to the border and started threatening us with a lawyer. Said since he was here 40 years he'd make sure we had to leave and could never set foot in our garden again. Also told us to go back to America! My husband wrote a letter to the Vorstand but they never answered. Today we walked to the garden and outside the main gate in the parking area we found our beer trolley which of course was very strange. Our garden gate was open and our garden house broken into. All our drinks and some electronics stolen! My husband marched over to the Vorstand and told them about it also asking what had they done with his complaint about the nighbor. They said they had decided not to get in the middle of a disagreement between adults and wouldn't even talk to our neighbor about the attack. We called police and they made a report saying that they couldn't do anything more. We believe the neighbor broke in.