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  1. Speech exercises

      Could you recommend a specialist (via pm)?
  2. Speech exercises

    Alright, I'll kill myself then, but first I need to know if my health insurance covers burial fees such as coffin, crypt, sermons, relative invites, etc.. And after you die, do you still have to pay the Deutsche Rundfunkbeitrag (you get penalties if you wait for two long)? After how many months should I expect the grave to be ghouled for lack of payment? 
  3. Speech exercises

      I don't have a valid license yet. In my case it's not a one time thing as I want to practice more or less regularly. 
  4. Speech exercises

      As I would read to people in a small room but loudly as well (my "usual" voice is somewhat untrained and monotonous and I want to fix that (since I'll have to manage people in the future)). 
  5. Speech exercises

    This question is related to this one:   https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/380397-elocution-lessons-in-munich-in-german/   What I'm really looking for is finding a place where I can read loudly without being a hindrance (I live in a very poorly phonically insulated flat).   
  6. Torrenting is illegal and is usually fined with an amount anywhere in between 900 and 1500 EUR. But can one download books in .pdf format from sites such as    http://libgen.io/   As far as my very limited understanding of German law w.r.t. to content piracy, it is "legal" to download as long as you don't share either freely or not (meaning that only the party that made the content publicly available is liable).    If this really is the case, then downloading books should be allowed, shouldn't it?
  7.   Your problem stems from the age of the manager (and, likely, her gender). Most seem to be under the impression that years of experience outweigh natural talent (there are plenty of Germans who finished their studies earlier I had the pleasure to work with;  I'm a 28 year old (male) programmer from Romania; graduated at a top university in Germany and started work at a startup (4 years ago). Right now I'm researching how to open my own company since the prospects of advancement at my current company don't suit me).   Answer these questions to yourself:   What does a creative communications expert's line of work involve?  How many people are under your control? What are your studies? What projects have you been working on outside work? To what extent are you able to resonate with others (making them see things your way)? What positions have you been applying to since you noticed the incompatibility with your manager? Have you had an open discussion with her (preferably outside of working)? People tend to be more lenient after a beer or two. What skills are you improving upon outside of work? Have you tried to monetize them? What about a second job? Is your employer the first (and only) you received an offer from? How many jobs are you applying to a daily/weekly basis? When was the last time you got a raise? How much was it compared to your coworkers?   Unlike meds, in Germany continuous honing of skills is implied.  
  8. As the title mentions, what are some tax lawyers I can appeal to (I want to sell apps through google play)?     
  9. This question is a follow up of another, more verbose question:   https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/383682-starting-a-company-in-munich/   In short, I want to publish a number of apps on google play. How are taxes deducted from user purchases?   Are there any legal considerations, or play integrates taxation in the app's price?    In the documentation:   https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2850368?hl=en   it's mentioned that:   " Purchases are made from the developer of the app. In most locations, the developer is responsible for charging taxes (where applicable). For customers in the EU Member States, Google is responsible for charging, collecting, and remitting the VAT on sales as a result of changes in EU VAT legislation"   What does this mean exactly? That I, as a developer, must include taxes within the app's price? Fair enough, but how?   Concerning the VAT,   " Value Added Tax (VAT) Google Play sales in which Google is the seller of record may be subject to Value Added Tax (VAT), or equivalent. VAT is applicable to countries outside of the U.S. If a sale is subject to VAT, the VAT charged will be based on the applicable VAT rules for content. "   How are VAT rules established for an app developed in Germany and sold internationally?    
  10. Starting a company (in Munich)

    Thanks. I'm having a look. Initially, I want to be able to sell apps and not infringe any laws. I'm thinking there might be a way of selling apps, running a web platform without actually starting a company. 
  11. Starting a company (in Munich)

    Below is a battery of questions, some of which extremely broad, but I want to get an aerial view of how a software company is founded in Germany (in Bayern, Munich):   1. What is the difference between a GmbH (that requires an amount of 25000 EUR of shared capital to open) and a "mini" GmbH that requires a substantially smaller capital? After some research:    https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/178546-starting-a-gmbh-company/ https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/356555-starting-new-company-in-germany/ https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/360525-setting-up-a-company/ https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/380487-starting-a-company-with-niederlassungserlaubnis-and-erwerbst%C3%A4tigkeit-gestattet/ https://www.firma.de/en/?gclid=CjwKCAjw2cTmBRAVEiwA8YMgzZJdGgbvT6Xrs1vZq15IBiiXdI9RlTO6QNkcKXyl6yOu8fIVhY1HQxoCEWYQAvD_BwE   the best options, in my case, seem to be "UG formation" and "Sole proprietorship". My company will be mostly focusing on apps (mainly for android) and perhaps a web portal that will allow for cryptocurrency exchange. Are these the right options, for an investment capital of ~30000 EUR? I'm currently the only employee and am using my own capital for investment. In the second link above, there was a mention about lawsuits being filed in the event of bankruptcy by investors. To what extent am I liable if I don't have any investors/business partners?    2. Where can I find a tax lawyer (Steuerberater) (might be wrong on the term) that is able to comprehensively answer questions related to taxation plans, penalties, how taxes vary depending on income (generally the higher the income, the higher the taxes), etc.? 3. What are some common hourly rates a tax lawyer might charge? 4. Is there a difference, in terms of taxation, between a freelancer and someone who works at their own company (and is, incidentally, is the only employee)?   5. Can my current residence (home) be used as the company's headquarters?  6. What exactly are the extra costs in taxation incurred by having a company?  7. How and where do you file for bankruptcy?  8. If all's well, how will taxes vary if the company takes of (and is making millions per month)? 9. What are the costs of lawyering up? There is a practice or rather, a "business model" in the states, of entities to drag businesses into trials and get them to pay penalties as well as the costs of the trials themselves. For example, a cryptocurrency exchange platform does not patent the algorithms used to, say, predict currency values. A malicious entity ("company") could then create a (fictional) patent and then, sue the company for not paying them loyalties.  How can this be avoided? 10. How are taxes being applied to apps on google play in Germany? 11. How do they change if the app is to be downloaded internationally? 12. Can the same bank account my employer is currently paying my salary into, be used for payments from google play, or the currency exchange platform?  13. I know that there are certain limits of the amount a bank account can hold as well as transaction upper bounds (20000 EUR on a "normal" account at Deutsche Bank). I have very little expertise, but are there accounts at db that can be opened by a person or commercial entity and allow for transactions with higher bounds (e.g. in the order of millions)?    14. Is it better (in terms of cost effectiveness, ease) to delegate accountancy and legal issues to a third party in the early stages of the company? 15. What documents should I have ready for tax audits? How frequent are these audits and what is the process of an actual audit? 16. When the company expands and needs new hires, how will their taxes be deducted? If they make more than 52200 EUR ("https://www.toytowngermany.com/wiki/Health_insurance") will they be in position of doing their own taxes or will still rely on their employer to handle taxes?  17. When the annual income exceeds 52200 EUR ("https://www.toytowngermany.com/wiki/Health_insurance") do private taxes automatically become mandatory? or an employee can still use their public health insurance scheme?  18. How does German citizenship affect, if at all, taxation? 19. How does taxation apply to new hires within the E.U. as well as outside of Europe? (I'm planning to outsource some of the work to Eastern Europe/Southeast Asia). 20. What is the process of selling or acquiring a company?  21. How are shares sold? and what taxation applies to them? 22. If there is one or more investor that, cumulatively, have less than half of the company in what way(s) are they able to influnence investments plan, and the general progress of the company? 23. What are some meetups that are pertinent to business, startups and taxes?  23. What are some other venues of getting to know more on business, in person, in Munich?    24. What is the process of meeting up with a tax lawyer? Do they answer particular questions or provide a set of common steps one should take in paying taxes? 25. Are there any "hidden" taxes that one should be aware of (currently I have experience only as an employee and not an employer)?