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  1. Recklessly, I'm filing my tax returns through trial and error. Following different threads:   https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/373691-monthly-vat-filing-for-it-freelancer-help/   https://www.toytowngermany.com/wiki/ELSTER   https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/204140-need-elster-online-help/   , as a Kleinunternehmer (Privatperson income < 17.5K EUR in 2019), I made a list of forms that    must be submitted on a monthly basis:   -- "Hauptvordruck"   -- "Anlage S" <= freelancers    but digging further I realized that:   -- "Umsatzsteuer Voranmeldung"   -- "Zusammenfassende Meldung"   I have a few questions about the amounts declared in "Anlage S" as well as "Umsatzsteuer Voranmeldung"   and "Zusammenfassende Meldung".   All forms have fields to declare revenue gained as a freelancer (e.g. android developer);    -- Will I be taxed only once on the revenue declared in each (being the same mount on every form)?   -- I seem to be unable to submit the "Zusammenfassende Meldung" as it requires a field "Art der Meldung"   1. "Erstmeldung"   2. "Berichtigung"   Both fields cannot be left empty; clicking the first ("Berichtigung" stands for resubmitting an erroneous form):   "Bei der vorliegenden Meldung handelt es sich um eine Erstmeldung mit nur einer Meldezeile, deren Summe gleich 0 ist.  Nullmendungen sind nicht abzugeben.  Bitte geben Sie eine Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer an"   What if the income is 0 for the respective time period (e.g. month)?   And one more thing; as a Kleinunternehmer (Privatperson income < 17.5K EUR in 2019), there is no 19% VAT to be added, right?           
  2. So, I received a "Bescheid uber die Festsetzung ..." ... . In short, the Finanzamt estimated  that I have a (side) income of 1000 EUR and decided to tax me 190 EUR (for 28.01.2020).    I have substantially less than that (~10 EUR :))  (I'm trying out different ideas for android apps)).    My fault is the mistaken understanding that if I'm a Privatperson/Freiberufler I mustn't submit a tax report  provided my income is less than 7500 EUR.    However, what's done is done. Is there any way of not paying the estimated tax fee? (I'm giving them a call tomorrow)    Some concerns:   -- I gave my IBAN in the "Hauptvordruck" form. Will they simply start draining it with whatever amount of estimated income?  -- there are tax fields such as religion and healthcare but these are already taken care of at my main job. Should these be also     paid for the side income as a freelancer?  -- I haven't specified any income in "Hauptvordruck"; but are these necessary if income was declared in Anlage-S? -- do I have to specify from whom/what commercial entity I received revenue from? In my case I'm simply publishing apps on      google play   I'm attaching my Anlage-S form (I left the rest of the fields blank; I lack financial know-how but the others seem to pertain to use-cases outside of "app development"):        https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/209829-freelance-tax-anlage-s/   covers some questions to some extent but not others.    The "Hauptvordruck" contains mainly banking/residence details. Are there any similar filled out samples of Anlage-S? Is there anything wrong  with the fields that were filled in?
  3. Are DUNS   https://www.dnb.com/duns-number.html   and the Steuernummer the same thing?     
  4. Buying a laptop and other goods as a company

      This is for @Sir Percy B, right?
  5. Buying a laptop and other goods as a company

    No, I'm literally the smartest there is. 
  6. Buying a laptop and other goods as a company

    No, haven't worked in stables yet. 
  7. Buying a laptop and other goods as a company

      Why remove the reply? Isn't free speech a thing here =))  ? (East) Berlin :-) ?
  8. Buying a laptop and other goods as a company

      Anyways, found what I was looking for. Obviously, not on TT or from the replies on this thread. 
  9. Buying a laptop and other goods as a company

      AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, can you provide some links to the relevant basic questions pertaining to German legislation? otherwise your posts are, well, just noise :-) .   
  10. Buying a laptop and other goods as a company

      "expensive" undefined. Where can I find more information on what "expensive" means? 800 , 1600, 160000 (golden casing, diamond keys, ivory track pad notebooks).    
  11. I've opened up a company (have an own "Steuernummner" that I use to be paid for freelance work).  Now I need to buy a new laptop to handle business needs. Can you get a price reduction when  buying as a company instead of a physical person?    Will the purchase of a laptop and/or related items make an impact on tax reports?