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  1. A good Kinderkrippe, ideally bilingual

    Thanks, very helpful!
  2. There are basicall two models:  - A company runs its own Krippe/Kindergarten inhouse (like Allianz does at some locations) - A company reserves spots with Krippe/Kindergarten providers (can be just a few or the whole contingent): this is the approach taken by most big corporates (Siemens, Allianz - as not able to absorb the demand fron their owned one -, Amazon, etc.). The companies then decide by how much they want to subsidize the spot for their employees (who in some cases pay full costs while in other cases nothing at all).    Hope this helps answer your question. 
  3. A good Kinderkrippe, ideally bilingual

    Hi all,    we have some of the same questions that were raised here and in other TT threads (but most were pretty outdated). So we'll try our luck in reviving this thread and hope that some of the TT members have some recent experiences to share.    Knowing that getting a spot in a Krippe is such a battle, we have started looking around for our unborn child, as we would want to put it in a full-time kita (ideally bilingual or trilingual) when it turns 12 months (i.e. April 2021) or even slightly earlier (if it maximizes our chances of having a Kita in time) and we came across Infaterix in Neuperlach, which seems like a good fit, and Little Giants (also in Neuperlach).    - Does anyone have experience with either of them and would be able to share some comments? - Any tips on how to maximize chances of getting a place ? Especially since we understand that a lot of the spots open up in September each year and that we would be looking for an off-cycle start (as would otherwise be either way too early or way too late)   Many thanks in advance for any information you can provide!          
  4. German classes with "Tandem" language school

    Does anyone have recent experience with their evening classes? Especially C1 or C2? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey guys! I’m trying to move back to Munich, I am originally from there but moved away when I was 11, I am currently in Florida. I have family there and a citizenship and speak decent German. I’m looking for an apartment 700 warm that allows a small dog. Anybody have any insider tips? Seems next to impossible to find something like or even get considered when you do. Am I even in the right place? Someone told me about this site and said I should ask around here but I don’t know how this works. Thanks in advance for an advice ?

  6. German language courses in Munich

      @sholdsto Thanks for sharing your experience. Which course level were you doing with them? Do you know if DKFA is only for enrolled students (e.g. at LMU / TU) or can anyone register?    From my research, they would currently be at the top of my list. 
  7. B2 German certificate - bother preparing? How?

    Hi everyone,    I just passed the C1 from Goethe yesterday (!!) and am now looking to do the C2.    I did the C1 without taking any courses or preparing for the exam (I can thank my German wife for the daily practice) but I know that won’t fly for the C2. What would be your recommendations for courses in Munich (either super intensive over 2 weeks or on Saturdays as I need to balance this with work) or for prep material online? My weak point is particularly grammar.    And does anyone have experience with Lima Sprachschule in Munich? They seem to be the only ones offering C2 prep classes on Saturdays but I couldn’t find many online reviews or anything TT.   Thanks in advance for any potential advice! 
  8. Krav Maga, self defense sport etc. on odd hours

    Hi Beebree, you should maybe check out Keep Safe ( They have evening course starting at 8:15pm (and ending at 9:15pm) and they also offer courses on Sunday.  I've started going there not so long ago, and the atmosphere is super nice, they are very welcoming of newcomers and there is really no need to have any prior knowledge of Krav Maga / be super fit. The teachers are good and the 1h flies by really quickly.  They offer a free test session (just write an email to them beforehand) and then you can either go for a subscription or buy a 10 sessions pass. And I imagine this is not too far from where you live (depending on where you are in Berg am Laim).