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  1. If I cancel anmeldung, do I lose my visa?

      Your contribution is worthless and ad hominem. Why don't you answer the questions, but attack me?   What is wrong with you?    @AnitaRoxas: You like the attack - see what the attacker can do for you, no matter how many threads you open, you won't get any more answers from me.       
  2.   There is no tax deducted, 0%. It's only social security contributions – health insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance and nursing care insurance.But no tax. There is nothing to correct.  
  3. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

      The regulations apply nationwide and it depends on it: Are you obliged to file a tax return? 
  4. EU licensed tourist guide card

      Have you - as 2B already advised you in January - contacted the IHK in Berlin?    As far as I know, there are no national regulations for the training of tour guides, but a multitude of training courses from different providers, e.g. or or   
  5.   In a foreclosure auction, the highest bidder is awarded the auction. And he could give you notice if he wants to move into the apartment himself... There is no advance purchase right in forced sales, iirc.
  6.   Your renters pay for you every month.    If you ever get into trouble with the FA and you ignore that trouble long enough, the FA just takes away your freedom to spend the money the way you want...
  7.   But why is your dissatisfaction then directed against "the system" and not against the landlord? Join the Mieterverein by the way, landlords can not do "whatever they want" - "the system" has rules and laws against that and and tenant rights are far more comprehensive in Germany than in most other countries ...
  8.   The system will be able to live with that. Exactly the same procedure has also been law in Italy since 2017.     
  9. Leaving Germany, closing business and VAT registration

      Yes, from a tax point of view this is only one tax activity, hence the overall view and uniform calculation. 
  10.   It makes your life complicated to change a standing order?       
  11. Leaving Germany, closing business and VAT registration

      By letter, snail mail:   "Sie können ein SEPA-Lastschriftmandat mit formlosem Brief gegenüber Ihrem Finanzamt widerrufen. Geben Sie bitte Ihre Steuernummer an sowie die Steuerarten, für die das Mandat nicht mehr gelten soll. Ohne diese Angaben würde es für sämtliche Steuerarten gelöscht werden."   "Diese Angaben sind für den Widerruf notwendig:   Name und Anschrift des Vertragspartners Eigener Name und Anschrift Datum und Ort Kunden-, Vertrags- oder sonstige Identifikationsnummer   Beispieltext: "Hiermit widerrufe ich meine Einzugsermächtigung für IBAN (…) bei der Bank (…) mit sofortiger Wirkung / zum Datum xx.xx.xxxx. Ich bitte um eine schriftliche Bestätigung."   Handschriftliche Unterschrift"
  12. Diesel Euro 4 across German cities?

      Here in the greater Stuttgart area, many people who only have to go to the city occasionally have removed all the clues from their cars that shout "EURO 4", i.e. lettering like "TDI" and so on ...  
  13. Leaving Germany, closing business and VAT registration

      OK, if you only deal with private customers, of course that's true. Business customers, on the other hand, usually expect the stated sales tax, which they can claim back.   
  14. Diesel Euro 4 across German cities?

      It is the fine for entering the environmental zone without (or with the wrong) sticker - not having a sticker is completely legal, at least where you do not need one.   It costs €80 throughout Germany, plus administrative fees. In Stuttgart that is a further €28.50, or a total of €108.50. 
  15. Leaving Germany, closing business and VAT registration

      Actually you don't pay VAT on your income but on the turnover; once you drop below the treshold you can change back to the Kleinunternehmerregelung the following year (!),not immediately.   (I do not understand what should be desirable about making less turnover and therefore profit just to avoid the VAT. It's the the customers who pay the VAT).
  16. Tax issue

      Less deductions, maybe? How are we supposed to judge that?
  17. Taxes if house is credit free

      Why would Krieg do that? You asked, not Krieg... Read the §23 EStG, cited by Panda on page 1.     
  18. What is the fine for a car accident

        We don't know that. You don't know either. That's why you need a lawyer immediately, who can inspect the files. 
  19. What is the fine for a car accident

      Wrong. Pedestrians as well as cyclists can have GREEN, right turners then have to stop.   
  20. What is the fine for a car accident

      No. If the cyclist was going in the same direction as belman, he also had GREEN. Krieg already mentioned this.   
  21. Doing Taxes for Multiple Gewerbes + Employment

      Yes, even as a KU you have to do the sales tax return.    Small businesses may also be subject to VAT if they operate across borders (including sales on Ebay because Ebay is based in Luxembourg). If that doesn't concern you, you just enter "0" everywhere, but you still have to do the VAT return. 
  22. What is the fine for a car accident

      Why would you think that? Nothing from what belman wrote permits this conclusion. belman doesn't even want to have seen the cyclist, how can he then know if the invisible cyclist has ignored any red light? 
  23. What is the fine for a car accident

      That verdict has been revised by the Federal Supreme Court in 2014:   "Voller Schadensersatz auch ohne Fahrradhelm   Radfahrer ohne Helm tragen bei einem Unfall keine Mitschuld an möglichen Kopfverletzungen: Der BGH hat einer Radlerin den vollen Schadensersatz zugesprochen."   "Full compensation even without a bicycle helmet Cyclists without a helmet are not responsible for possible head injuries in the event of an accident: The BGH has awarded a cyclist full damages."
  24. Doing Taxes for Multiple Gewerbes + Employment

      Anlage N, Anlage Vorsorgeaufwand, Anlage AV, if you have paid into a Riester pension. Anlage KAP, if you are an investor, and Anlage AUS, if there is foreign capital income. 
  25. What is the fine for a car accident

      I don't think so, liability insurance is obligatory for every vehicle registered in Germany.    However, this doesn't help you much, a liability insurance pays the costs of the other party in an accident, but will take the money back from you afterwards.    What is/are your question(s)?