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  1. Getting to specialist doctor's appointment

      So you think you already know exactly what you have, would like to have it confirmed by not just one but two specialists and not see either of them personally, but they should make their diagnoses online?   That sounds rather strange - talk to the TK, not that you end up sitting on costs.    "Wichtig: Gehen Sie zu einem anderen als zu dem von Ihnen gewählten Hausarzt oder suchen Sie ohne Überweisung einen Facharzt auf, können Mehrkosten auf Sie zukommen."   
  2. You already asked last year in this matter, and got answers from Panda:        
  3.   You'll have a rough idea of how much profit you're making, won't you? I can't imagine that without knowing how much you make, you spend your money (money you don't have in case of doubt). I am also self-employed and always have a rough overview of my finances. That doesn't have to be exact to the cent.  
  4. difficulties getting a "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung" - options?

      Yeah, for example. And take the lease with you, dear. Just don't turn everything into a drama.  Use your common sense (if you have one) and don't paint any horror scenarios of "refusals", etc.  
  5. Studio with no fire escapes, no smoke detectors - it is legal?

      Every standard turntable ladder of the fire brigade reaches up to the seventh floor, which is why the turntable ladder is the second escape route (with appropriate installation areas/"Anleiterfläche"). 
  6. difficulties getting a "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung" - options?

      is on vacation, but also the landlord it could be? It's peak holiday time in Germany. 
  7. Received VAT number

      Do yourself a favor and get an accountant on board, you don't know what you're doing. 
  8. Received VAT number

      No, you can't. You didn't understand Pandas answer(s), did you?   The relevant calculation value is 17,500€ - the maximum annual turnover for KLeinunternehmer. Annual turnover, i.e. for a full 12 months (iow 1,458.33 per month). You can't just come up with some fantasy sales limit that suits you better, 17,500€ turnover is the sales limit by law.    Do yourself a favor and get an accountant on board, you don't know what you're doing. 
  9. landlord stole my stuff

      Why are you so "typically British"? Complaining about others but not achieving anything constructive yourself is very popular on the British Isles these days ... isn't it?  So where are your constructive advices? Have you 'forgotten' them in your indignation? 
  10. Received VAT number

  11. Received VAT number

      You cannot change taxation in the middle of the year, but only for the entire tax year. 
  12. landlord stole my stuff

  13. landlord stole my stuff

      Yes - but not only rights, but also obligations. For example, reporting obligations, cooperation obligations, residence obligations, residence requirements and so on. What obligations do you have?   
  14. arbeitslosengeld for non-EU workers

  15. Tax on sale of property - less than 3 years

      No fixed percentage, the amount depends on your individual income tax rate. The income tax rate is calculated on the basis of your total income. Incidental costs of the purchase (broker, notary land transfer tax and costs for entry in the land register) can be deducted from the income. 
  16. Anmeldung necessary for tourists?

  17. Tax on sale of property - less than 3 years

      More or less: In order to sell the flat/house tax-free, you must have lived in it yourself at least the year in which you want to sell and the two years before. With the forum search you will also find numerous threads about it.   
  18.   As a tourist. Once you register in Germany you are not longer a tourist but a resident.   
  19.   You can't register a car here (in Germany) if you don't have residency here. You'd have to take residency first, with all consequences, then register the car (get insurance first, pay road tax/Kfz-Steuer), then pay for deregistration after a couple of weeks, get the car over to Austria, start the registration game in Austria again ...a shitload of bureaucratic hassle.  
  20.   Well, it should. You just don't seem to have thought about it yet. Lisa simply thought further than you did. El Jeffo's answer actually says it all.   
  21.   None of this makes any sense at all - why don't you buy a car in Austria and register it there as soon as you have a residence there?    If you don't live in Germany, you can't register a car here. Registering in Germany for a few weeks, then registering and insuring a car for a few weeks, then deregistering it again and re-registering and insuring it in Austria is a waste of money. And what good would all that do?   
  22. FitMit AOK App

      Your contributions are deductible from taxable income as "Versorgungsaufwendungen".
  23. Where can I purchase LMU PhD robes?

      That's right. Students at German universities usually don't wear robes during their entire studies and even at graduation ceremonies. At some, few, public universities there are tendencies to revive tradition.    And some private universities, which have no tradition at all because they are newly founded, are trying to adapt to customs in the USA and the UK.