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  1. Freelancer with spouse who is a permanent employee

      Yes, of course. The KSK is not health insurance - so health insurance coverage must be in place before and during the application process (processing can take several months). And this exists with your wife via the family co-insurance (as long as the requirements are met).
  2. Unconstitutional Visitor Parking in Essen

    I don't really talk about your fact-free and fanatical nonsense anymore, only one comment: Your attempt to instrumentalize disabled people for your crazy campaign is shabby. Or to put it in your words: blatantly corrupt, illegitimate, fake. Rot in hell for that.    There are designated parking spaces for disabled people in Essen. And on presentation of the appropriate ID card, each and every disabled person will have their own parking space directly in front of the house or workplace, signposted.   These are facts. Your statements are delusions and false accusations. Need I say more?   
  3. Freelancer with spouse who is a permanent employee

      By writing them a letter or in person.
  4. Working freelance vs. permanent contract jobs

      Google "Stundensatzrechner Freelancer". If you already know your net profit, each tax calculator will do what you're looking for.
  5.   Your idea that someone could (or should?) be taken to an old people's home (by whom?) because he calls the police when the noise is rampant (a piece of advice that victims of noise get here regularly) has nothing to do with reality. And that's a good thing.    But I'm out of here now, because as I said before: You always see yourself in the right anyway, no matter what answer you get. And whenever someone notices that your behavior might not be okay either, you come up with a new objection.  
  6.   Well, that's bad luck then. And reason for the next round in the neighbourhood war. Have fun. 
  7.   How do you know what they think? Can you read minds or was the result of a conversation?    Obviously, there's already a war going on between your neighbors and you: They want you to cut back your bushes because they block their sight, you want them to cut back some tree because it takes away your light ... they complain about constant construction noise from Monday to Saturday, you are outraged that they knock on the door or on the floor. Tit for tat...    You can, of course, continue or even escalate all this - e.g. you can cut away the tree in front of your window and then claim it was an animal and they can do the same with the bushes in your garden - or you can watch how you come to a reconciliation of interests together. 
  8. How does EHIC work in DE during temporary stay

      You are still confused, "Anmeldung" is the German word for registration.   
  9. How does EHIC work in DE during temporary stay

      Either you're here as a tourist - then you don't register at all. Or you want to live here - then you have to register within two weeks. And for that you need a health insurance recognized in Germany. 
  10.   Do you own a house? In your two other threads you write about a flat. Common property is of course taboo for your unusual project. 
  11.   Are you sure you got that right?   says the opposite:   "Am 1. November 2016 wurde das Bundemeldegesetz geändert. Eine Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung ist bei einer Abmeldung beziehungsweise einem Auszug nicht mehr erforderlich."    
  12. Legal status of sapling growing in front of window

      Is this the same neighbor who asked you to cut the bushes for a better view, but you refuse? And now you want him to remove this sapling because you want to have more light?    It should be possible for adults to achieve a balance of interests here.           
  13. How to quit your job in Germany

      What does this have to do with your contractually agreed notice period? 
  14. Bankrupt but picky

      I know you know that. I just wanted to support this by referring to the centuries-old history of Sinti and Roma in Germany.  
  15. How to quit your job in Germany

      That legal extensions apply to employers and employees?   Yes, of course, what else?