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  1. How can I get an A1 form?

      You are safe as long as you earn more from your full time job – although I wonder why you would need an A1 then. You need that A1 when you are physically seconded to another country and you will not travel for 3 hours every 2nd month from Berlin to France and back, will you?   
  2. Supermarket Price Fixing Cartel

      Yeah, sure, you are "highlighting the truth" and since that your "so the populace are kept dumb and happy" is legitimated ...  Join Jeremy, he might like your "truth".  
  3. Supermarket Price Fixing Cartel

      In Cologne bakeries close at 4pm? C'mon... Last time I visited Kolumba i bought bread from Bread&Butter (Manufactum), IIRC they close at 7pm.    
  4. How can I get an A1 form?

      They will know it at the moment when you ask them for that A1 for your freelance work.   And they *might* start asking questions then. The main question will be the same I asked already: Is that full time job your main source of income?   Or do you you earn more as a freelancer (and work more than 18 hours per week as a freelancer)?      
  5. How can I get an A1 form?

      So you have health insurance from a full time job and not from your freelance activity and now you want to do freelance business in France. Is that full time job your main source of income, does the health insurance know that you earn as a freelancer too? 
  6. Few Questions About Design Opportunities In Germany

      Sorry, but it all sounds somewhat confused - masonry, welding in a factory, product design ... what about resole shoes, making artificial limbs or scaffolding? Those are practical career choices too.   
  7. How can I get an A1 form?

    If you type "A1 form" into the search field in the upper right corner of this site, you'll find various threads about that form.   It has nothing to do with taxes, it confirms that you have social security/health insurance in Germany while you post yourself temporarily to France. Your health insurance will issue it. 
  8. Supermarket Price Fixing Cartel

      Maybe you already killed too many brain cells with that cheap beer and that's why you became obsessed with that crazy conspiration theory?  
  9. What exactly is a "Meisterschule"?

    Maybe this helps:   "In Germany and Austria, the word Meister also assigns a title and public degree in the field of vocational education. The German Meister title qualifies the holder to study at a University or Fachhochschule, whether the Meister holds the regular entry qualification (Abitur or Fachhochschulreife) or not.[1] In 2012 the commissions of the states and the federal government, also the associated partners, concluded that the "Meisterbrief" is equivalent a bachelor's degree(Deutscher Qualifikationsrahmen für lebenslanges Lernen, Level 6, Niveau 6).[2][3][4][5]   The Master craftsman is the highest professional qualification in crafts and is a state-approved grade. The education includes theoretical and practical training in the craft and also business and legal training, and includes the qualification to be allowed to train apprentices as well. The status of Master craftsman is regulated in the German Gesetz zur Ordnung des Handwerks, HwO (Crafts and Trades Regulation Code).   To become a master craftsman usually requires vocational training in the specific crafts in which the examination should be taken (a successfully completed apprenticeship and examination, called Gesellenprüfung). In addition to attaining the journeyman (Geselle) degree, until 2004 the Crafts and Trades Regulation Code did furthermore require practical experience of 3 years as a journeyman. In the German field of Meister education specialised training courses for the Meisterprüfung ("Meister examination") can be followed. The duration of the courses can take 1 to 2 years. The examination includes theoretical, practical and oral parts and takes 5 to 7 days (depending on the craft). In some crafts the creation of a masterpiece is also part of the examination." 
  10. After 2017 election: The center holds

      Even the conservative Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung thinks it's financially affordable (the link to the 150 page pdf is unfortunately dead) and I'm not that sure about Götz Werner (founder of DM) and Timotheus Höttges (CEO of Telekom) being vegan hipsters  but there is definitely more campaigning to be done until the day it comes...
  11. Feeling harassed by children's Kita

      None of this is happening here.    
  12. HUK Coburg lowered my insurance 15% for no reason

      A miracle? You told them you'll drive much less – less mileage, less risk. And regional classes changed, so maybe (!) you are in a 'less risk regional class' for the next year too.  
  13.   Correct. But you said that renters don't have to pay anything, that's wrong. The Bestellerprinzip is about the Besteller, not renters or landlords.
  14. After 2017 election: The center holds

      Stupid ad hominem. Sad.
  15. After 2017 election: The center holds

      Complaining about a low pension without giving the full picture has nothing to do with feminism.    Germany (and others) would need a hard cut in the pensions system(s). But of course no politician has the balls because in any way that hard cut would be very unpopular. I'd prefer the 'bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen', from birth till death.