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  1. Open University German Language Certificate = B1 ?

      Speak German to the official. B1 is supposed to guarantee sufficient communication skills with offices and authorities. But if he/she sticks to the law, you can't convince her that a language course 10 years ago without a recognised examination is sufficient.    In general, there are also other ways of proving the required language skills, for example attending a German-speaking school for 4 years (including transfer to the next higher class), secondary school leaving certificate or an equivalent German school leaving certificate, transfer to the 10th grade of a secondary German-speaking school (Realschule, Gymnasium or Gesamtschule), study at a German-speaking university or university of applied sciences or a completed vocational training.    But if none of this is true, you will probably have to wait until June and pass the test.     
  2. Employee lease in construction from non-EU

      Sorry, but nobody can - and is allowed - to provide comprehensive legal advice here. Contact the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, they can help you.    But the way you obviously imagine it - Ukrainian workers on Ukrainian wages with Ukrainian working hours on German construction sites - it won't work. 
  3. Annual leave rules - question

      It depends.    "Pursuant to § 5 (3) BUrlG, a reclaim of holiday pay is excluded if the employee has already received too much holiday - and holiday pay associated with it - in the first half of a calendar year after a fulfilled waiting period pursuant to § 4 BUrlG and then leaves the company in the first half of the calendar year."   For this special case, the law stipulates that it is to be applied to the granted leave and the already paid leave remuneration. A reclaim by the employer of leave pay that is too much in terms of reason is therefore ruled out.   However, an employer is at liberty to reclaim a holiday already granted but not yet taken, even partially, if it turns out that the prerequisites for the holiday are no longer fulfilled in whole or in part due to the employee leaving the company."   Translated with
  4. Tax claim

      I don't know SteuerGo, but in the official form (Appendix N) it's all in line 44ff - don't worry so much, the important distinction is between Sonderausgaben and Werbungskosten, within the Werbungskosten no distinction is made. 
  5. Tax claim

      Well, students in initial education can currently only deduct their expenses as Sonderausgaben. And only in the year in which they were incurred. In addition, the study costs are limited as Sonderausgaben, to 6,000€ per year.   Study costs for a secondary education are fully considered as Werbungskosten and can also be carried forward - if the Werbungskosten are higher than the income, there will be a loss which you can carry forward to later years in which you earn money.   I would try to claim all costs as advertising costs (because they are all study-related).         
  6. Tax deduction for health insurance payments before finding a job

      You're gonna do the 2018 tax return, right? It's only about expenses in 2018
  7. Tax claim

      Is your study a first or a second education? Depending on this, the cots are either Werbungskosten or Sonderausgaben.
  8. Residence and employment visas for Germany

      That depends. What kind of training do you have, what do you do for a living? Did you study, if yes, what? How high will your prospective income be?    And: How good is your German; why do you think Berlin ist the place for you to go?
  9. Cologne Brexit Meeting - Wed 13th Feb

      In German - and that, although he doesn't speak enough German for A1 ...  
  10. Brexit: The fallout

      Their sales in the UK – the bankers just buy their Porsches in Germany or France...   
  11. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

      Whatever "she was not know that" means – your wife is also threatened with legal trouble because she made it possible for you to drive her car.    Alderhill already nailed it  "This story is just layer after layer of thick oniony WTFness."  
  12. Is it worth doing my own tax returns?

      Yes and no – that depends on the amount of VAT to be declared.    Up to 1,000€ per year: Annual declaration. 1,000,01€ to 7,500€ per year: quarterly declaration. More than 7,500€: monthly declaration.    New founders must always declare monthly in the founding year and the following year.     
  13. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

      No, sorry. § 25 regulates the - temporary - driving bans of one to three months.   § 25 Fahrverbot (1) 1Wird gegen den Betroffenen wegen einer Ordnungswidrigkeit nach § 24, die er unter grober oder beharrlicher Verletzung der Pflichten eines Kraftfahrzeugführers begangen hat, eine Geldbuße festgesetzt, so kann ihm die Verwaltungsbehörde oder das Gericht in der Bußgeldentscheidung für die Dauer von einem Monat bis zu drei Monaten verbieten, im Straßenverkehr Kraftfahrzeuge jeder oder einer bestimmten Art zu führen. 2Wird gegen den Betroffenen wegen einer Ordnungswidrigkeit nach § 24a eine Geldbuße festgesetzt, so ist in der Regel auch ein Fahrverbot anzuordnen.     Thus an offence against § 21 (1) STVG is realized.
  14. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

      I doubt he'll get away with any negligence here. He is banned from driving, had to surrender his driving licence and still drives and gets caught just two weeks after he turns in his driver's license, that is intent. That is then up to one year imprisonment or up to 360 daily rates. If things go badly, the vehicle can also be confiscated as an instrument of crime.    Only a good lawyer can do something about it.   
  15. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

      Then you are in deep, deep trouble now.   Do as Jeffo and Krieg already said, get a lawyer immediately.