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  1.   Others including me would rather say that the bullying, hate mongering and the Besorgtes arrogance of some TT participants has certainly reached an intolerable level.    TT participants that love to call others "libtards" etc. and get very thin skinned, when there's an echo.   
  2. Red button is gone! What happened?

      He'd simply need someone like you. Did you count your greenies over the last 10 days? Must have been more than 1.000, the lot of them in long closed threads as "Killing wave continues", "Will Islam become the dominant religion" etc.. Only k. has given more greenies to her 'friends'. 
  3. Playing instruments includes a lot of training, being a quiet couple is one thing, playing instruments another. Are you planning to do your lessons at home? You'd need the permission of the landlord then. 
  4. Rights for an Intern

      No, in case of a "schweres Vergehen" (like theft) without minimum notice; in all other cases it depends whether there is a minimum notice in your contract or not. If not, the company can't terminate. You will then bore to death until the end of the internship.     
  5. Vehicle licensing (Zulassung) and TÜV

      That's a very good question. tbh: I have no idea.   Generally one would have to pay not only VAT (19% or 7% for vintage cars older than 30 years) but also customs (10%). It might be different since the car was registered in Germany before, but I have no idea.   Since the car would have to be shipped anyway I'd get in contact with one of the companies that do those shippings via Bremerhaven or Hamburg usually, they should know.    @popotla: Why do you want to buy a car in South America when you are in Germany? Is it a rare vintage model? Or a  mobile home/expedition vehicle? 
  6. Vehicle licensing (Zulassung) and TÜV

      You will have problems. You must not drive on public roads because you have neither Zulassung nor HU nor insurance. And you can't get Zulassung without HU and insurance. You have to transport the car on a trailer. Whether you would be able to renew HU - who knows?    
  7. Laws on keeping a dog muzzled in public

      Then he should know how to handle his fellow berliners. Something like "Mach keene Fisimatenten und leg dir jehackt" should do.  
  8. Laws on keeping a dog muzzled in public

      Then you are correct, BVG (Berlin pubic transportation) requires muzzling. (under "Mitnahme von Haustieren"). Don't listen to their complaints, Berliners are known to be 'special' (not to say they are a rough, direct and often unfriendly folk).  
  9. Laws on keeping a dog muzzled in public

      In trains operated by DB (includes S-Bahn): yes.   In the u-bahn/busses: not necessarily. Depends on the operator. In the Stuttgart area (SSB) for example there are no signs because there is no general rule, only rather vague one:   "§ 12 Mitnahme von Tieren   (1)  Für die Mitnahme von Tieren ist § 11 Abs. 1, 4 und 5 entsprechend anzuwenden. (2)  Hunde werden nur unter Aufsicht einer hierzu geeigneten Person befördert und nur dann, wenn sie an einer kurz gehaltenen Leine geführt werden. Hunde, die Fahrgäste gefährden können, müssen einen Maulkorb tragen."    So it depends on where you live and what operator you use. 
  10. Bestätigung des Trennungs-jahr zwischen

      Those people are a rather disgusting mixture of notorious right-wing serial neggers and 'right-or-wrong-my-sex' sympathizers of irresponsible fathers.  
  11. 'Dispute' over moving company bill - what's next?

      As I already mentioned, to removals the HGB (german commercial code) applies. And  § 440 HGB states that the moving company has a right to lien. They are explicitly allowed to keep all of your belongings or parts of it until all of their claims are fulfilled.    When you deny their claims, you can fight them with a lawyer and at a civil court. That's not a police case. Filing someone or a company for a criminal offense falsely is a criminal offense itself. That's what I mean with "backlash".   So lawyer up and see if there is a legal leg to stand on.           
  12. Bestätigung des Trennungs-jahr zwischen

      There:   "i got a letter from the Jungenamt , that i need to pay amount of 3000 EURO back to them for my four years old child ,"
  13. Bestätigung des Trennungs-jahr zwischen

      Not paying Unterhalt for your child and soon to be ex-wife and owing 3.000 Euro to the german taxpayer is not exactly "doing a best for your child".    And now neg me again, you prick.   
  14. 'Dispute' over moving company bill - what's next?

      No. And will not affect Gewährleistung either.