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  1. Help with figuring out the "Nebenkostenabrechnung"

      Neither can we without relevant details, sorry.    
  2. Difference between Schufa and Infoscore

      They don't necessarily say that you owe money (although Infoscore also does Inkasso), there are more variables used to rate ones creditworthiness e.g. address (residential environment), age, mail-order habits, household-size, removals etc.           
  3. ALG 1 for me, Hartz IV for my wife - possible in parallel?

      The job center will not pay until the day the money will run out. E.g. one can not live in a house worth hundreds of thousands and expect the job center to pay anyway.   But there are exceptions: Houses don't need to be sold when they are not bigger than 90 sqm (for one person) to 130 sqm (4 persons) or when selling is uneconomically.   
  4. Sick of the "Clipboard Gangs"

      You're on VERY thin ice – your criminal activity is public.    
  5. Sick of the "Clipboard Gangs"

      Yells the oh so proud violent offender. You are much worse than any thieve ever could be.   
  6. Sick of the "Clipboard Gangs"

      You seem to be somehow obsessed with work or being jobless, wasn't it you that had to file bankruptcy? And wasn't it your wife that had no job but got HartzIV?    Why don't you hop on this site there and tell them about your 'heroic' acts of self defense and those evil Spendenbetrüger? Or, if you're still in Darmstadt, there?       
  7. Sick of the "Clipboard Gangs"

      And instead of teaching that kid to be more cautious after neglecting your responsibilities you are teaching her to be a criminal offender and abuse her as a cover now ... Disgusting. 
  8. Sick of the "Clipboard Gangs"

      Go back to where you came from, sewer rat.  
  9. Sick of the "Clipboard Gangs"

      Bollox. Your criminal activities are not self defense. You are simply one of those "scumbags", "lowlifes" – you name yourself.  
  10. Sick of the "Clipboard Gangs"

      I'd prefer those violent vigilante criminals committing their crimes where they come from ... 
  11. English speaking tradesmen in Berlin?

      Again, since your reading abilities suck:   "I wouldn't risk money with buying low end apartments in Berlin although I'm only 530 kms away and not 2.500 and although I speak the language of the land."   Why don't you spend your precious experts time providing your in-depth knowledge to the op? I'm sure you have lots of hidden gems at hand that would suit Carters needs. And you surely have the best english speaking craftsmen available that do reliable work – without supervision. Or at least a cheap construction manager to do that supervision. And as an expert you know of both cheap and reliable HV that the op can advice per telephone from cyprus. Come on, be helpful! 
  12. English speaking tradesmen in Berlin?

      Actually it was you that presented his Google/Immoscout knowledge and I ask you again: Would you really suggest that completely f*cked up Spandau ruin to a guy who sits in Cyprus – as an investment?   I wouldn't risk money with buying low end apartments in Berlin although I'm only 530 kms away and not 2.500 and although I speak the language of the land.       
  13. English speaking tradesmen in Berlin?

      Ready to move in? This one is listed as "renovierungsbedürftig" and has lots of pictures of the surroundings but not even one from the inside, what would make me very suspicious.   78.500,- + tax: 4.710,00 + notary fee: 1.570,00 = 84.780 EUR + costs for renovation.   And again: Who will deal with the renters? Short term or long term – someone's got to deal with the renters, arrange the apartment sightseeings, listen to their complaints etc – add the cost for Hausverwaltung.    It's not negativity but reality to see that such an investment wouldn't pay off.     
  14. English speaking tradesmen in Berlin?

      Even with 10k EUR more than in february, your plan is unrealistic.
  15. Stuttgart landlord not returning caution deposit

      How long did you live there and what did the contract say about painting /Schoenheitsreparaturen in general?