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  1. Visible signs crime is on the rise in Germany

      Yeah, but what would educated open minded people want to do with such a 'these damned german sluts don't like me and Germany is doomed anyway'-prick?  
  2. How to pay Umsatzsteuer-Voranmeldung to Finanzamt

  3.     An owners association like Haus & Grund or whatever their name is where you are located. 
  4. Registering as self employed

        No, because health insurance is not a business expense. It's part of your private life and you can fill it into Anlage Vorsorgeaufwand when you do your tax return. It will reduce your taxable income, i.e. you have to pay less taxes.   
  5. Back-payment with TK health insurance

      You are right, it's a 'no'. Sorry.    
  6. How to pay Umsatzsteuer-Voranmeldung to Finanzamt

      Strange or not, it is as it is. It's your obligation to take in the VAT and transfer it to the FA. And to do it on time.   
  7. Is there tax on dividends in Germany?

      Only if that shareholder is a corporation, not a natural person.    
  8. Screwed by anabin. Case for Schengen extension?

      The degrees are not "clearly robust and satisfactory" – they are 'bedingt vergleichbar' that means 'only partially comparable'. So the immigration officers decision was absolutely correct.   
  9. Is there tax on dividends in Germany?

      There is no "the corporate tax" – for a limited company like a GmbH there is Gewerbesteuer, Solidaritätsbeitrag and Körperschaftssteuer. All 3 sum up at around 30%. On the taxation at GmbH level see No.15 there (it's in English).   And then comes taxation at a shareholder level, see also the documentation linked above.  
  10. Advice on buying an apartment in Berlin

      It's in the next paragraph:   "Das gilt, wenn sie beispielsweise als Ferienwohnung oder für die Dauer einer Messe oder einer Kur vermietet wird, teilt der Deutsche Mieterbund (DMB) mit. Oder wenn es sich bei den vermieteten Wohnräumen um ein oder mehrere möblierte Zimmer innerhalb der Wohnung des Vermieters handelt."   Renting out as a holiday flat, during a fair or a health cure or renting one or more rooms in the landlords flat.   But obviously renting out as a holiday etc. flat is getting difficult again because of the Zweckentfremdungsverbot in Berlin – that sword of Damocles is still hanging over the market. 
  11. Advice on buying an apartment in Berlin

      The article you quote is about the "Mietpreisbremse" – not the Mietspiegel. Two different things. And it names the next trick, how to trick out the Mietpreisbremse:   "Grundsätzlich gilt die Mietpreisbremse auch für möblierte Wohnungen. Doch es gibt Ausnahmen: Sie gelten, wenn man die Wohnung zum vorübergehenden Gebrauch vermietet."  
  12. Student job scheme in Germany

      Technically you are allowed to have more than one minijob – BUT: The maximum you are allowed to earn (minijob-wise) is still 450 Euro.     
  13. Advice on buying an apartment in Berlin

      Nope. What El Jeffo says: The Mietspiegel doesn't cover furnished flats at all. Renting out furnished is the landlords 'trick' to demand more rent.   
  14. Ratenkredit to buy property abroad

      That's not necessarily a good thing.  No credit history makes the banks suspicious, too.   Try to make a "Konditionenanfrage" NOT a "Kreditanfrage". The Konditionenanfrage doesn't affect Schufa at all, the Kreditanfrage affects it negatively esp. if the answer is 'no'.    
  15. Ratenkredit to buy property abroad

      Take a second look – it'll cost you 3,79% (effectively). If you get the money. How is your Schufa rating?