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  1. Freelance invoices from USA to Germany

      I suggest you change your profile that says "Location: Berlin" unless that's one of the numerous US Berlins ...  
  2. What jobs to hunt for

      I don't know why you opened a second thread after that one since nothing has changed: You need at least two concrete job offers from companies and this is not about "freelance work visa, aka doing online work": Freelance work might be online work but it is not the same and to get a visa for Germany you need a reason to be in Germany – if you can do that work online you can do it from the US too. No need to be in Germany, no visa, sorry.   
  3. Time Off for Bureaucratic Necessities

        The law ( itself doesn't state any specific reasons, those are specified in collective agreements and/or individual work contracts and mostly include marriage, births, death (of close relatives) etc. but rarely bureaucratic appointments. If it's not part of a Tarifvertrag or your husbands work contract, it's at the discretion of your employer to give your husband a day off – or not.
  4. Freelance invoices from USA to Germany

      This is not about your social security number but you tax number.  
  5.   Blah blah blah. If your 27 letters of complaint had the same pathetic, hateful and disgusting tonality, I'm not really surprised about the (non) reactions you get. I suggest you join TK and move to Romania. 
  6. Advise on renting a furnished studio in Mitte

      I don't know of any source that gives an "average monthly rate", it would be rather a waste of time to calculate that anyway – because no one pays an "average rate", the rates are volatile and generally only have one direction: upwards. What would be suitable for you depends heavily on your budget, to get a feeling for the rates you can start there, there, there, there or there.    The "typical German procedures" are written down here on TT, in the Wiki. Some of the details are for non furnished flats but you can get an overall impression anyway.   
  7. Disclosure of agents fees

      There is  – how good is your German? This website describes the process:   "Wer über einen Kreditvermittler ein Darlehen aufnimmt, schließt zwei Verträge ab: Einen Darlehensvertrag mit der Bank und einen Vermittlungsvertrag mit dem Vermittler. Im Vermittlungsvertrag ist die Provision angegeben, die der Vermittler erhält. Sie ist laut Gesetz als Prozentsatz des Kreditbetrages auszuweisen. Zusätzliche Entgelte dürfen nur insoweit anfallen, wie sie auf Seiten des Vermittlers effektiv entstehen – pauschale Auslagen etc. sind unzulässig."   And:   "Kreditnehmern steht ein umfassendes Informationsrecht im Hinblick auf alle im Zusammenhang mit einem Darlehen anfallenden Kosten zu. Der Vermittler muss seinen Kunden vor dem Vertragsschluss über die Höhe der Provision informieren und dabei die gesetzlichen Vorgaben einhalten. Geschieht dies nicht, kann der Vertrag unwirksam sein. Die Bank muss den Kreditnehmer unabhängig vom Vermittler ebenfalls über die Kosten des Kredits aufklären und dabei die Vermittlungskosten aufführen. Das Informationsrecht gilt somit gegenüber beiden am Kredit beteiligten Parteien."   Give me a short note if you need a rough  translation.       
  8.   It is free, see LostInEuropes link on page 2:    "Alle Gesundheitsämter in Baden-Württemberg bieten den klassischen HIV-Test anonym und kostenlos an."
  9. Laws for deaf individuals?

      I suggest you post that question in the TT military section, chances are better that a knowledgeable person reads it there.   
  10. Staying with a Friend in a Student Residence Halls

      Ask the student residence halls administration or make your friend look in his contract, I bet there's some paragraph about guests. And none of us can know whether there is a reception or something like that. Your friend should know.   
  11. Disclosure of agents fees

      But you are the one who hired that adviser? Then you have a (written) contract with him, didn't the contract already state the cost of his work?  
  12. Parcel Forwarding Scam

      Go and see a lawyer.  
  13. What's the best way to move stuff inside germany?

          DB does not accept you to convert boxes into persons.  In theory 1 person could take 1 box – makes 6 persons, 6 tickets x 2 ...          
  14. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

      Your feeling is correct – because I don't understand why you don't do first things first. And first and most important thing is your health. Get an appointment with a doctor, ASAP.