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  1. Find a local crime report?

      No. But you can download it for free from the police:   That one is for 2016, the 2017 report will be available within the next days or weeks, there's a short version online already and a handout from the press conference.   
  2. Getting braces with AOK

      Did she talk to AOK already? AOK (as any other public insurance) will only pay for severe cases like malformed jaws and when both orthopedic and surgical treatment are needed.  
  3.   I too suggest you see what BMW can do for you, transfer- or otherwise because it will be easier to get your work experiences acknowledged within the same company than having no proof and applying elsewhere.   
  4.   What is your occupation? What did you learn? German companies want to see papers, proof of studies, trainings, degrees, experiences. If you don't have any of this, sorry, there is no job market for English (only) speakers in whatever industry. There is a high demand for 'Fachkräfte', skilled professionals with degrees in engineering or computer science and a couple of years in experience, but not for unskilled laborers with poor language skills. You won't make ends meet in Munich with the jobs you can get, like filling shelves in a supermarket or draw beer in a pub.  
  5. What is wrong with Essen?

      It is. Everywhere in the word. And Germany is a safe haven compared to most parts of that world.   But why is there so much spreading of rumors about inexistent "no go zones" in Germany and all that "apparently is in the hand of Lebanese clans" fear mongering bullshit quoting far right websites? Where is the besorgte thread about the recent gang rapes? No "Lebanese gangs" involved? No "rapefugees"? No "eevil musleeems"? The police is looking for a guy named James Dean Lauenburger*? 'Oops, too bad, go away, nothing to see here, not a topic for TT.  Let's complain about being called a Nazi instead, let's do the Opferrolle.'    *He's in custody now.
  6. What is wrong with Essen?

      The TT besorgte Opferrolle.    I wonder why none of TT besorgtes did start a thread about or even mentioned the Essen/Gelsenkirchen gang rape yet – oh wait, I know why ...
  7. Ground surrounding building lowered - legal problem

      Good luck with that argument, I wouldn't count on it. The fact that the top floor is used for storage makes it even worse imo, the fire load is higher than with a sealed off and empty space. 
  8.   You can't get them from the dump, either you have good connections to building companies doing renovations or to transport companies like Knettenbrecht Gurdulic (in the Wi area) or you'll have to buy those materials from those that have those connections e.g. 
  9. Sample Notice to Cancel Property Manager Contract

      I don't give a s*it about your 'portfolio' – your topics are completely bizzare because you have ab-so-lute-ly no idea of what you are doing as a landlord. As I said before:   "You don't live in Germany and you don't talk any German. And you have no idea about cold rent, warm rent, umlagefähige and nicht-umlagefähige Nebenkosten (sic!), Grundsteuer etc. So you have to rely on ppl who do and will make you pay for their services. The less you understand, the more you will pay and the more room for disaster is left because you can not even control what those ppl do..."   And the worst thing about your total cluelessness is that you don't even bother to learn anything from your bizarre threads and the answers you get – two full months (!) after Panda wasted her time for you on this thread you have the guts to ask "What is nebenkosten?", a basic term mentioned dozens of times before. You are in total ignorance and that makes your threads bizarre. 
  10. Rent increased by 30% before renovation started

      What a bizarre question – two months after this thread.
  11. Sample Notice to Cancel Property Manager Contract

      Me too - and I will comment on your bizzare topics and question as I want. Got it?   
  12. Question about second year for "Freiberufliche tätigkeit"

      Good idea. Do it soon.  
  13. Falling pregnant after giving notice

      You have to work for at least 12 months to get ALG1 (for 6 months). You say you worked for three years, so no problem there, you get 12 months ALG1 when you get fired and 9 when you quit your job.
  14.   The time frame is a different one if you don't need to give 3 months notice ...  
  15.   Not necessarily:   "Situation: Der Hauptmieter vermietet ein möbliertes Zimmer (oder mehrere) unbefristet an einen Untermieter und lebt mit diesem gemeinsam in der Wohnung. Kündigungsfrist für den Untermieter: 2 Wochen"