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  1. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

      Hit dogs bark. What is your problem? Did you invest money in Stone Brew? I don't care, keep imitating Trump, the evil "anti-Americanism" and the ignorant Germans are to blame for the lack of success. And "elitist" - my arse. Selling expensive beer is for the masses, or what?   
  2. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

      King of sales is Radeberger followed by InBev (catjones' poor, boycotted Americans). Then comes Bitburger and Oettinger is only in 4th place.            
  3. Private surveillance of community property areas

      Not the way you imagine it to be.   Not only do all owners have to agree, the surveillance must also be made recognisable for everyone (clearly visibly signs!), it must be clear and visible who is responsible for this measure and how the Federal Data Protection Act is complied with. The purposes of the surveillance must be determined beforehand and bindingly. If data collected by video surveillance can be assigned to a specific person, this person must be informed of any processing or use and all data that is not or no longer required for the purpose must be deleted immediately and verifiably.     If your friend has no other hobbies, the first thing he should do is find a lawyer and get legal advice on how to carry out his surveillance offensive in a legally secure way without getting into real trouble.     
  4. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

      What exactly is new about craft beer? Or did you mean especially expensive craft beer in cans?   
  5. Advice on moving (back) to Germany from Singapore

      The tax office has nothing to do with this, but the DRV (Deutsche Rentenversicherung) and you cannot prove an uninterrupted stay - you interrupted your stay either at the end of 2016 (if you had been seconded to Singapore until then?) or even in 2012. Here, too, it would be good if you could provide clarity.    I suppose (!) that you think you could just move back to Germany because you've been here before - but your residence permit expired six months after you moved your center of life abroad. (Unless you applied to the Aliens Department at that time to stay abroad for longer than six months - did you?)   You now have to apply for a new visa in order to re-enter Germany. When granting a residence permit - under certain circumstances - earlier periods of residence can (!) be recognised, but this is a discretionary decision, there is no legal entitlement to it.    Maybe @engelchen will come up with something more, otherwise it might make sense for you to visit a lawyer in Germany who specializes in migration law during the four weeks. 
  6.   Yup, Section 5 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 AufenthG   "General prerequisites for granting residence titles   (1) The granting of a residence title shall generally presuppose    1.  that the foreigner’s subsistence is secure; ..."   and Section 2 Abs. 3 AufenthG:   (3) A foreigner’s subsistence is secure when he is able to earn a living, including sufficient health insurance coverage, without recourse to public funds. (...)   Theoretically you could of course also be extraordinarily rich and be able to support yourself and your health insurance without working, but you would have to prove that first.  
  7. Company employed with invalid permit and fired afterward

      The visa is necessary to enter Germany. You don't need to apply for a new visa. because you are already here. You would need to change your Aufenthaltstitel/residence and work permit.   
  8. virtual office

          Is this a commercial or freelance GbR? For a commercial activity you need the permission of your landlord.     
  9. Company employed with invalid permit and fired afterward

      That's nonsense. 
  10. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

      Concrete. The walls, the floors, the ceilings. All made of precast concrete.    
  11. schimmel in der Wohnung

      Suit yourself. Maybe then his shock won't be quite so great ...   
  12. schimmel in der Wohnung

      Join the Mieterverein.  
  13. Online business started in the USA... now what?

      Perhaps Panda will write more about this in more detail, but only briefly: Whether your company has a shop front or not and whether it runs on digital sales and services doesn't matter.    You would have had to register your activity with the tax office after your move to Germany, at the beginning of 2018. Germany has full taxation rights for your entire worldwide income - so you also have to do an annual electronic tax return (and then pay taxes on your profit).   Whether your activity is freelance or commercial ("gewerblich")l is not clear from your information. If it is commercial, you must register with the municipal trade office before you register with the tax office.    The question whether someone is a Kleinunternehmer or not is not only determined by the turnover, but also by the corresponding decision in the 'Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung'/'questionnaire for tax registration'. At the moment you are neither a Kleinunternehmer nor a regular taxable person because you have not registered ...   It's a good thing that you haven't calculated any sales tax so far, so you don't have a sales tax liability at the tax office.  Nevertheless, I would recommend you to look for a tax consultant to help you get the registration somehow without getting in trouble. And then to do the tax declaration for 2018 and to answer the many questions you will surely have now    
  14.   You get time to find a new job, during this time you can also take your language exam. But you have to find a job (as an employee) to keep the Blue Card and, as TurMech already said, you need confirmation of employment.  
  15. Reverse Charging: Work in Germany for Irish Company

      I wanted to give you a clue ... but forget it.