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  1. What to do when driving school is irresponsible?

      Why as impersonal as possible? Have you ever spoken to the driving instructor at all? 
  2. Naturalization income requirement?

      This does not apply to the spouses of Germans, it is sufficient for the partner to be able to support your family.   The requirements can be found under "Welche Voraussetzungen gelten für Ehegatten oder eingetragene Lebenspartner?" there: 
  3.   Don't be so impatient, please – your "case" is nothing out of the ordinary. If it is urgent, please use the search function in the upper right corner. There's nothing to worry about yet, okay!
  4. Pensions and freelance English teachers in Germany

      Marital status doesn't matter, your problems won't go away. Sorry.  
  5.   This can, however, also backfire. A presumably adult, highly qualified and well-paid man who is able to find a flat in Munich (!) within a very short time (!), but only visits offered flats because he feels "under pressure" by a consultant? And if the details vary (was it one apartment that didn't meet his own requirements (post 1) or were it two (post 2)?), an employer can also ask himself whether he bought the right man here - or a wimp. Or even worse, a troublemaker. 
  6. Justifying trading class for tax declaration

      Yes, that is exactly what you should explain to them - but what is important is that it is not about your personal development, but about a professional one. 
  7. Justifying trading class for tax declaration

      German lessons/courses are also not deductible, because German is the language in Germany and learning the language of the country is assigned to the private lifestyle. 
  8. I don't understand why you owe 7000€ when you've paid all the bills, but:    Your debts don't interest anyone at the border or airport (unless you're wanted for arrest).
  9.   We don't know the terms of the contract. If the services were ordered bindingly, you are also entitled to them, but to say "I changed my mind" and now ignore the order, does not necessarily work.    Whether it is worth it for you to take a first consultation with a lawyer is up to you to decide. Attorney fees are regulated by law in Germany - an initial consultation may cost a maximum of 190€ + VAT = 226.10€.    English-speaking lawyers can be found, for example, by searching on the website of the German Bar Association: ("Erweiterte Suche").   Alternatively you could ask your employer for help - they recommended this relocation agent to you. 
  10. How to get a court payment order (Mahnbescheid)

      Lawyers fees are regulated by law in Germany - the statutory fee constitutes a minimum fee in matters involving legal proceedings, such as law suits, administrative proceedings and the like. On one hand, this allows German lawyers to negotiate hourly-rate-based fees or even a lump-sum payment in the litigation context but at the same time it prohibits such fee agreement from handling the case for less than the statutory fee. Introduction in English by a Munich lawyer.   In other words: Yes you are dreaming. 
  11. Late Hausgeld payments - what happens then?

      It is also not very helpful that you react snivelling if you don't like the answers that complete strangers give you in their spare time and because you want to save the lawyer. Again: Talk to Haus & Grund.
  12. Late Hausgeld payments - what happens then?

      However, the house money does not belong to the property manager, but to the community of owners, i.e. to some extent also to you. You do not damage the property manager, but the community of owners. You are wronging yourself.   Why don't you discuss this with your lawyer, btw?
  13. Late Hausgeld payments - what happens then?

      You run the risk of being sued for the payment (and also having to pay the legal costs) and after six months without payment you can also expect a supply freeze. In the case of persistent refuseniks, the withdrawal of the residential property is also an option.    I suggest you pay the Hausgeld and make sure you get legal advice, for example at Haus & Grund in Berlin. 
  14. Change job during Probezeit

      *sigh*    If the ABH refuses to approve, you'd have a problem. That's why you have to go and get it approved before changing jobs. 
  15. niederlassungserlaubnis criminal record

      Please stop posting your questions to different threads, one is enough, ok?