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  1. Moving to Munich and my situation is unique

      Those potential hazards exist all over the world, Munich makes no difference. But none can know this beforehand. Stay leery.   
  2. Buying a used car

  3. Buying a used car

      A Makler can help you to find an insurance, the Versicherungsdoppelkarte/eVB-number will be issued by the insurance company you choose.    
  4. Buying a used car

      Actually 39% of all used cars are sold privately. 
  5. Landlord registered renter for expensive gas

      That's exactly what happened. You don't like the answers but that has nothing to with the nature of the answers – it has to to with your expectations. Different approach now:   You are completely right, there is no such thing as Grundversorgung, it's all BS, 'they' are lying, stand your grounds, 'they' want to rip you off, they are evil, sue them!!!1   Hope you're happy now.   
  6. Buying a flat off plan in Dresden.

      Are you sure about that?    "Die Anlage KAP ist in den folgenden Fällen einzureichen, wenn die Kapitalerträge nicht dem Steuerabzug (Abgeltungsteuer) unterlegen haben (z.B. bei ausländischen Kapitalerträgen oder Zinserträgen aus privat gewährten Darlehen) (...)"  
  7. Landlord registered renter for expensive gas

      It's a duty not a right. The Grundversorger have to provide that service by law.    "Geregelt ist dies in §36 Abs. 1 Satz 1 Energiewirtschaftsgesetz (EnWG). Ziel ist es, das alle Haushalte zu einem angemessenen Preis Strom und/oder Gas zu erhalten, auch wenn sie dezentral liegen und sich aus rein wirtschaftlichen Gründen die Versorgung für das Energieunternehmen oder den Staat nicht lohnen würde."
  8. quitting job but getting ALG1 immediately

      Does it work on Mars like that? Is your marsian government paying your fellow countrymen their breaks when they prefer to have one? 
  9. Moving to Hamburg as a graduate

    "Maybe you have two kids in FOUR years to take care of," 
  10. Moving to Hamburg as a graduate

        Same here, one would need a crystal ball to answer that question. If you'll have knowledge that will be in demand in 4 years it should be doable, if not it's going to be hard.     
  11. Buying a used car

      HU has to be done every 2 years – so buy a car with new HU (car dealers will normally do new HU anyway to ask for a higher price). Take someone with you that has knowledge of cars. 
  12. no probzeit in my contract

        When there is none in the contract, there is none.   How well do you read german?
  13. quitting job but getting ALG1 immediately

      No.   "Wenn der Antragsteller die Arbeitslosigkeit zumindest grob fahrlässig herbeiführt, indem er ohne wichtigen Grund das Beschäftigungsverhältnis gelöst oder durch ein arbeitsvertragswidriges Verhalten den Grund zur Lösung des Beschäftigungsverhältnisses gesetzt hat, führt dies gemäß § 144 SGB III in der Regel zum Eintreten einer sogenannten Sperrzeit beim Bezug von Arbeitslosengeld I."   She has contract to fulfill (as her employer has to do) and in addition to the 12 weeks Sperrzeit she might also get sued by her employer because she doesn't fulfill it.  
  14. Rentenversicherung refund question

      Good point! I completely forgot that.
  15. Rentenversicherung refund question

      Have a look at your last Renteninformation or order one from DRV, then you know what Rente you can expect (nearly nothing for only one year of contributions) and then decide yourself.