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  1. First Aid Course in English in Freiburg

      Then maybe there just isn't one. In Stuttgart there are some from time to time, but the next one is not until February:        
  2. What to do when there is no available place in the Kitas?

      Some yes, some no. In general, Kigas and Kitas are not preschools.    All federal states have their own educational plans, most (such as the one in Baden-Württemberg, where I live) emphasise that education is not to be understood as school-based education and that learning content is not transferred from primary school to Kigas and Kitas. Don't count on you having the choice.    
  3. business in Germany, not living in Germany anymore

      Neither do I. But I suspect that your business no longer exists in Germany. Please quote the whole letter (make personal details unrecognizable), not just this excerpt.
  4. What to do when there is no available place in the Kitas?

      Yes and no. The child is not even in Bochum, so there is no legal claim to a place in Bochum:   "Die Stadt Bochum kann Ihren Rechtsanspruch nur erfüllen, wenn Ihr Kind zum Betreuungsbeginn in Bochum gemeldet ist."   "The city of Bochum can only fulfill your legal claim if your child is registered in Bochum at the beginning of the childcare period."   In addition, the childcare entitlement will also be fulfilled with a Tagesmutter, but Bob rejects that ... for whatever reason.
  5. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

      The benefit is to pay less tax. Or to get overpaid tax back.
  6. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

      I don't think sonazeit is interested in facts. I also don't think that this is really about the vaccination or the daughter.   Otherwise she could just ask the pediatrician if he (or she) doesn't make an appointment on Saturdays in a situation like the one here (allegedly). Or she could look for a pediatrician who has a Sprechstunde on Saturdays. There are at least two in Hamburg (one of them, Dr. Said in Blankenese offering only private consultations on Saturdays, but it can hardly fail if the vaccination is so urgently necessary).     But that would probably be too easy, too little drama ...   
  7. Kindergeld - Child allowance

      No need for that. 
  8. Kindergeld - Child allowance

      Yeah, don't worry about it. As long as you are mainly a student, your parents will continue to receive Kindergeld. The income limit was abolished in 2012. There is only an age limit of 25.    However, you may only work a maximum of 20 hours, otherwise you will lose your student status. 
  9. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

      Nope. But it could still be worth it (e.g. because you can claim the costs for your move).   
  10. Cancelling a gym membership

      Finding defaulting payers and making them pay is their daily business, please use the search function for testimonies. You wouldn't be the first to suddenly stop getting money from the bank because his account is frozen.   
  11. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

      "N" is not the main tax from. "N" is one of the Anlagen of Einkommensteuererklärung, as is Anlage Vorsorgeaufwand. And please  stop crossposting.
  12. Apartment sale - makler or not?

      That's wrong, sorry.   This is not about the ordering principle when renting an apartment, but about selling/buying real estate. That is something completely different. In most federal states the broker costs are divided between buyer and seller.   Only in Hamburg, Bremen and Berlin the costs are usually borne by the seller, but can also be shared by individual contract.
  13. Buying rented apartment with Sozialhilfeempfänger as tenant

      First of all there is nothing suspicious - the couple has been living there for 11 years and after all we know - only second hand! - they have only been on the waiting lists for a cheaper social housing for a few months.   The social welfare office cannot force people to move out of an apartment that is too big overnight. And it doesn't, if there are no cheaper flats available, no matter how small or big they are. Where should people in Munich move to? How many or how few social housing there are in Munich, how many people are on the waiting lists, I have already described on page 1. And you should also know how tense the situation is on the Munich housing market. Munich is not Salzgitter.    In addition, the social welfare office would have to pay for the move.And the Kaution of another flat and any other costs that come with that flat. It can be more economical to refrain from a forced move.    And we don't even know whether the social welfare office pays for the apartment at all or whether, for example, it only pays a supplement in the form of a subsidy, for example because an invalidity pension is not sufficient.    Even if I have already written it several times: "Sozialgeld" is not Hartz4, it means that at least one person lives there who cannot work. Then a move simply cannot be reasonable or forbidden by law.   All this is far too thin for me to call out "social fraud" here.    And it's all the more important to me that I don't get James to come up with stupid ideas that can do him a lot of harm in the end. The tenants are most likely entitled to free legal advice - if they come to an appropriate, socially committed lawyer, the one who tries to get rid of the tenants here for obvious reasons will be turned around by the lack...    P.S.: I looked it up – the upper rent limit for 2-person households with SGBII benefits in Munich is 869 euros! For a flat of 65 sqm.    The couple pays 700 –  a forced move would be simply insane.     
  14.   Me, with ease.   The problem is rather that you see the garbage in the quotes of people you haven't blocked. But in most cases this only confirms the blocking.