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  1. Munich babysitters available

    If you're looking for a weekend babysitter, or some day time help with kids, my nanny is interested in some side gigs. She works with us part-time in the afternoons during the week. She speaks Russian (native), English and German (both fluently). Please PM so I can connect you.
  2. We have found a person to start as a part-time nanny in a few weeks. She's a student; her pay will be above 450 EUR but below 800 EUR a month - a midi-job. We plan to do everything "above the table." We've got an idea of our obligations - we will give her vacation days required by the law, we need to pay taxes, need to provide her tax documents, as well as pay for her health insurance.   But as for exactly how to "set it up" I have very little knowledge and can't seem to find any old posts in the archive.   - Do I have to register myself as an employer somewhere? Or register my new nanny as an employee? - Our preference will be to use a software to calculate taxes and other payments. But I have no clear idea the cost comparison between a software and an accountant, and how much work using a software creates and whether using an accountant is worth it. Any recommendations? - How do I pay for the nanny's insurance? She is a student and has been using her own insurance and she intends to keep it. How do we make contributions to her insurance? - How do we pay all associated taxes?   Thank you for all the help in advance!
  3. The most recent thread on this topic seems to be years old now. Are there any current parent-kid playgroups for older kids (3) that are on weekdays and have meet-ups early September?