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  1. Water damage in self-owned flat

    Yeah, I mean the smaller stuff was just going to sit around getting mouldy. The smell was already ungodly in here so that wasnt an option! Thanks though.
  2. Water damage in self-owned flat

    Thanks for your helpful answer. I think I understand now... I have not repaired anything yet as I was waiting for approval from the insurance.   But you are saying I have to go ahead and do the repairs myself (e.g. the fridge), then claim them back what I pay using the receipt?   What about the items that need to be replaced - i.e. my kitchen table and the arbeitsplatte in the kitchen? (I also already threw away a bunch of smaller stuff but I dont even care about those anymore... this has not been worth all the hassle.)      
  3. Water damage in self-owned flat

  4. Water damage in self-owned flat

    Thanks so much. I appreciate the suggestions, and have contacted these firms.    And now I have another question... the hausratversicherung is asking for a "Reparaturrechnung der Schadenursache als Nachweis eines versicherten Schadens". What exactly is this? I have had a reparaturdienst give me a quote for fixing the fridge, but the rest of the damage was to the kitchen arbeitsplatte and kitchen table (stains and cracks), and small stuff like the light fixure, my phone charger and powerbank, towels/blankets etc that I used to mop up etc.   Am I seriously supposed to get someone in to look at my 60 euro IKEA kitchen table and towels! haha.   This has been such a learning curve, and not in a good way. What would I do without Toytown  
  5. Water damage in self-owned flat

    hmmm, I sisnt realise that wasnt specified... Im in Berlin. Ill change that.
  6. Water damage in self-owned flat

    Yeah, if I could understand German better I would go with the insurance-appointed company, but I can't deal with that complication right now. I will ask them anyway what is needed, and get on the phone asap. Thanks for the advice!
  7. Water damage in self-owned flat

    Hey folks,    You were all so helpful that Im going to ask another question about this    I now have the choice to either give the insurer power of attorney to appoint a "wasserchaden" company to do the repairs, or select my own. I want to select my own so that I can get an English speaking company, and so that they can deal directly with the insurer (its a nightmare for me with limited German). I hope I am making the right decision...   Do I need a water damage specialist? Or will any "innenausbau"/renovation company do for this? Anyone know of any trustworthy, english-speaking contractors?   Thanks!   Sian
  8. Dealing with dampness in a cellar

    Sorry, Berlin Neukolln 
  9. Dealing with dampness in a cellar

    Slightly related question... I recently had a bit of a disaster at my flat where water poured through the ceiling from the neighbours flat upstairs. The Gebaudeversicherung has hired a wasserschadensanierungs (?) company to install driers, and they have been running for a while. Now I have the opportunity to a) sign a Vollmacht agreement to let the insurer take care of the repairs using this same company or b.) get my own quotes.   I think I want to get my own, as I don't trust this company to do a proper job (lift the dielenboden floorboards, open up the ceiling etc. and check properly for mold, etc). So far they have only done a very limited inspection.    Should I use a specialist wasserschaden company, or can I use a normal innesausbau/sanierungs firma? Anyone had experience with a company they can recommend? One caveat is that they have to speak English!   Thanks folks  
  10. Great! Thank you very much!
  11. Hey my question is slightly different... but I didnt want to open a new thread :)   I need to check (officially) whether someone is still registered at my apartment. How can I get this information from the Burgeramt (not the person).   Thanks folks
  12. Water damage in self-owned flat

      Good point, unfortunately I only understood half of what the Feuerwehr were telling me. All I know is that it related to the anschluss to the washing maching. Presumably this is the property (and therefore responsibility) of the renter.   Anyway, from now on Im turning off my water every time Im away  
  13. Water damage in self-owned flat

      Fristly, thank you, thank you, thank you! Super helpful. In response to the point above, they are renters. From what the fire department says, it is their fault. TBH I assumed that hausratversicherung also covered damage to other properties if it is a result of issues in ones own apartment. Clearly not!   Anyway, unfortunately no emergency phone number and no response from the hausverwaltung by phone. I will follow all your advice first thing tomorrow.  
  14. Water damage in self-owned flat

    Hey folks,   This is an old thread but lets see!   I have a similar issue: yesterday i woke up to water literally POURING - like a waterfall - into my kitchen from the upstairs apartment. I own the apartment. The tenants upstairs are away so the fire department broke down their door to stop the water, and the police etc. came round to make a report. As far as I understand, they are liable. (This damaged all apartments below me too!)   I am not sure what my next steps should be. I cant stay at home because the electricity has shorted and it stinks to high heaven of damp etc.   I took photos and a video. I also wrote to the hausverwaltung, haven't heard back yet. The tenants are not in Berlin, and I doubt they have hausratversicherung, perhaps the landlord does though. I am worried that this is going to get massively delayed and I need to start drying soon, at the very least?   1. Should I get someone to assess the damage? 2. Should I contact my own hausratversicherung? Is there a time limit for making a claim? I worry that they are sharks and so think I have to approach this strategically (any tips??) 3. I don't have money to do any repairs etc. myself at this point. @calibear: did you pay and get reimbursed by the hausrat? think they would pay it directly? 4. Any chance a hausrat would cover a hotel/sublet? (I cant stay at friends forever :D)   Thanks!