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  1. Blue Card Suspension

    @lonedev Brilliant! No, what you pointed out was never mentioned or considered by them or the lawyer, nor was I aware of it. Your input is extremely valuable and will certainly point it out toyer them next appointment. Greatly appreciated! 
  2. Blue Card Suspension

    Here is my situation: I am Canadian, moved to Berlin/Germany in 2013 and got a work contract and was granted 2 years work visa as software engineer. My training is a technical IT certificate for a 2 year program, from a recognised Canadian university and not a diploma nor masters. I have unlimited work contract as senior software engineer from well established German IT company.   When my work visa was up for renewal, I applied for Blue Card on the bases that it would qualify me for "permanent residence"/"settlement visa" sooner provided that my salary meets the minimum requirements and also with German Language of level A1.   When I met the requirements, I applied for the "settlement visa", and to my shock they responded by explaining that I was granted the Blue Card by mistake from their side. Their argument was that, my academic training does not meet the minimum requirements for the Blue Card and that I will have to withdraw my application for the settlement visa and also I will have to surrender my blue card. I hired a lawyer and they charged a lot of money, 1000+ euro  just to deliver the same message that I got from the "Ausländerbehörde".   Finally my blue card was expiring and I figured I will switch back to normal work visa, but then again the process has been utterly painful, in that they claim I do not even meet the minimal requirements for a basic work visa, despite of my technical certificate as mentioned above, and that I have over 15 years of experience in the field and also worked in senior positions in my 2 jobs so far in Berlin.   Currently I was granted a temporary work visa for 3 months until I get an approval from "Bundesagentur fur Arbeit". As if to have traveled back in time to my first application 6 years ago.   To complicate things, just recently got approved for a mortgage loan and have a wife and small child all of us with foreign passports. Had I know we would hit such obstacle, we would have never considered the mortgage loan.   I am completely baffled as to why this is happening suddenly after been living and working in Berlin for 6 years without any issues. Any advise on this matter would be greatly appreciated.