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  1. So in the end I joined Mieter helfen Mietern. The advice I got was, I believe, partially incorrect and they advertise with a letter-writing-service, but I had to write my own letters. Nonetheless, I followed the advice (he told me what to write in my letter and to lower my Mietminderung a bit) and it seems to have worked out. I did not get sued. Also the replacement of the central heating got postponed of course (was planned for middle of June, still hasn't been done). As soon as it was decided to postpone it, the Hausverwaltung arranged the repair on my radiator. I am quite sure this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't slapped them with the Mietminderung.
  2. @robinson100, I was about to join the Mieterverein München, but the online reviews are so bad I decided not to bother. I have since found out there are more Mietervereine in Munich and that Mieter helfen Mietern has an office around the corner and they are open two evenings a week and you can show up without appointment. I will definitely pay them a visit this week.
  3. I really have no idea how much it will amount to, I have never really bothered with checking the readings on these meters. Also have I never had the heating on 24/7 for weeks on end with the window open. Also the Hausmeisterin said the heating will not be switched off and I know the Hausverwaltung well enough not to trust them that the heating will be replaced in June until it has actually been replaced.
  4.   The Hausmeisterin told me that they have never turned off the heating in the summer. They also didn't mention it when I complained about the defect.
  5. Which Mieterverein ?

    @yesterday, I am considering joining them as well. How was your case handled in the end? Can you recommend them?
  6. Thank you for the link @LeonG, good to know. Did you use the Mieterverein München? I was going to join them, but then I read a lot of bad reviews and decided not to bother.   I have already reported the defect on 24.03.2019. The landlord (Hausverwaltung actually) already sent a technician and he confirmed the problem. The Hausverwaltung also confirmed the problem, but they told me (over the phone) that they only want to do the repair in June when the central heating is being replaced anyway, to save costs. The problem is that the repair can only be done when the heating in the whole building is shut off. If this were not the case I would have paid for the repair myself and claimed it back from the landlord, but I could imagine getting into legal trouble when tampering with the heating of the other apartments.   By the way, when I asked them if they would reimburse the costs of the heating running when I don't want it to, they just laughed in my face. I took a photo of the heat cost allocator and e-mailed it to them, stating that I expect them to reimburse me for the extra costs.
  7. @fraufruit, thank you for your reply. I wasn't talking about bank charges. I will pay by Überweisung (bank transfer), but the landlord will charge me 15 euros for that. Are they allowed to charge me this, as obviously it doesn't cost them any extra work whether I pay by direct debit or bank transfer?
  8. Because our landlord refuses to repair the heating (it's on in our child's bedroom and I can't turn it off), I have just sent them a letter saying that I am paying 10% less rent until it is fixed (Mietminderung). At the same time I sent a letter to cancel the direct debit authorisation (Lastschriftverfahren), so I will need to transfer the rent myself (and thus can deduct the 10%).   I just noticed there is a clause in the rental contract that states that when I transfer the rent myself, they will charge 15 euros extra. Are they allowed to do that? I googled it, but couldn't find anything on it.   Bei Selbstzahlung hat der Mieter dem Vermieter dessen Buchungsmehraufwand mit einer monatlichen Zahlung von 15,00 euro zu vergüten.