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  1. Should I sign this Kurzarbeit agreement?

    Thanks everyone for their view on things. Still haven't decided what to do. Like I said, I understand what Kurzarbeit is and that it is better than getting fired. I just find it strange that my company asks me to sign this agreement for 100% reduction for a whole year, when actually things are not too bad yet at the moment. Still need to sleep on it for a couple of nights more.
  2. Should I sign this Kurzarbeit agreement?

    I work for this IT company, which actually is not doing too bad at the moment. However, they expect their pipeline to dry up/thin out because of the Corona crisis. In order to be prepared for the worst, they have asked all employees to sign a Kurzarbeit Individualvereinbarung, since there is no Betriebsrat. The agreement gives them the right to announce Kurzarbeit for the period of one year, up to 100% reduction.   I have no experience in this area, but it feels odd to me to basically give them the right to withhold 33% (I have children) of my paycheck for a year, without me having any form of control over it. After I sign it, there is no way for me to agree or check if they really did all they could have to reduce costs in another way.   I understand what Kurzarbeit is and I understand that it is probably better than being laid off; but my question is:   Do you think this is a fair agreement, considering that at the moment things aren't going too bad? Would you sign it?   Here is the text of the agreement (company name removed):