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  1. Transnational family in a pandemic world :-(

    @JonnyEnglander  I did the reverse journey last weekend in our U.K. registered car, with no problems.  My route was France and Luxembourg.     When I checked in at Ashford the U.K. Border Agent asked why I’d been in the U.K. for a week, no evidence of my reason was requested.  French control were only interested in my Covid test results.  Enroute I saw police cars at two motorway areas I stopped at and neither bothered me, nor did the one I drove past when about 5 miles away from home here.   Good luck if you try it.  We’re driving back for the summer in a couple of weeks.    
  2. COVID test center at Duesseldorf Airport

    Bear in mind that the test results need to be in English, French or Spanish.  That has precluded me getting mine done at the local GP.  I seem to have struck lucky, there's a centre in the next town offering tests, so I've booked there, having checked the results will be in English.  I only saw them by chance, advertising in the local free paper.   According to the page you also need evidence of two further tests booked in the 10 day window that you have to quarantine in the UK.   Good luck.