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  1. 10 minutes ago, robinson100 said:

    Leopards cannot change their spots, Moris!

    some men can pretend to be nice and kind and loving for a while, but sooner or later their real character comes through, and this is what we all fear might happen to the OP.


    BTW - is anybody else missing the red button here?

    there is no perfect man or perfect marriage out there!my question is don't we all have a father?


  2. Wrong advice's & comments here!dont allow people to give you a wrong advice,think about the future of your children without a father,they will grow up 1 day & ask you about their father,think about the society of today how they see your children without a father,my advice to you is to tell him about your present condition & you all see him change a new life because his now a father with responsibilities,don't allow your fellow women to discuss your children without a father!bet me he will change once he knows you are pregnant for him,it is not all about rights & papers but the future of your Children!thanks