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  1. Thanks for all the feedback and experiences people. I should really come back and check this forum more often. Glad to read the good endings too. :)
  2. Hello to all Berlin freelancers out-there, I wanted to start a thread on this topic to see if anybody was ready to share their experience here about this support money? Personally, i applied for it before the 6th of April cut date, which means that i received 5000€ that i could use also for personal expenses. It took me about 3 business days to receive the money. I found that the IBB took a long time to produce a clear enough FAQ, and clarify what conditions were attached. I still don't really know if there is a definite percentage of business loss that i should experience to be able to prove that i really needed the money. Anybody would like to share their experience here? You can also fill in this short poll (less than a min and 3 questions) as well (or instead) https://forms.gle/46pffuWKzEeX2RYY8