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  1. Early cancellation of the electricity contract.

    I ran into the same issue and found this thread. I just wanted to let other people know that by law since 2022, contract extension past the initial contract period are only 1 month, and not 1 year anymore.   e.g: if you signup for a 2 year contract now, you will be able to terminate your contract on a monthly basis in 2 years'time.   Otherwise as mentioned above there are ways to get out early of a contract: when the price increase or they change contract conditions, you can legally get out without delay.  (§ 5 StromGVV)   Sometimes, consumers rights goes in the right direction in this country. :)  
  2. Hi guys,   my good friend google was not able to tell me why Germany was not using a more official name than "Punkte in Flensburg" ? I mean good old bureaucratic German is more complicated usually right? Should it not be named "Fahrerserlaubnispunkteanzahl" for example ? Is it due to a beer fetish? Just curious to have your opinions on the matter. It's been in my mind ever since i got a ticket last time.