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  1. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

        In my opinion, "Zuzüglich des Arbeitnehmeranteilaus dem fiktiven Entgelt" doesn't apply here, as your KA is calculated taken into account RV, KV, PV and AV, right? (i mean 60% from your brutto - KV - PV - RV - AV) So you have already "paid". You shouldn't pay twice while your 7% for KV is already taken into account in your KA.   You can take a look to your payroll and you will find a separate part with SV-Arbeitgeberbeiträge or something like this, which doesn't influence your salary ("is a consequence of").   Anyway in order to calculate how much your company will pay (SV) when 0%:   Brutto-Soll. 5200 Istentgelt 0 Diff. 5200 Fiktives Entgelt (80%) for KA 4160   SV Entgelt 0 (your company is not paying you!) SV Fiktives Entgelt 4160 SV Global Base (reduced by 80%) 4160   Then, as in your payroll, they (not you) have to pay x% for KV, y% for PV, z% for RV and 0% for AV. You have alraedy paid your part.   If your KA is calculated without KV+PV (not sure if it is possible, even for mandatory insurance), then you should pay around a 7% of 4160 to your KK as KV. But in this case your KA should be higher! as your contribution to KV was not discounted to calculate the KA.   Anyway, it is only my interpretation
  2. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

      Hi,   here someone with "freiwillige versicherung". There are 3 issuance types: * Obligatory (public), when incomes < 5.000 / month * Voluntary (public), when incomes > 5.000 / month, but you decide to stay on the "public system" * Private, when incomes > 5.000 / month   When voluntary, you are supposed to pay your contributions directly to your KK. Anyway, if your company is nice, they can do it for you.   Regarding KA, I think it is not an issue. You know, 60% from difference between regular nett and reduction. However, your employer has to continue paying their contributions (except AV). The tax basis is reduced on 80% from difference between regular and reduction. So, if reduction is 100%, the company shouldn't pay any contribution, as they are not paying you (sounds logic, right?). Anyway, you are not supposed to pay twice. This link explains it better than me (in German):   Let's think, your KA is calculated from your nett (i.e. after taxes, RV, KV, ..., etc.), and then you have to pay KV+PV again? Then, why not paying RV as well? A bit more and you have to pay to the Government xD If you had to pay your contributions, it would be fair to calculate the KA before SVs (IMHO). Don't you? If not, it is a trap.   Please let us know about your case
  3. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    I had medical expenses which were not covered by my KK. Actually I didn't claim for them to my KK. Can I deducted them somehow from Einkommensteuererklärung?