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  1. Hi, i am filling the Einkommensteuer, but i dont get how the homeoffice-pauschale works. One can deduct up to 600€ (5€/day up to 120 homeoffice days). However my elster simulation doesnt change. I mean i enter the number of homeoffice days (40), but the simulation returns exactly the same value when i enter 0 or 120 homeoffice days. Shall I fill anything else? Are there any gross income limit? Thanks!
  2. Hi, some banks are applying a custody fee (-0,5%) to current accounts (WTF??) for new and exiting customers. I received a pre-signed contract to agree this fee. Usually when a bank changes the conditions, they just inform you in advance. However this time they require me to sign a new contract. Ofc, they don't clarify what if I don't accept (even after asking them, just that they are very "generous" and "good guys"). Honestly, sounds like a "trick" to cheat customers to accept, otherwise they would unilaterally apply the conditions. Do you have more info about?