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  1. Stores for woodworking / hobby supplies?

    Just reviving this old topic as I recently struggled to find a woodworking tools supplier and I managed to find something.   First would be Fine Tools: https://www.fine-tools.com/index.html Website in German, English and Italian, they ship worldwide (1 day delivery time in Germany in my case). They carry mostly handtools and accessories. A large variety of Japanese tools.   The second one is Dictum: https://dictum.com Website in German and English. They have a physical store in Munich too in Haager Str. 9, 81671 and they have a large variety of handtools and powertools, accessories, services, wood stock (European and Exotic varieties), and also tools and materials for leatherwork, even bone and... sinue. Also, workshops (obviously in German).   Also, as a tip, if you are looking to buy a new powertool, use a price comparison service, like https://geizhals.eu (you can't imagine the price difference from shop to shop).   For used / secondhand tools, https://ebay-kleinanzeigen.de is your friend.