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  1. Finanzamt Payment Plan ???

      Man I got hit HARD ! I'm considered a high earner.. in 2016 I made half what I made now, and I didn't pay much, just a few thousand ... then did 2017 & 2018 together recently and now they want near 4x the taxes of 2016 plus 2019 upfront .. the fuck! How am I supposed to operate my business!? Let alone buy things and spend money with the local economy..  Now I'm starting to understand why Germans don't buy things / are cheap... lol I was about to buy a car this summer too.. not happening ..  I can't afford to pay the lump sum they're asking .. I'm scared they will force me to .. I guess now I learned my lesson and to save a lot more than I thought.. this hurts.. I thought I was doing well but I guess I'm in the red badly..  i did the asset declaration today.. It got me super scared listing everything I own.. felt like I was going bankrupt 
  2. Finanzamt Payment Plan ???

    Has anyone got the finanzamt to give them a payment plan? I have a large tax big... larger than most people's gross income.. I just emailed them asking if they would agree .. any insight anybody? 
  3. Would love some feedback on the best private / international schools in the area..  Siemens is next door so I would this school is math & school heavy   Thanks!
  4. Herzogenaurach salaries

    Hey,   Someone close to me is being offered a senior marketing job in Herzogenaurach at Adidas  ... what are the salaries like in the area? I know Siemens and Puma are also down there .. Of course I've heard people are paid well in South Germany.. but can you expect a Munich level income for Herzo? He's hoping for minimum €90,000, because something similar in New York would be around $110,000 USD .. there must be a premium to get someone to move to a small Bavarian town from a major city?  Any insight would be greatly appreciated! 
  5. Can you BBQ on the street on May Day?

    I've seen it done before in front os spätis .. could I get away with it in front of my building in xberg or am I just asking for trouble?
  6. Redo / amend Taxes

    According to my google search of "steuererklärung fehler korrigieren" I have one month after the bescheid to file a request .. hopefully this is a simple process 
  7. Redo / amend Taxes

    Hey,   I sent my steuerberater this question in an email, but until he replies back, I would love info from the community.  My tax bill was f^%king massive. I didn't expect it to be so large.. I have up to €15.000 in business expenses that I didn't deduct from my gross income. Is it possible in Germany to amend your tax declaration after it's already processed? I'm not feeling too optimistic at the moment, but any feedback would be great.