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  1. Best Thai food in Berlin?

    Any recommendations?  
  2.   Sorry only logging in now for the first time in a while. I had to make an appointment to make the application last June. Prenzlauer Berg. Took almost 7 months before I got the letter to say it was ready to pick up. Picked it up last week. Was a painful 1 hour + wait in the crappy Putkammerstraße office.  
  3. Not the usual "why am I being charged Zoll" thread! Need help quite fast though. My business usually sells to consumers and therefore shipments are normally low value (few hundred EUR max).    This morning I shipped a time sensitive package via DHL to Hong Kong, and I got a call from DHL 30 mins ago saying that because the invoice value is over 1000 EUR, then I need to do some type of electronic declaration for with the Zollamt.  DHL guy said I also have the option of saying the value is less than 1000 EUR but that seems a bit dodgy to me. He said he'll call back tomorrow morning at 09:30 to get my decision on how to proceed. I have no idea what this declaration thing is and my Deutsch is not good. Does anyone here have any idea what it is and how I can get this sorted ASAP?  Some googling uncovered this -   Seems like I can use some free IAA+ thingo but I need an ELSTER Certificate (which I don't have so its not gonna help me get this shipment on its way tomorrow)   Anyone got any experience doing this stuff? Any feedback/advice/suggestions would be appreciated!    Thanks