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  1. Today in the mail I received a Mahnung (letztes Mahnung no less!) with a Ratepay  letterhead, referencing an order from ABOUT YOU, for a pair of 220 EUR sneakers that I allegedly purchased in November.    I called the number on the letter. It got through to ABOUT YOU. The advisor asked for my birthday and email address to confirm identity. I was a bit unsure/insecure about providing this info, given I already suspected that someone had used my details to make a fraudulent purchase, but I gave the birthdate which matched what thehy held on their system, and then gave the email address (the only email I ever use for online purchases) which did not match the one on their system.  For data protection reasons, she could not tell me the email address that was used to make the order. I explained that I'd made no such purchase and she cancelled the demand and told me I need to make a police report and the police will then deal directly with ABOUT YOU to sort it out.    Not sure why I'm posting this story but interested to hear if others have had similar experiences with this great German tradition of selling goods on Rechnung.    Do companies do these for high value items too? Or is Schufa required?