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  1.   Sorry only logging in now for the first time in a while. I had to make an appointment to make the application last June. Prenzlauer Berg. Took almost 7 months before I got the letter to say it was ready to pick up. Picked it up last week. Was a painful 1 hour + wait in the crappy Putkammerstraße office.  
  2. Not the usual "why am I being charged Zoll" thread! Need help quite fast though. My business usually sells to consumers and therefore shipments are normally low value (few hundred EUR max).    This morning I shipped a time sensitive package via DHL to Hong Kong, and I got a call from DHL 30 mins ago saying that because the invoice value is over 1000 EUR, then I need to do some type of electronic declaration for with the Zollamt.  DHL guy said I also have the option of saying the value is less than 1000 EUR but that seems a bit dodgy to me. He said he'll call back tomorrow morning at 09:30 to get my decision on how to proceed. I have no idea what this declaration thing is and my Deutsch is not good. Does anyone here have any idea what it is and how I can get this sorted ASAP?  Some googling uncovered this -   Seems like I can use some free IAA+ thingo but I need an ELSTER Certificate (which I don't have so its not gonna help me get this shipment on its way tomorrow)   Anyone got any experience doing this stuff? Any feedback/advice/suggestions would be appreciated!    Thanks  
  3.   I assume you're talking about the application side of the process, right? You still need to wait for them to process it.    I applied last June. Yes it was pretty seamless. I received a letter just before Christmas to say my DE licence is ready to pick up at an office in Mitte. I'll go get it sometime soon
  4.   I'm pretty damn good with money and figures. Not many bills get paid without scrutiny aside from the regular ones for consistent amounts. I chase my debtors like any business person does. Were the net affect of this situation, us being asked to pay significantly more than our originally quoted/agreed  warm rental rate, I'd be kicking up a fuss. Considering the net effect has us within 13 EUR of the original monthly sum, the difference is immaterial and also passes the smell test (as I said earlier) and thus I've made the decision that my own time is not worth the hassle of battling through Deutsch utility bills for the past 2.5 years.   
  5.   If there's one thing I've learned in 20ish years posting on forums, its that every forum has a number of pedants who will play word games and semantics and refuse to see the wood for the trees. Keep at it, Champ. 
  6. As always, Toytown delivers entertainment in spades. Thanks for the feedback, all. Always interesting to see different peoples' interpretations, extrapolations and conjurings from a given set of facts.  Interesting to see the quickness to aportion blame to either me or the landlord. The landlord has been extremely nice and apologetic about it  and I never had any intention of  doing him out of money owed. I was merely interested to know where I stood from a legal perspective. Quite funny to see an uptight auditor telling me that I'm getting "huffy, uncool and stressed" because I asked for feedback.  Schönes Wochenende All!  
  7. I love how these threads bring out the agression in some folks. And the fairytale manufacturers. He didn't "accuse" us of anything. Where on earth does that come from?    Yes - I could pore over  the Nebenkosten bills if I want to, and have the time and stomach for it. He's offered to send them. Don't think I can be bothered. The total cost per month after we pay back the owed amount, works out to be within 15-20 EUR of the quoted warm rental amount per month. Ie. it passes the smell test. Its just suboptimal to have a 2000 EUR debt come out of nowhere. First world problems. 
  8.   I altered the numbers ot make it simpler to explain. it wasn't as blatant a mistake as us only paying 5 EUR Nebenkosten
  9.   As I said above, the exact source of the miscalculation is of little consequence to us. Nebenkosten, parking spots, whatever. The upshot is that we've paid less than agreed in the contract, we owe him money and its just not optimal to be presented with a 2000 EUR bill. We likely just have to suck it up. Thanks for the input, all. 
  10.   He's not claiming that the backpayment is for the parking spot.  He's simply said that he made a mistake in the calculation. The mistake happens to arise from him forgetting to account for the parking spot rent when doing his calcs but that isn't really relevant, is it? 
  11. Its not really that confusing. With simplified numbers it was like this. Original quoted monthly rent = 1020 + parking 80 + nebenkosten 100 = total of 1200 EUR to be paid monthly.    Thats exactly what we paid monthly, by direct transfer to his account.  After a few months, the end of financial year arrived, and calcs were done by landlord to adjust Nebenkosten (as is the case with every "warm" rental agreement) to see whether we had to pay extra, or were due a rebate. Landlord told us that we'd used much less energy than anticipated and therefore our payments for the following 12 months would be reduced to 1025 EUR monthly.  So we took him at his word (how could he be doing us down by asking us to to pay less each month?!)  and paid the new lower rate each month for 12 months. Then the next year end arrived and he again adjusted our payments, although this time they were adjusted upwards, but were still less than the original quoted warm rental rate of 1200 EUR per month so again we just adjusted our monthly transfer to match what he asked. As I said in earlier, he's a nice guy and he's not looking to take us for a ride. It was clearly an honest mistake but the upshot is we're now left with a significant debt.      
  12. Essentially he messed up the calcs when balancing Nebenkosten at the end of each year. We left the calcs to him. He had all the figures. He just told us what the new monthly payment total was and we paid that amount. He told us that our energy use was low and therefore our monthly payments were significantly lower. We didn't question it. It seemed to make sense since we don't use the heating much and have timers on all the heaters to avoid them running when they don't need to. We just paid the lower amount that he told us to. Now he realises that he forgot to account for this 80 EUR each month and actually he should have been gettng us to pay more. Which means we now have a significant debt. He's a decent guy so we're not wanting to mess him around, but I'd still like to know what our legal rights are before proceeding.   
  13. Hi All, Can I get some feedback please? We moved into a rental apartment 2 years ago. In the agreement, was a provision that we pay 80 EUR monthly for a parking spot that comes with the apartment. We were fine with it even though we don't have a car. We had the option to rent it out, which we've (stupidly) never done.    Fast forward to today. Landlord has contacted us saying that he's mistakenly forgotten to charge us the agreed parking spot sum for the last 24 months and that we therefore owe him almost 2000 EUR. He wants to add it onto our monthly payments, so that we effectively pay it in installments.    Do we have any legal recourse here? Or do we just have to suck it up?