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  1. Rather than hijacking someone else's thread, I thought better to post my own thread. I'll try to be brief.  We're not Mietverein members. We should be and we will do that ASAP.    We've been in Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg) for 4 years. We pay quite a high monthly rent and according to the Berliner Mietverein calculator we're paying about 400 EUR more than what we should be paying. Apparently we're precisely the type of tenants who are most likely to be being ripped off, and whom the Mietendeckel is aimed at helping.    I understand that the Mietendeckel laws come into effect from 30/11/2020 and that legally I can ask my landlord to reduce our rent by the 400 EUR amount.    I'm aware that the Berlin court rulings could be overturned by the Constitutional Court in 2021 making this whole discussion null and void.     My preference is to not risking pissing off my private landlord by demanding a rent reduction, if there's a chance that it'll be overturned.    My question is therefore, quite simple.    Do I risk anything by staying quiet and waiting until the Constitutional Court rules next year? If that Court upholds the ruling in say June, will I then be able to go to my landlord and ask for the equivalent of the last 7 months (all rent since 30/11/2020) in overpayments, to be returned to me?  Or do I need to say something now to make landlord aware that we're aware of the legal landscape shifting and that we need to have a discussion about the Mietendeckel? 
  2. Been in DE for a few years now. My UK Ltd company pays me a salary, on which I pay personal tax in Germany. Due to COVID, I lost my main contract and my UK company has had a pretty bad year and there's not enough profit to pay me much  salary. So I'll probably forgo salary this year and maybe next year as well. I still work fulltime on the business and am hopeful of turning things around, so I am not wanting to just give it up and get a regular job. I'm ok with living frugally for a year or two and not drawing much income.     I have a few hypothetical questions. Not all apply to me but I'm interested to know the answers.   1. Re health insurance. TK.  As far as I understand, the minimum earnings limit these days is 1038 EUR monthly, so I'll have to pay approx 190 EUR per month at minimum, even if I'm drawing a salary that is lower than this.  Right?    2. What happens if one cannot afford to pay this 190 EUR per month for health insurance? Do they put you on a payment plan and you have to pay it back later when you have more income?    3. If I am working in my own company but not generating enough profit to pay a salary, where does this leave me in terms of claiming unemployment or some other type of social security benefit in Germany?   My wife seems to think that the German government would not be ok with me remaining self employed but still being reliant on the state for money. She says the German government won't pay benefits to someone who chooses to be self employed rather than just looking for a regular job. Is she correct?