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  1. Hi Ladies,   The next meetup will be on   Wed April 17, 2019, 6:30pm. Herzog Maxburgstraße 4 (near Stachus, Karlsplatz)   Please text if you are joining.  Vanya    
  2. Thanks Monica.  Count me in too! 
  3. Hi ladies,   the next meetup will be Chinese fusion:   20 Mar. 2019, 6:30mpm The Hutong Club Franz-Joseph-Straße 28 (near Giselastr Ubahn)   Vanya    
  4. Hi ladies,   I've updated the reservation to accommodate all the above.    See y'all tomorrow!    Vanya
  5. Hi Ladies,   the next meetup is on Wednesday 6. March:   Cafe Von & Zu Luisenstraße 22, 80333 München 6:30pm   Vanya
  6. Me too! thanks for organizing!
  7. Hi KaterinaAS, I've included you for the table tmrw night.   The restaurant is full and getting a table enlarged was a bit of a problem. We'll be at the bar and high chairs. Hope you all don't mind.    See ya'll tmrw! 
  8. Hi asboyds,   We are an open ladies group. Every lady that's interested may join. Just sign up whenever there is an event (or cancel if you need to) so that the host can arrange the event accordinging.    Hope to meet you soon!
  9. Hi Ladies, Happy New Year again!   To start the new year, I thought we'd go fancy. The next meetup:    Wed. Jan 23, 2019 6:30pm Hoiz Weinbistro - Sebastiansplatz 3   See ya soon! Vanya
  10. Happy new year!   Hi CaBe,  This is an open group and you are more than welcome to join the meetups. Just tell the host if you are joining or need to cancel so they can make the appropriate arrangements for seating.    Cheers! 
  11. We are at the restaurant now, table under my name Vanya
  12. Anyone still coming to the market, we r across from the Rischart near TKMax. Ping me if u need.
  13. Hi, the next meetup will be on    Wednesday 5.12.2018 (in 2 weeks time) Meetup at 6:30pm for some Xmas market Glühwein stroll, in front of the TK Max in Kaufingerstr.   If you prefer to start at a different xmas market like the residenz or medieval, etc, we could do that too...    Warm up/dinner at 7:30pm in Leger am Dom, Kaufingerstrasse 24   Vanya
  14. Hi Ladies,    Next meetup: 14. November, 2018 at 6:30pm Blackbird  Färbergraben 10 (near Marienplatz, Hofstatt)   See ya soon Vanya  
  15. Yes sure..    I'll be personally a bit late. Stuck at work. It's under my name for 4 ppl but I'm sure we can pull a chair up.    See ya all soon Vanya