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  1. Sorry, the hofgarten meetup is cancelled. 
  2. Hi Ladies,   Next meetup June 10th, 6:00pm, again at the hofgarten. Same as last time. Let's keep to picnic and distancing.    Vanya
  3. Hi, in case anyone still wants to join this evening, it has been moved to the Hofgarten, meeting first along the arcade near the Tambosi Restaurant, so left of the Odeonsplatz- Hofgarten entrance.     
  4. Hi Ladies,   the next meetup will be on Monday, May 25th, 6:00pm, English garden (see image)
  5. Hi ladies,   Online meetup : Wed 13.05.2020, 6:30pm. Ping me directly if you wanna join.    Vanya
  6. Hi ladies,   online meetup? How's next wed April 15th, 6pm?    Happy Easter and stay healthy!  Vanya
  7. Hi Ladies,    Seems like we've got some demand for hanging out in the safety of our homes. If you're interested in meeting up online, ping me/txt me and I'll provide you with the connection details:    Wed Apr 2, 2020 at 9pm    Vanya
  8. Heya,    Restaurants and bars in Bavaria must close at 15:00 plus social distancing is the way to go to stay safe from this vrius. So, we will have to cancel this Wednesday.    Stay healthy everyone.    Vanya    
  9. Hi ladies,    In assumption that restaurants and bars are still open next week and not on lockdown mode, meetup will be on Wed 18th, March. 6:30pm at Menage Bar, Buttermelcherstr 9.   
  10. Hi, count Lisa and me in pls!    Yep, that's the 4th of March. Wednesday.
  11. Hi Ladies,    Next meetup will be on Wed 19th, Feb at 6:30pm at  Burger & Lobster Bank ~ Prannerstr 11.  (Also serves Veggie stuff) Hope to see some of ya there. Txt if you can join.    Vanya   
  12. Perfect, a table is set under my name for those above who said they can make it. And for those who can't, hope to see you at another meetup soon!    Cheers Vanya
  13. Happy New Year Ladies!    Hope everyone had a good start to the new year!   Not sure if everyone's back from the Xmas holiday but if you are interested, I'd like to propose the first 2020 meetup on 6:30pm Wed Jan 15, 2020 @ Jaadin Grillhouse (Vietnamese - Leopoldstr. 158)   Afterwards, if it's of interest, we can pass by the Andaz rooftop bar across the street for a drink/view of the city. Cost a bit but supposedly worth a visit  (Thank Emma for the tip)   Please txt as usual, if you are interested in joining.    Cheers, Vanya