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  1. On ckeck24, this one is so much cheaper than others. Can anyone say anything about this internet provider?
  2. A parking spot is available in an underground (-1) parking lot near Bismarckplatz in Heidelberg. The monthly rent is 60 euro, available from 1 June 2019. Please send me PM if you are interested.
  3. Does anyone have experience with Eazy DSL

        Thank you very much for the information.   Right now, I am sharing Unitymedia with my neighbor, and experience only very minor problems. It is quite acceptable.   I am thinking about this contract. I called them, and waited for 9 min, still no one picked up phone.   This is the first time for me to apply for internet contract. So a bit worried about making any mistake.   Could anyone please look at this package, and see if there is anything I need to pay attention or think carefully?   (1) Includes only internet, no land phone or TV. (2) The contract is for 24 month contract, and no fee increase during this time. (3) Activation is 39.99 euro which includes router.   My questions are:   (1) What if I move to a place where there is no Eazy internet connection possible in the new apartment? In other words, what happens if I have to terminate the contract?   (2) How much will be monthly fee after 24 months?   (3) Can I move my contract to new apartment if there is Eazy connection in the new apartment?
  4.   Just very hard for me to believe Bush was elected twice. He is truly mediocre and it is just so clearly showing up. He does not show any charisma, and looked so stupid. The president of America, in a sense, is representing the image of the country. I can hardly understand why Americans want such figure to represent them.   Not to mention what he did on economy. The economy was very bad in 2008.   How can this happen in democratic country? How can more than half people be deceived?
  5.   I am saying just go and vote for next term without complaining so much, because if he is bad, it will be reflected on votes, and he will not be elected. Apparently, something is not that democratic. I did not like Bush jr, but he served 2 terms.
  6. Two points: (1) The world is not ending today (yesterday's tomorrow), so we have not reached the pinnacle of self unawareness. (2) According to what you say, you are not among we home sapiens, because you have self awareness, and we homo sapiens do not.
  7. I said I do not know much, and I did not say I know nothing.   So logically, I can speak no much, and I do not need to speak nothing, completely silent!
  8. I do not know much about politics. If Trump is so bad, he will not be elected second time, and he has only one more year left to make any bad influence. So why bother?
  9. Isn't this much harder than SAT in US?   No wonder German students are complaining. But I wouldn't complain. I like math challenges, and it would make me feel so good if I can get close to perfect score while others get low scores.
  10. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

      Why? And UK is quite adopting it for math curriculum as far as I know
  11. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

      This is just toooooooo easy for people who are intersted in science, but would be super difficult to a potential good writer. I think this is 8th grade math in China. In BW math final exam, I saw some calculus and some other stuff a bit challenging. My sister was poor in math, but she won several prize with her writing in her school years.   Zhongshu Qian is very famous writer, one of my favorite. He got math score 0 at college entrance exam, but perfect score in Chinese and English, and was accepted by the best University in China.    
  12. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

         Yes, but we are talking about the subjects they are given, German, math, physics, chemisty, biology, history, geography, ...  
  13. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

      I am sorry if I gave you such impression. I am only trying to understand. because the math and physics final test in BW are real hard. And I do not see why would any one need to learn them in such high level if they are academic kids in social science.
  14. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

      Then, my question is:      Are the courses in Gymnasium designed for students who is interested in majoring natural science in college?
  15. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

      But what I observed is that students with any talents in math physics stuff are just so obvious before they go to high school. Students who are not interested in math physics stuff they show their disinterest before they go to high school. They may not know what to do in the future, but to me it seems very clear, one knows before high school if one is interested in math physics or not. I believe that you need a bit of talents in certain thinking capability to do well in these classes. Likewise, language as well, need certain type of talents.   Again, they may now know what to do, but they most likely know if they enjoy math physics classes.      
  16.   I thought the forum for Munich means "Greater Munich Area"
  17.     How funny, you didn't even say which city!  
  18. Looking for English School

    I guess children can learn German very fast. If I were you, I would let the child go to German school and mingle with German students.
  19. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

    So the question becomes:     Are all students in Gymnasium having intention to go to college to learn natural science or engineering?     I looked at the final exams for math and physics in BW. I really do not see any points to learn these subject at this level in high school if you are not intending to do science or engineering in the future.
  20. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

    In order to go to University of Heidelberg to major in literature, must I graduate from Gymnasium?    
  21. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

        I do not have children in high school, so I never paid much attention. I only heard that if you want to go to best universities, like university of Heidelberg, you can do that only if you graduate from Gymnasium, regardless which major you would choose in college. And I assume that to graduate from Gymnasium, you must take the much hard math final exam which include calculus in BW.
  22. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

      Streaming at this point is just overall good students or relatively poor students. For instance students who can go to college would be in Gymnasium. But in Gymnasium, students are having talents in different subjects. Some can major natural science in Ivy, some can major literature, philosophy in Ivy. And these two groups of students definitely would show different talents in math.   I do not know current German system. But if all students in Gymnasium are taking so hard math that can be sensible only for people who pursue further study in natural science in college, it does not make sense to me.   If a student wants to go to Harvard to learn literature, what is the point of learning Calculus in high school. I see quite a bit of Calculus in the high school final math exams in BW. I think it can be just painful and time consuming. I remember how much my sister suffered to prepare for even her math exam.  
  23. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

      I still think the students should be divided to at least 2 groups for different levels of math test.   People just have talents in different things. My sister is much better than me in language, and she learned literature in college. She took math test which is easier than what I took for final exam at high school. I took harder math test, and learned much much more math in college, and it is one of my favorite subject. Almost all natural science demand good math knowledge, and I just enjoy it so much.   I think my sister never needed to use much math other than some arithmetic calculation, and it would have been too painful and waste of her time if she had to take hard math test.     
  24. Opinions on MMR vaccinations for children

    I do agree that most vaccination should be mandatory, including MMR.   Only from evolutionary point of view if I speak with cold heart only with the facts, it in a sense downgrades the average quality of genes of homo sapiens. It is possible that MMR is a means of natural selection. Without vaccine and sort of medical aids, some children can survive MMR with their strong immune system. In ancient days, only these children could leave offsprings.   But if I have a child, even if she/he does not have strongest immune system, I would like my child survive with medical help.
  25. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

      It is a force to drive people in the country in certain direction. If the math exam topic is very hard in a country and it is demanded to go to college, the overall effect would be students are forced to spend more time on math. Yes, this ends up as the country has higher level in math overall.