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  1. I can feel significant differences.   In winter, I always feel very cold, wear thick winter coat all time even inside of buildings. People treat me with indifference.   In summer, I can wear lovely summer clothes, and I always buy quite a bit of different summer clothes. Since I wear small size, I think it makes me look cute in small summer clothes. I feel people, especially men, treat me very differently. If I ask something, they show much attention and care to answer me and help me. When they talk with me, they show full attention and look at me while talking with me. This morning, bumped in with one guy acquaintance. He did not reckon with me all winter, so I was just trying to walk by, but he gave me such ardent smile with full attention. I am in a dress that I got from an Italian store, simple design, short, elegant. He is over 190cm. Last week, I was in another Italian dress, about knee length, nice cut to show collar bones and shoulders. Several girls told me I look good in this dress. Another guy was looking at me when we were walking walking toward each other. We passed by, then I felt something, so I looked back, he was looking back at me with a facial expression of amusement while walking in his direction. I stared back at him, and tried to figure out if I know him. I think I never saw him before. BTW he is enormously tall, should be 200cm+. Quite a few times, when I walk to work or to home, some people pass by me on bike and look back at me. Exclusively, they are all guys, more often old guys. I think they should be very disappointed to see this face. My skin is horrible in summer      I found that only guys pay attention to me in summer, and most of them are very or enormously tall. And when they look at me, their facial expression is a bit like amused. I do not feel offended as long as they are not my boss. On the contrary, I kind of enjoy this.   Interestingly, or as compensation, woman are less nice to me in summer, or I feel that if they can, they would exclude me from any group.
  2. Difference when you dress up and down

        Good to hear. At least someone is fond of her.   I believe what I see what I hear.   I saw that she is totally out of shape, consequence after totally let go herself. Her apartment condition, the kitchen stuff she was using tell loud her living condition. Anyone who cares herself would not let her living place so dirty filthy. Her voice is quite harsh as well, possible indication that she went through rough time. Not surprising, such woman no one would like in real life, except some possible outliers. The way she presented on TT is ridiculous, only fun she is seeking is from bullying someone, and as she thought and imagines someone is hurt, she claps and exhilarates. What a poor woman! In my standard, there is no fun in such life, I would rather die than living like that. Interestingly, the way she is attacking another person tells loud her moral level. It is the bottom level of homo sapiens.   Such vile and filthy person in every sense, inside and outside. Again, I would rather die than living like that.
  3. Difference when you dress up and down

        If anyone here can complain, it can only be SmurfLee, because he is following my thread!
  4. Difference when you dress up and down

        Ok. I decided to believe what you are saying is true. Apologies for coming to quick conclusion without sufficient evidences.   @SpiderPig What a waste of talent! You can be a good detective! I googled Lavenderrain, but nothing leading thread comes up.   Also who is spiderpigs_borther. This came out when I was trying to @ you.  
  5. Difference when you dress up and down

      I also list flaws on my personality Read more careully before you attack. I also admitted a few guys at work super smarter. They are smarter than me. When I talk with them, I pay much attention to speak perfectly, because I do not like to be perceived as stupid person.   You can portray me as you want if that makes you happy. Just pick up a few words here and there, ...   Also, I do not care what vile or filthy people think. I care what smart, kind, decent peo[le think about me.    
  6. Difference when you dress up and down

      Never said my writing is flawless. I only said it has better structure, better logic, better argument, ... I do not care anyway. What can I get by spending extra min to check errors in my posts? This is not goign to be published on scientific journal anyway/   when you try to attack someone, please do some homework to make the attack more plausible or more convincing.
  7. Difference when you dress up and down

      Really? Does this include tracing or irritating someone to her house?
  8. Difference when you dress up and down

      No surprise you cannot see it, just like if we give you 2 papers, one from Nature, the other one from Plos One. Without telling you the source, you can never tell which is which. A pig cannot tell if its living condition is clean or filthy, it's all same to the pig anyway.   I do feel too superior to majority of people here, and got too tired bored, because not challenging.   A few are with brain and with sense of justice, and Kind hearts.   john g., Kommentarlos, balticus, j2, ... Some of the rests are not only stupid, but also, super vile, filthy mind, ... If you cannot be smart, just be kind, it can make you quite likable as well. It is far more worthy spending time on things that are worth of spending time. A few here are intelligent, but majority are stupid. Then, I should come a few times only, just to be proportional. So the quota is all used up for the month     
  9. Difference when you dress up and down

      No, never. I have something that I enjoy much much more, my project at work. But not necessarily romantic writing, just my writing has better structure, better logic, better argument than most of people here. Call me narcissistic, or what. This is so obvious fact. I am sure many agree, but don't want to admit.   I think when I write. not just mumble randomly. Cannot believe some people just utter any words come to their head. Even when I write a short message to thank someone, I do think and try to write it in original way. 
  10. Difference when you dress up and down

      At least a lot of freedom, you can spend time anyway you want.
  11. Difference when you dress up and down

      Great! Happy to hear that you can laugh for a moment or a while, a nice break from the constant misery of your life. How miserable is that? You don't even want to make any effort to make it better or tolerable! I feel so lucky myself just looking at you. What fun you are missing in life! If you cannot be attractive outside, can you even try to be attractive or just acceptable inside?
  12. Difference when you dress up and down

    in the end, you want full attention from only one  everyone sweet dreams.  
  13. Difference when you dress up and down

      what a sweet life. looking forward to retirement.  
  14. Difference when you dress up and down

      Because of her filthy posts, it makes everything hers look filthy. I know bundle of people wish you permanently banned from here, just they are not as aggressive as your gang, and they are quite busy with their lives.   But if this is the only thing you are enjoying in your life, we should not be so cruel.  Hahahahahaha, have a nice weekend  I will be busy this eve and tomorrow, no time to come to TT.  
  15. Difference when you dress up and down

      That is very healthy diet, though. As long as you are healthy in all other aspect, everything is good.
  16. Difference when you dress up and down

        How nice. It would be nice to retire in Greece.   But please eat more food. Look quite painfully thin.  
  17. Difference when you dress up and down

      We do not need to be nice to someone who is unkind, despiteful, with filthy mind. Her filthy posts reminded me her filthy apartment and the filthy kitchen thing she is trying to sell.   Probably I am not Christian enough, but would you expect anyone to present right cheek when someone hit the person on left cheek? I cannot do that. If some attacks me, I attack back.
  18. Difference when you dress up and down

        I did not go to the wiki.   Then if one feels happy and expresses it publicly, it is vanity?! So you are saying people on TT mostly cannot stand seeing any one truly happy, and must engage in destroying the happiness if anyone feels?
  19. Difference when you dress up and down

      Do you have anything else in your life that can make you feel accomplishment? Poor poor woman.   I remember once you posted an ads to sell a kitchen thing for 25 euro or so, with picture. I can see your apartment quite dirty poor condition, and the thing you want to sell, even if you give it to me with 100 euro, I would not take it. It looks filthy, just like your filthy mind.   You are a very pitiful woman. And it seems like the only thing that you can enjoy is attacking someone with your gang. How pitiful life is that?!
  20. Difference when you dress up and down

      Vanity is not defined as the mind of content one feels toward herself, not defined as an upbeating spirit one keeps toward her life, it is not defined as one tries to share her experience that she might feel amusing.   If some people feel miserable for their lives, lost motivation to make their lives better, and cannot stand anyone is doing better in her life, it is their problem.    
  21. Difference when you dress up and down

      It only makes the one who posed very vulgar, filthy. Metall is pitiful woman. She has nothing in her life to hang on, other than attacking others and imagine others' life is as miserable as her. Poor woman.   
  22. Difference when you dress up and down

      Finally you are saying something not totally nonsense.   Not exactly I can just relax enjoy time, I have work to do, should be working, instead of spending time on TT   
  23. Difference when you dress up and down

      Why? Is this what you would do if you happen to be pretty or attractive? Are you feeling sorry that you are not? I NEVER tried to catch attention, but I do not make effort to avoid such attention either. I do what I need to do in daily life. Go to work, go to stores to get groceries, go to theater, go to shopping, go to restaurant, dress up to feel good, .... I do not make effort to be unseen, because I have healthy mind. If people see me and feel me attractive, did I do anything wrong. I feel lucky that I can have a pool to make choice. If someone is attracted by me and I found him rather attractive and interesting, then I just enjoy his pursuit. Just enjoy life and let things happen.  
  24. Difference when you dress up and down

      First, your daughter sounds a perfect princess, or you tried to portray so. Second, this is necessary condition, but not sufficient condition, or sufficient condition for some dumb heads.
  25. Difference when you dress up and down

      At least she greens when she agrees what the post is saying. Now like some gang, just green if anyone in his/her gang says something against some one.