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  1. What I learned in class is that identification of forged signature can be pretty accurate with high confidence levels. But today I heard that the confidence level is not that high, usually 60%, 70%, or so. Then this is almost useless in my opinion, because error rate of tens is just useless. Could anyone please give me more information on this?
  2. if you receive treatments from oberarzt in university dental clinic, how is the quality? how is the price compared to specialist in private office?
  3. Orgami paper

    I would like to get some orgami paper. Regular thickness should be good, but it has to be very colorful, red, yellow, green, blue, pink, ..., delightful kind of colorful. Where can I find them?
  4. von Lenovo

    I am looking at this laptop on Amazon.   The price is really just half of regular price at most. My questions are (1) Does 'von Lenovo' mean it is sold from Lenovo manufacturer? (2) Does the website say any thing like this is refurbished item?    
  5. Valentine's day gift idea

      I got much better idea.  Tomorrow is Chinese new year of Pig. I bought Heidel chocolates held in a pig and a card with a pig with angel wings. I am going to give them tomorrow.
  6. Valentine's day gift idea

      Thanks for the advice.   Then, I will just give him thank you card with may be a bit of gift.
  7. I would like to buy a valentine gift for someone who helped me. He is about 60 year old married man. So nothing romantic, just want to show my appreciation to his kindness. On the card, I will write something like happy valentine to his family to make sure no misunderstanding.   I was looking for something cute. Like a teddy bear embracing bunch of chocolates. It is not about how delicious the chocolates are, but about how cute it looks. Couldn't find anything I like from Lindt website. Any where else could I look at?
  8. Websites for laptop purchase

        Nice. Thank you !
  9. I am trying to find a laptop for myself, only for surfing on internet at home.   By the end of last year, there were more choices, on Otto but now, their choices after flitering are very limited. I could not find anything that I feel very much like on Amazon. Saturn seems very expensive.   What else websites do we have that I could try?
  10. Energy consumption of laptop

    Thanks for all responses. So it is not 4 euro a day, but 4 cents a day. Very affordable   
  11. Energy consumption of laptop

      Sorry, I meant that as long as I am awake.   If I am not in front of the laptop, and not sleeping, I am at least playing music or NPR news. So basically, as long as I am at home, and not sleeping, it is on.
  12. I never paid attention to this, because my electricity bill was very low some years, and recent years, the bill is included in rent.   But, now I checked out that for AMD A6 series, the energy consumption is 15w. In Germany, average price for electricity is 30 euro / Kwhr. This means with 1 kw (30 euro), I can use laptop for about 67 hours, about 50 cents per hour. This is much higher than what I thought. My computer is on as long as I am at home. Usually on weekdays, from 6:30pm - 12:00 midnight, about 4 euro a day?!   I cannot believe this.
  13. I am looking for a laptop, and found this one:   I would like to buy, but I usually do not buy stuff from Amazon, because I think how can you know if it is used one or new ones, especially if it says one 1 new item available, it is possible the seller bought it, but never used it and wanted to get rid of it.   For this laptop, the website says In stock. Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.   So, I am wondering, does Amazon has their online store, and sell items? So sellers on Amazon can be Amazon itself and many people who wants to get rid of some stuff?  
  14. I am planning to buy a large screen laptop only to surf on internet at home. It will work more like desktop, and will be under 500 euro. Is it recommended to buy langzeitgarantie (20 euro for 3 years)?
  15. Tax Refund

      Ture. For forms to fill on internet, I often open 2 windows one in DE, one in EN, and submit the DE version.