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  1. Which Bank would you recommend

      In fact, his EN is pretty good. Besides, it does not demand good english to understand when I told him my card didn't work, and asked him if he cancelled the card. It is more about all mess, confusion in his head, disorganization.    
  2. Which Bank would you recommend

      It is just a lot of hassle that I feel I do not have time to deal with. A lot of things are bound to this bank account.
  3. Which Bank would you recommend

    Update:     On Thursday 6th Dec. the employee in Commerzbank told me that he cancelled my old card, and ordered new card for me.   After a week, 13th Dec. I asked him if he could check for me if the new card is on the way.   He replied me yesterday, and asked me if my old card is not working. If so, he would order new one for me!!     I was furious. He insisted I told him my old card still worked. Holy Cow! I asked him show me the email on which I said so. He never replied.!     Someone who is managing money can be so confused.   I honestly often have much doubt on IQ of German people!
  4. Ok, finally, I will have to go to court. The dentist sold his case to DZR, and DZR is suing me.   I do not think the dentist told whole story to DZR, otherwise DZR would not buy this case. Here are things I think he did very wrong.   (1) Most importantly, his work is not even half finished, and the finished part is examined by a Gutachter and the conclusion is that it needs to be redone. The problem might be that the Gutachter is private one. Since the dentist withdrew HKP from TK, TK did not assign me Gutachter and if I go to court procedure it could take too long and my gum was severely infected. Now he is asking me to pay for full work. (2) Without my signature he sent my information to Inkasso, and I received invoices from Inkasso until my lawyer contacted Inkasso. (3) Not long after the treatment started, he got full money from TK. TK thought the treatment is all finished until my friend explained to them it is not even half finished. TK started to investigate, and the dentist withdrew HKP from TK, and TK stopped investigation, I had to find private Gutachter and lawyer out from my pocket. He out of pressure returned the money to TK upon request from TK. (4) When he still has the money from TK in his bank account, he sent me a letter with his signature and told me that since he cannot get money from TK, I need to pay for TK part, and an invoice from his office with the letter. (5) He sent me several threats by email or letter that he will bring me to court, he will file criminal charge against me which he did last month and I had to pay my lawyer 823 euro to clear up, and it will have bad impact on my job, promotion etc.   His treatment is invalid, and I had to pay for 2000 euro to fix gum infections caused by his treatment, and all work he did has to be redone. The treatment will start on Jan. 2019 by another dentist. I think now it is not just about his treatment. He did so many things wrong. He is a Greek. He knows I cannot speak German, and just gives me a lot of trouble. He went to public prosecution only to give me trouble, because he knows I have stable income and is capable of paying him. I do not want to pay him, because what he did on my teeth is only damage.   I know this is only my side of story. But could any one give me some idea what could happen in court? What judge might say? Any advice what I could prepare, what I need to be careful, what kind of image I should present myself in court? I am a scientist, and have a fine reputation at work, have a few German friends. Just feel very anxious.
  5. The bank just offered me with some savings plan options: "We have booth options a version where you can put a huge sum of Money at one time or a version where you can save money every single month. We have really good options without any risk." He also said there is entry fee. He offered to talk with me in person if I am interested.   If this is sort of investment, I would not get involved, because of risk. Does any one have any experience with this kind of plan? Is there really no risk? What does the bank get by paying me interest all sudden?
  6. Which Bank would you recommend

          So true   
  7. Shipping Toothpaste via Deutsch Post

      Having with them and shipping is different. You can have battery with you on board, but cannot ship them.
  8. Which Bank would you recommend

      Today, only one person. Previously several other people. I think they couldn't understand English, and just repeating same things to me over and over again without catching what I was saying.   The one today is best EN speaker among all of them.
  9. Which Bank would you recommend

      True. I need to learn German if I try to stay here, which is most likely to happen. With all the stupid things I complain about, I still like where I currently live.   But truly, a lot of times I feel Germans are the least sensitive people. They seem to so much in love with doing things in routine, no need to think kind, just repeat, repeat, repeat kind.  
  10. Which Bank would you recommend

    Because I got so angry today, I told them I will change bank as soon as I get time, positively before the end of the year. They replied:   We have a special account for customers who work for company’s we have a contract with (e.g. SAP). In this account the credit card and all is free. And you do not have to get 1.200€ monthly that your account is free. Is free the hole time. I can offer you this kind of account because we don’t want to lose you as our customer.   I think I will stay with this bank. Too much hassles to change bank. I was over-reacting today, but I was really upset, because this time caused me too much inconvenience, and in general, they are very presumptive and dense. They don't seem to think, too lazy to think.
  11. Which Bank would you recommend

      This is exactly what I felt today. I have to say they are stupid. They presume, because they are stupid, lazy to use brain.
  12. Shipping Toothpaste via Deutsch Post

      Yes, I have to admit    But things are very unpredictable sometime. For instance, last time, I was trying to send my dad electronic toothbrush, and I was told I must take out the battery. Never thought battery can be problem.   So I do not know if any chemical in toothpaste can be considered dangerous on air plane.
  13. Which Bank would you recommend

          I do not see commdirect in Heidelberg.
  14. Which Bank would you recommend

      They do not have a lot of branches, and it will take me time to get there. Friday they closes at 2pm! Anyway, I do not like to go out for personal things during work hours. They told me "We will give you money as much as you need."  Ridiculous, whose money is that?!!   I will borrow money from a friend.
  15. Which Bank would you recommend

      I agree with you German banks SUCK. There are so many banks here, and they don't seem to compete each other. Banking is expensive. They keep our money in their pockets, and we have to pay them!