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  1. What are you cooking today?

      I used to eat a lot of tofu because it is so delicious. Tofu in Trader Joe tasted so good, and the price is very reasonable.   I bought tofu couple of times in Germany, and found that tofu here does not have any taste. It does not have the kind of soy aroma that tofu is supposed to have. The price is relatively high as well.   It is health food, but I think Germans do not like it.
  2. Tax Refund shows negative number!

      I can only imagine they feel superior and accomplished by doing so.   I should feel good for making others feel good even though it is a bit sick way.
  3. Tax Refund shows negative number!

      It is just a general question, and this sort of questions are quite common on TT, am I not right? DJ Smith gave me expert computer advice last time for free.
  4. Tax Refund shows negative number!

        Well, if some people choose to be annoyed, yes, I apologize for providing the excuse for them to be annoyed and ruining their own time,  This is quite silly conversation, I realize, just waste of time. So I will ignore any further response in the same line, in case you choose to continue to waste your time    Are you retired, and dono't have anything better to kill time?  
  5. Tax Refund shows negative number!

        In USA, tax refund is a lot of money. It sounds to me it is not a lot of money possibly additional payment here, and therefore people do not do it. Thanks for the information. I think I will not do tax refund for 2016 unless the tax office contacts me.
  6. Tax Refund shows negative number!

        Yes, you are right if every reply is like this one, no constructive information, but rather destructive more or less. I mean the intention, but no destruction can be done on me, because I am smart, I pay attention to and absorb beautiful, intelligent, kind things. I was expecting any reply with some experience, knowledge, intelligence, sense, wisdom.... Never some shallow criticism on sheer purpose of criticism.   My first thought when I saw the negative number is : since Germans are so accurate, did they set up the tax deduction from salaries very close to accurate deduction? So close to the true number that even small fluctuation can end up to negative number. My tax probably is simplest one. Almost no income to claim for exempt.  Americans like surprises, and even if it is just their own money returned back, they would like to get more deduction from salary and get more tax return? This was my thought, and I was hoping someone on TT who has ever worked as CPA and could give a sensible explanation.
  7. Tax Refund shows negative number!

    I understand why I can get back more than tax I paid. I worked only 5 months in Germany, and also tax exempt for moving cost. 2016 and 2017, there is no any events, just full time worked all years. Now, 2016 tax refund is negative 182, and 2017 tax refund is pity +51 euro. This is so strange, because as far as I know the automatic tax deduction from HR is always over deduction. I never had negative tax refund all my life. I do not have any other income that need to pay tax.
  8. Tax Refund shows negative number!

    I am using to do my tax refund for the past 4 years. I was in Germany only for second half of 2015. So my tax refund for 2015 shows more refund than the tax I paid. Then for 2016, it shows in red-182 € How can this be possible?  I double checked, all entries are correct.    
  9.   So the expected profit is postive.   May I ask, how much by percentage was a typical gain?
  10.   It has to be quantified, and find expected profit.   ExpectedProfit  =  PossibleProfit X ProbabilityForThePossibleProfit  - PossibleLoss X ProbabilityForThePossibleLoss   If the value is positive, it is worth of investing.   But who bank would give such probabilities!    
  11.   Probably without knowing the rent, cannot decide if interested.
  12. I asked similar question end of last year though I could not use any professional terminology. My bank contacted me last year and asked me to join some investment plan with 0 risk. So I asked on this forum if there is any investment plan with truly 0 risk. People's response were, no, any investment has risk. So I decided not to join, because it could mean too much distraction.
  13. Murder of student Meredith Kercher in Italy

    I was watching some crime documentary at dinner yesterday. It is about O. J. Simpson. I am still not convinced he is innocent, but the argument is that he cannot be convicted with the given evidences, and therefore he was set free. This reminds me another murder trial. Amanda Knox. I cannot believe she was convicted only for defamation. There is no justice! She wrote a book (?) must has made millions.
  14.   Yes, that is why I bought it anyway. But it was quite surprising to be told so by the store owner, right? "Best before" itself says if I consume it after the date, it is not best, and any seller would not encourage it, right? At least it was not a professional way of responding a light complaint from a customer. Of course, she did not force me to buy anything, and it was my choice to purchase, but I did not like their philosophy of running the shop.