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  1. Umzug options

  2. Do you believe in telepathy

      Nothing to fear if you have thing to hide. It should be our goal to live a life as we have nothing to hide. No dirty jokes, of course we have to be dressed!
  3. What do you do when you feel down or anxious?

      I took it as a joke. I doubt any such studies can be actually funded. Sounds wield, lewd.
  4. What do you do when you feel down or anxious?

        True, and everything will be ok in the end. if it is not ok, it is not end yet.   in fact, things have been getting worse to worst i cannot imagine how it can get even worse. life is like the wax and wane of moon. it will start to wax when no more for wane.   i talked with a friend of mine. he thinks it is getting better.
  5. What do you do when you feel down or anxious?

      Ok, I will get a boyfriend tomorrow!
  6. What do you do when you feel down or anxious?

        That never helped me. What can they do for me? They are like: we are not allowed to give you any advice, .... They listen quietly, that is all. I can talk to a wall.   It is better to spend the time to make things better, because, to me, the only way that I can feel better is that things that I am worrying about are improved.
  7. What do you do when you feel down or anxious?

      But when you wake up nothing changed. To me that cannot help.   I am worrying about an exam that I need to pass in order to join a group (not for work). I think I cannot pass. It is too short notice. I found a tutor for this weekend, but still feel I cannot pass, and I will be very disappointed.   I thought about having comfort food. No, I am sure that cannot help. You need to split some of your mind to the food in order to enjoy the food. I cannot at this moment.   I feel terrible because of lack of sleep. I always go to sleep too late, wake up with sunrise, only 5 hours of sleep a day.   So, until exam: (1) go to sleep before 11pm. (2) Take lesson twice, this weekend, and next weekend. (3) Try to practice as much as I can.   Hope that even if I cannot not meet the expectation, my positive attitude could convince them to accept me. After all, my addition would not degrade the group, at most, I would not be able to make full share of contribution.   If I still fail, at least I did my best.   There are other things as well. A problem that I tried so hard to solve, I will know the results in 8 days. I do not know how the lawsuit will go. I think I did all that I could do. Then, let it be. I feel so sad, why do I have to deal with all these ridiculous problems. Both problems are so unfair.
  8. I am trying to recall all times when I felt anxious or down.   I cannot remember I was ever down or anxious as child. I was very shy, sometimes in some situations, I felt very nervous. Then, I escape from there, avoid such situations. I was always very energetic.   The first time comfort eating because of anxiety was when I was waiting for college acceptance letter. On the day the letter was supposed to arrive, I was so anxious, could not figure out what to do. Then I went to kitchen. Fortunately, our family did not have any cakes or sweets, no leftovers, only cucumbers and some other vegetables. So I dipped cucumber in a very spicy sauce, and ate so much. The very spicy sensation did help me. Probably this is the only time for comfort eating.   I think I do not really do comfort eating, because when I feel bad if I eat a lot, I feel even worse.   If I feel down or anxious, there is always a reason for that. I never feel so without any reason, and I always know what makes me feel that way. So I try to hard to find a solution for the problem that bothers me. Sometimes the only solution is that let time solve it, or let it die down, and all my effort is in vain. Then I realize sometimes, I should just take the attitude: let it be.
  9. Life without alcohol

      Strange post.!   Don't people who are intereted in this thread all try to relate A.N.Other's experience with theirs?!   When you try to attack anyone, try to do it more sensible way!  
  10. Do you believe in telepathy

    Do you believe in telepathy, or have you ever experienced telepathy?  
  11. Life without alcohol

      Me, 3, I would like to have better understanding on this particular addiction, and like to understand why it is so hard to quit.   I said I cannot understand why people smoke or drink, because to me, the taste or smell upset me, and gravely displease me.   It is not the taste of alcohol, but getting turned off by it.
  12. Barbecue at work -- Foods to bring

      Interesting, I will try.
  13.   I was not talking about the country, I was talking about the people of or from the country. I suppose at least half of the TTers are Americans, and I cannot see the kind of American Spirit.   But speaking about countries to live: To me, I would prefer Germany than America. (1) Safety (2) It is uncomfortable see how so many people are no job, living on social welfare.   I like warm weather, Denmark is acceptable, but further north is too cold for me. I think if I choose to live aboard, I pretty much like southern Germany.
  14. Barbecue at work -- Foods to bring

      I like this analogy, because I am compared with US president (not current one, current one seems to have no interest in middle east) here!   Thank you A.N.Other!   Time to stop here for me. I will be back during lunch break.
  15. Barbecue at work -- Foods to bring

      My wisdom to you is:   try to avoid making enemies. Unless anyone stabs you, don't just go ahead stab anyone.