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  1. If you are American, wouldn´t it be easier to pick up a little "run-around" for your time there, and sell it again when you leave? Dunno what you drive here, or if you put much priority into driving a certain type of vehicle, but it would surely be the easiest way to solve this one!    
  2. Rental Scam - What should I do?

      The advice from DJ Smith is just as valid to your situation, elfmun!   As for your permit process, contact them as well!  
  3. Holborn, Empire Property

      If you have money to give away, I´ll gladly give you my account details
  4. Getting back to saving energy... On Saturday I purchased a pack of three motion sensor lights from a well-known discount store. My motivation for this comes from looking at what I had been doing when coming home to an empty house - first I would put on the main living-room light, so that it would also light the entrance hall. Then I would switch that one off and put on a single light in the living-room so that I could pop into the bathroom, get the bath running, and come back to get my towel from the radiator. in the meantime, I would have also popped into the kitchen, switched on the light, and rummaged around in my basket to get the things that I need for the evening/overnight, that I would take into the office, where I would use the light of my mobile phone to find the plug socket to plug the light into and then switch it on. Obviously, the bathroom light was also on for most of this time. Anyway, since I read that most of the energy is used in actually switching on lights, I thought it might be a nifty idea to just not do so, and thus the motion sensors.... after two days of use, all I can say is that it is very convenient not having to find the light switch in every room   as for the long-term possible savings, I am not sure how much I am saving, if at all, but I thought it would worth a try!  
  5. Crochet lessons in Kreuzberg

    @ Sanchi - emma_ca hasn´t visited this site since November 2012, so I very much doubt that classes are still running. The web address given in the OP is no longer active, so why not try sending an email to the address given? If you are in luck, at least that might work!  
  6. How many sick days do you take per year?

    i dunno either!  
  7. How many sick days do you take per year?

    not really. some waffle about helping staff to avoid being ill in future by supporting them at work - I don´t feel it applies to me at all, as I now work at the same standard as I did before my OP.
  8. How many sick days do you take per year?

    Thanks John! I also wish you a healthy 2023! What do you think? Should I go to this meeting or not?    
  9. How many sick days do you take per year?

      I have actually had a rather bad year this year - in March I got rushed into hospital straight from work and on to the operation table, after which I spent 6 weeks recuperating. Then, in summer, I got summer ´flu and was at home for two weeks, and in autumn I got Corona and was also at home for two weeks. Today I received a letter from my company inviting me to a meeting with my regional manager and the Betriebsarzt - apparently it is "voluntary", but I don´t actually see any point in such a meeting. I was genuinely ill, and provided all required certificates, etc. Personally, I think the should look more closely at the colleagues who are regularly ill on a Friday and Saturday, and quite often on a Monday! Any thoughts?    
  10. Merry Christmas to all on TT

      Yes! Happy whatever, love and peace to everyone!  
  11. Why are you unhappy today?

      Well, just to update, she has refused treatment at the hospital, and won´t let the Docs do anything! Looks like they will be sending her home tomorrow morning with a suspected tumor in her lungs, and nothing to treat it with, as she has refused all attempts to help her. It really doesn´t sound at all good...  
  12. Bed bugs

    Have you already joined the local Mietverein? If not, do so tomorrow! Yes, it is the job of the landlord, but if yours is saying you are lucky for taking over so many used items, then I suspect you will need to get some "official" support with this.  
  13. Why are you unhappy today?

    Get well soon Tap! And as you say, Christmas is just another day - somehow it´ll happen and then things will get back to normal. You health is more important than making Christmas special for others - let them take care of you for a change!  
  14. Confusing Traffic situation

    I would have done the same, but then, I think it has to do with mindset and logic, rather than what the actual rules are. I`m about 100% sure that you are "officially" not permitted to reverse in the middle of an intersection, and most drivers here in Germany would not do so. On the other hand, I can see exactly why you did, and as I said, I would do so too.  
  15. I've just posted a silly photo

      aaah! that´s how they reproduce!