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  1. Which past members do you miss the most?

      T´was a joke, m´dear!  
  2. Which past members do you miss the most?

      I wonder how long she has been banned for?   Seriously though, glad to hear that she is okay, and would love to see her back here!
  3. What made you laugh today?

      Next you´ll be posting that you had to go to the dentist!
  4. High cholesterol level

      Reducing from one bar a day to 3 a week is a really good start, but have you also thought of the content of the chocolate you are enjoying? If you can also enjoy eating a high cocoa bar - 70%, for instance, then there is only room in the recipe for 30% of "naughty stuff" - sugar, milk, etc....  
  5. What made you smile today?

      Yes, definitely a tad on the warm side!
  6. Why are you unhappy today?

    @optimista - you might want to consider reporting it to the police.   Even if "nothing" happened in your case, it could be totally different another day. Alone the fact that you are still shaken from this meeting tells me that something needs to be done, so please make a start by informing the police.
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

    @ Emkay - Shorty also has two tattoos, and that would never have been my choice, but please don´t let something like this come between you! It seems to me that little M has always been an absolutely perfect daughter all of her life, and now she is just the same, perfect little M with some decoration, for want of a better word, but it doesn´t make her a different person from the little M that you love and have cared for all these years, and I am sure you are still very proud of her! Maybe you can take time out to have a quiet chat with her about things, and how you generally feel about tattoos? We tend to forget that there is a generation gap, don´t we?    
  8. What made you laugh today?

  9. Why are you happy today?

    I am happy because I have managed to make an old, torn deckchair "new" again - I rubbed down the wood and used some oil on it, and bought new canvas to make the seat part. Now summer can come!  
  10. BREXIT positives and negatives

      I am "Baujahr" 1965, and I was one of the first classes to learn metric. It was kind of strange because in school we had kilos and gramms, whilst at home my Mother would bake with pounds and ounces!  
  11. Notice period to end tenancy

    Normally the answer would be to read your tenancy agreement, assuming you have one. On the other hand, you could almost certainly convince your landlord that you will be moving out at the end of June, and that if you do not receive your deposit back, you might just happen to mention things to the tax office... that should work!
  12. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

      Maybe you belong to the "younger generation" who always have to have a phone with them(?) Us "oldies" grew up in a time when you didn´t have to be available 24/7, and when you were not expected to be! I don´t write my shopping list on my phone, so why on earth would I take it out on a shopping trip with me?
  13. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

      I know that, and you know that, but the advertising is €9 für 90!    
  14. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

      - definitely see your point about €10 being easier to deal with, but then they would have been stuck for a slogan, wouldn´t they? The current €9 für 90 (days) sort of works quite well, don´t you think?  
  15. Football player earning 200k a day

    I`d happily kick a ball around for half that price!