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  1. WG given notice to move out

    Welcome to TT! I think you should be happy to be out of this WG - if the main tenant isn't capable of having just a little chat with you about cleaning the place, then this is not an ideal person to live with! I hope things work out better in the new place, but be sure to do your share of the cleaning!
  2. A little advice on garbage sought

    #If you have a yellow sack, pop it in there - tetra packs are mostly plastic.
  3. @ Dipakk - the majority of TT users use either Starshollow or John g. If their work wasn't up to scratch, you would be able to read all about it on TT. Both of them come highly recommended.
  4. Where to buy a bar of gold in Stuttgart

    I buy online from philoro, but generally do a price comparison first!
  5. Which car to take to Germany?

      Well, in that case, bring over a car that won't cause too much pollution, that will easily fit down a normal German road, and one which you can easily drive! It really is the specifications bit that is normally a problem, but if that doesn't effect you (and I would double-check that one, just to be on the safe side!), then bring whatever you feel comfortable with. One more thing, I believe you will find petrol to be quite expensive here, so maybe that will enter into your calculation...
  6. Hostel Nightshift and Bar work

      Don't worry HEM, I have his number now and will call him at all hours of night and day for a week  - he certainly won't do that again in a hurry!
  7. I would suggest contacting the German Zoll at the airport you are flying to - they will have a better idea of the rules than most of us!
  8. Bring 8 y/o to sports practice

    @ sonazeit - sorry to hear that you are injured!   From the title of your Advert, I had absolutely NO idea what it was for!!! (only clicked on it because I am nosey, if the truth be known!)   Maybe you would care to change the title to make it clearer what you are actually looking for?
  9. What would you like to say before you die?

    When I had my neck operated on about ten years ago, I got really scared reading all of the hospital notes of what could go wrong, etc, so actually sat down and wrote a letter to my daughter and my ex-husband. Basically, I wished them both well and apologised for not being able to hang around and see how happy their lives turned out.  
  10. Which car to take to Germany?

    Just wondering if the OP comes from a State from which Germany allows the transfer driving licences? That might be the first hurdle to cross. since foreign cars imported into Germany often have to be modified to comply with the German rules and regulatioins, I really do not think it is worth bring a car over, even if the employer will pay for it. If you buy a car here, you will also be able to sell it quite easily when you go back home.
  11.   Actually, I don't see why you would act so aggressively to somebody putting on a mask. If somebody can use their "right" to smoke, then surely others can use their "right" to protect themselves from the effects of secondary smoking?   It's such a pity that children cannot protect themselves from smoking parents in this way!
  12. Look here:
  13. Wenatex Schlafsystem

    Definitely sounds too good to be true!
  14. Question regarding complete winter wheels...

    Dunno about anybody else, but my mechanic always uses the same nuts for both summer and winter tyres, and literally just changes the tyres.
  15. Haven't paid taxes since February 2017, what to do?

    What were the deductions listed under on your payslips? If you can find them and take a look, you will know what has been deducted and why.