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  1. Rental puzzle

    Actually, I think YOU missed the point, and that is:   in German one rents accommodation on a monthly basis.   Thus, if you have rented until the end of December, your landlord could well anticipate a new tenant to be able to move in on the first of January.
  2. GBP Currency for sale

    Lucky you!  
  3. GBP Currency for sale

      Calm down Piggy! Optimista was only making the point that you can be trusted, whereas others are not so trustworthy!   Can't blame you for wanting to get rid of those horrible plastic banknotes though - just doesn't seem like real money to me!
  4. Transport suitcases to Düsseldorf Airport

    Have you tried calling the local taxi companys? They often have larger vehicles especially for transporting large families or those with a lot of luggage.
  5. futile

      If the records in the computer show a car to be red/blue/orange, then, for the person looking up the number plate in the computer, that is the colour it is. You do realise that people (criminals), often change the number plates on cars in order not to be caught, don't you?! The police also take notes when somebody comes into the cop shop to report something - this is perfectly normal, so you should not even wonder the police can find you and have a chat with you if the case so requires.   Not sure where you come from, but you sure seem paranoid!
  6. What made you smile today?

      Yep! Leave the Emu eggs out of this recipe, FM!!!
  7. Soy Mince - Where to buy in Munich?

      Aldi Süd also had the "basic"- looking mince as one of the advertised food articles in September, but aas far as I know, it is only available once a year.
  8. Vacation for school aged kids, outside of vacation times

      I am sure teachers and lecturers would also like the freedom, but they do not have it, for the simple reason that they are employed to teach!!! Germany has Schulpflicht and it is to be taken seriously - even to the extent of having extra police checks at airports last summer just before the holidays! I would suggest having a word with the school director, and checking out if the school maybe has an "inofficial" way of dealing with parents wanting to travel. In the meantime, feel free to use the services of Easyjet and Ryanair on the weekends and do some sightseeing!!!  
  9. Medical Emergency Numbers in Germany

      :-)   112 is for fire and ambulance   110 is for the police   At the end of this month, with the FFW,  I will be visiting the Integrierte Leitstelle in FFB, where local 112 calls go through to:   If anybody has any (sensible!) questions, maybe I will get the chance to ask them....
  10. German working hours and overtime pay

      - it means that your position, at your location, is not one that you clock in and out for.
  11. Christmas holidays in Germany (Munich)

    Generally, I think you can forget visiting any of the public offices between December 21st and January 6th, unless you can get an appointment. Many of the offices offer online booking of appointments, so I would suggest attempting to make some, and see if you have any luck. As far as finding accommodation, well, it is not so easy in Munich, so you really should be trying to find a place now already. When does your job start?
  12. Withdraw from gym membership within the first 7 or 14 days

    What does the contract you signed say? Check the small-print. If you were present and signed the contract in person, you might not have a case: (link in German)
  13.   First tip would be not to go running along the banks of the Isar in winter, if you don't want to take the risk! Secondly, though, it is a legal requirement that pavements are kept clear of snow and ice, even in the worst of winters, so you should be able to run more or less the whole winter through!   As for the kindergarten - why not apply now? Even if you apply now, and get a place, it is much, much easier to turn around and say that you don't need it, than it is to scurry around at the start of the school year, searching for any old place to leave your child!   Oh, and try not to spend too much time worrying about things. Basically, your budget is fine, but you will find that you have to shuffle some of the money from one category to the next. After a couple of months, you will have some sort of pattern to both your income and outgoings, and be able to adjust the categories realistically.  
  14. I don't see "language course" on your list of expenses - okay, so it will hopefully only be for the first six months to a year, but even so, if you are on a tight budget, it should be included!
  15. A friend sent me an online Einburgerungstest, which I tried, just out of interest. I got 29/33 right on my first attempt, so I really don't think itis something to worry too much about. Also, if you practice the test more often, you will notice that the answer is always the same (strange, huh?!), so even if you are a little unsure wha tthe question actually is, at least you can try to remember which of the four answers is the correct one!   @ Fraufruit - try this online test - you can find out the correct answer instantly: