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  1. Where to find Veggie or Chicken patties for burgers?

    The Aldi Süd Veggie Burgers are NOT frozen - they are in the fridge with the other things in similar, green packaging, which, surprisingly, are all veggie!!!   Aldi does NOT stock frozen veggie burgers! (in fact, being veggie myself, I haven't seen frozen v-burgers anywhere in Germany!)   You do realise that you can make your own "burgers" quite esaily, using whatever ingredients you like and have to hand?
  2. What irritated you today?

      FFS!!! That's "our" money he is pocketing there!!! If he were half the "good guy" he claims to be, he would donate it right back to the NHS, but I guess I shouldn't hold my breath waiting, should I?!
  3. Angle Italian Sofa (4 seat)

      I'd love to see you put that in a washing machine!   - you might want to mention a price though!!!
  4. Where to buy pork scratchings

    It probably depends upon how good you know the butcher - some are up for being helpful (might want to try end product though!), and some would rather die than be helpful to anybody - typical normal people, I guess! Anyway, get your arse out there and try asking!
  5. Where to buy pork scratchings

    - quite amusing:   - I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole though, being veggie!
  6. Where to buy pork scratchings

      - can't you have them sent to a friend (who doesn't like them!), and ask to have them put into little portion bags which this friend might give you each time you meet?
  7. Not very helpful here, but at the fire brigade, we have two sets of climbing equipment, and I know that they get sent away on a regular basis to be checked over and given the all-clear. If only I knew where!!!
  8. Traffic violation fine without commiting it

    4a - tick ja 4b - tick nein 4c - they are asking why you do not admit to having left the caravan wherever it was (based upon their assumption that it actually belonged to you), so take a fresh sheet of paper and write your full explanation as to why you should not be held responsible for it, and why you are not willing to foot the bill.
  9. Traffic violation fine without commiting it

    Personally, if I felt my German not to be up to the task of filling out the form, I woud write in English, and leave them to translate my comments. Do you understand what each question means? The last part gives you the opportunity to write your account of the whole thing on a separate sheet of paper...
  10. Traffic violation fine without commiting it

    - okay, so they expect you to pay for the caravan being "recycled". What was on the second page that you filled out?
  11. Simulating Sitzpinkeln

      - well, when I was about ten years old, I went to a Birthday party being held in the local Methodist Hall, and with outdoor toilets that were quite prehistoric. They obviously left their mark on me, because during the night I sleep-walked to the bathroom (our toilet was separate), and pinkled over the side of the bath! It has never happened since then, and I don't make a habit of sleep-walking, but y'know, these things happen!
  12. Acadis in Bad Homburg

    I haven't got a clue, but Google has:
  13. rules for air transport of kitten within Germany?

    Why not contact the airline you plan to fly with, and ask them?
  14. Bad credit rating

    He should get a copy of is Schufa rating. This is available on the Schufa website. Find out his rating and why it is so bad, and then you can do something about it.
  15. Power outlet on Regional Trains

    The answer seems to be a definite "maybe"!