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  1. Let’s play : find Yasmin A’s insta

      - it´s only the oldies left here now, Kza! We don´t go out clubbing very much, and 9.30pm is what we call a "late night"!  
  2. Herbstdeko - suggestions

    As I said, decorate to make Mum happy and everything will be fine! Glad you are feeling better!   Have you looked on already? The prices seem quite good:   If only you were looking for real sunflowers - we have a field of them just outside of the house!  
  3. Herbstdeko - suggestions

      You do realise that small baby will have very little benefit from all your decorative efforts, don´t you?! The most benefit will actually be if Mum is happy, and that doesn´t necessarily have to involve spending a small fortune on fake flowers, does it? We used to collect fallen leaves when out for a walk, press them until fully dried, and then string them up and hang them by the windows, over the radiator - they would waft around a little bit from the heat, and give some autumn colour to the living room. similarly, we (when Shorty was old enough to help!) would cut out snowflakes and hang them over the radiators - made a nice effect in winter.   I think that what I am really trying to say is that decoration does not have to be expensive, but you have to be happy with it!  
  4. Fucking squatters

      If rooms are being offered on AirBnB, couldn´t he get some nice, chunky rugby players to rent rooms there, and take over the place? surely one of them could replace a lock for him too?
  5. I have banked with the Halifax for about thirty years now, and am fully aware that they are not happy having me as a customer. Over the years they have reduced the choice of accounts that I am allowed to re-invest money into, so that now I have my current account and the back-end of a 5-year investment account, due to mature at the start of next year. Having said that, they haven´t (yet!) literally asked me to leave, as I believe they rather like to have my money to make profits from...  
  6. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    From Die Welt: - including the number of a hotline you can call, if you think you had contact to this person.   - apparently, she had been advised to remain in quarantine until she received the result of a Covid test, but did not. How stupid and selfish can a person be?!!!  
  7. Telc B1 exam experience(Horrible)

    They seemed to be quite easy-going when I took my test - especially the speaking part - they actually asked me to stop talking because I had done far too much for them! If you could convince the lady that you had understood and knew what you were talking about, then I don´t think it will be a problem. They are used to hearing "gibberish" - happens all the time in such tests, partly due to nerves and partly due to not having a clue... As for the letter-writing part, it is not so important how much you write, but what you write, and how correct, and to-the-point it is. If you got everything across that you needed to, and in relatively good German, then it shouldn´t be a problem either! I think you should congratulate yourself for having the courage to take the test, and settle down for the evening with a nice glass of wine or whatever your poison is. Don´t be too hard on yourself!  
  8. Gardening advice wanted

      Nothing to thank me for really - if you have questions, just post them, and you will almost certainly get a reply from somebody, since TT is full of (mostly!) friendly people! So, what did you plant, and what are you not too happy about? Also, bear in mind that some plants need a couple of years to develop, so whatever you have planted this year might not have reached maturity, and may still look small and weak in comparison to what it might look like next year.   And whilst I am here, has anybody got a good tip for getting rid of caterpillars on my broccoli? The little monsters seem to LOVE broccoli!!!  
  9. Coronavirus

      @ Yesterday - I sure hope that your source is WRONG!!! Personally, I would like to believe that Mike`s source is more accurate, but at the end of the day, I very much doubt that anybody knows!   Somebody asked me today if I would be getting a `flu injection this year - of course, was my reply, but thinking about it, with all this wearing of masks and stuff, maybe we won´t even need to get one - it´s been proven that germs have a hard time getting through a mask, and since we are all (more or less!) wearing masks, how should we even catch the ´flu?   Even the common cold, which I normally get about twice per year, has not happened (yet) this year - touch wood! I must say, however much I hate wearing a mask, it definitely helps you to stay healthy!
  10.   Feel free, but I sure hope you have insurance!!!
  11.   Darling, I don´t think you have the strength to hit a ball THAT far!
  12. There seems to be a cricket club in Munich - looking at some of the players´names, I suspect they are mostly of Indian or Pakistani background, though I could be wrong. Take a look here:
  13. Random pointless comments

      Haha! I don´t like gooseberries, and I don´t like cinnamon, so I very much doubt that I would like the joghurt!!!
  14. Random pointless comments

      We have them in the garden...
  15. Posting our packing labels from previous parcels?

      - surely that should have been posted under "first world problems", oder?