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  1. Legal Notice from Bayerischer Rundfunk, Beitragsservice

    I can't read most of the second copy!
  2.   I think it is only a recommendation - sure, if you are the kind of person who spends every penny s/he has each and every month, then this is probably a very good rule for you to stick by. On the other hand, if you rarely go out, have cheap hobbies, etc, then you will surely be able to afford to pay your rent even if if just barely meets the 30% mark.
  3. Are people with tattoos stupid?

      I noh nuffin!!!
  4.   If this is written in your rental contract, then contactyour landlord about the debt; if not, then you will have to pay it yourself.   If you are unsure, post the part of your contract that you consider to be relevant and we can take a look at it for you.
  5. Could I stay on "travel" health insurance for 5 years?

      I think the worst-case situation of "getting caught" would be for one of you to break a leg and have to pay full costs out-of-pocket. Whether you view health insurance for you and your family as necessary or not, you would be a fool not to get insurance.
  6. Volunteering in Heidelberg

      We have a couple of asylum-seekers, who are learning German, but generally, anybody who is interested and wants to learn, will be welcomed and trained within the unit, and sent on further training courses as and when appropriate.   Insurance-wise, we are all covered by the Gemeinde Unfall Versicherung, and there really is a LOT of on-the-job training involved.
  7. Volunteering in Heidelberg

      I don't know any of the above organisations, but I am a voluntary firefighter, which almost fits all of your preferences - we are often outdoors, often have to rely upon physical fitness and strength, and also provide advanced first aid as and when necessary, until the "Vultures" (Rettungsdienst), as they are commonly known, come and pick up the pieces.   Not sure if this might be of interest to you, but I find it very rewarding.,Lde/feuerwehr/Freiwillige+Feuerwehr.html
  8. Doctor consultation on weekend

    Contact your Krankenkasse - mine is really good at helping with short-notice appointments.
  9. Blitz Marathon 2019 - April 3rd 2019

    Here are the details for 2019 - on Wednesday 3rd April:
  10. Einbürgerung Process in München

    aha! You had spelled it wrong and I wasn't sure! Anyways, give them a bell on Monday and ask - and post their response here for other users who might want to know!
  11. Einbürgerung Process in München

      Welcome! Just to be sure, is the word "Einburgerungszusicherung"?
  12. Einbürgerung Process in München

    Phone them and ask!
  13. What everyday thing,

      Wow!!! That's amazing!   Not such an everyday thing, but one of our firefighters, who regularly wears breathing apparatus in the line of duty, has never been on a training course to do so. He simply started using breathing apparatus at a time before everything became super-safe and bureaucratic, and has never been asked for proof of training, although he regularly has to take the G26 health check, just as we all do.
  14. What everyday thing,

      um, but I am sure I have seen you driving a car... wanna tell us why?
  15.   Thanks for posting, John, but please try to keep up with the others here