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  1. A gift to a doctor

      I said plants! - because of the soil...
  2. A gift to a doctor

      Just want to mention that my local hospital does not allow any plants to be taken in, in case there are creepy-crawlies in the soil. It might be best to ask the staff about this, and also what sort of "thankyou" they would like - these days, sometimes simply writing a letter of thanks is more meaningful, since so few people actually put pen to paper now!
  3. Have you thought of simplyasking whichever energy company you are thinking of changing to?
  4. @ the OP:   - you are not stupid and you are not to blame! - some will believe you and some won`t. That´s life. - go to the police and report all of this - get yourself some counselling - you are suffering from trauma, shame, shock, etc, which you might well be able to deal with on a good day, but not        every day is a good one! - reply to the job offer and sort out your visa stuff, so that you can make a new start, away from Berlin and all things that will remind you of what happened.   - remember, not everybody is bad, but too much trust can put you in danger.  
  5. Why are you unhappy today?

      Thanks for your kind words, Optimista!
  6.   Maybe we need to change the title to "I spent half my life in Munich and it was great!"...   Glad things worked out for you here, Steve!
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

      Thanks John, nice to hear something positive!
  8. Why are you unhappy today?

      Interestingly enough, the colleagues from Western European countries all see it as a case of mobbing, but he has been able to influence the girls from eastern countries, and one even claimed to think of him as her brother!!! The one thing he can do really, really well is talk - sounds like a real professional, with absolutely amazing abilities when you talk to him - and yes, his abilities are amazing-           -ly few and far between when you actually see his working...   Really sad about the whole thing, but happy to be getting away from him - this whole thing has done my health and self-estime absolutely no favours.
  9. Why are you unhappy today?

    I am unhappy because I have got what I wanted, but in doing so, have lost the battel.   A rather new member of staff has been making my life hell for months now, and doing his very best to make me look like a total idiot - unfortunately, rather successfully! So, in chatting with the boss of anotehr store, I mentioned that I am desperate to get away from this person as it really is not good for me to continue working with him. End of the story, being that the other boss has arranged for me to work in her store for most of February. And I am sad about it. After 25 years with the company, they have allowed this one little bastard to walz in, make my life hell, and push me out of the store I helped to build-up! Feeling so, so sad right now....    
  10. Looking to Buy US Car Seat

    It seems to be a bit of a grey zone:   Have you already asked the car rental company if it`s okay to use a German kiddy seat? It seems that some see it as being just fine and others don`t know either!  
  11. Looking for a group for children with Autism

    Whilst the English part might be difficult to cover, why not try at least contacting this group:
  12. English-speaking therapists w/Kassenzulassung

    @ Lee - for goodness sake stop re-posting your advert!!! You have so far posted the same thing 6 times in a row - maybe more by the time I finish writing this(!)   Just for reference, there are certain rules about advertising on TT, which you might like to familiarize yourself with.
  13. Need legal advice for my friend

      Theoretically, I agree with you Namu, but what are you going to do with German thieves?   To the OP, and at risk of winning the "worst joke of the year award", €2 is peanuts, and most stores will drop such a case, but issue a laden verbot - the thief will be banned from entering the store again.  
  14. Dentist overcharging for a filling

      OMG! You risk life and limb - I sure hope you are insured! 
  15. Dentist overcharging for a filling

    I really think that the OP should have checked with the TK before having anything done at all. Sure, she might have more trust in a dentist who is a friend of the family, but at the end of the day, he is also running a business and will be making money out of the transaction.   As Answertolife42 says, why on earth should the TK and it`s members pay for somebody to have non-emergency work done in another country?!