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  1. Odd news

      Oh FFS! If you can´t have a drink or two as and when you like when you reach 95 years old, when can you?!   Quite honestly, she is going to die at some stage, and neither the midwife nor the last martini will be the cause!
  2. Bullying or harassment in the work place

    - perfect description, Optimista!
  3. Bullying or harassment in the work place

      No, never touched his toes! He is the type of manager who is happy if things get done. He used to laugh his head off at myself and a colleague, who always do things exactly by the book and produce good results, but as soon as something came along that needed doing "exactly", guess who was good enough for the job?! His first comment when corona virus came along was "oh, you are old. Old people die from this. I guess you are going to die soon"!!!  
  4. I guess paying €400 would just about be okay if the silver fish were gone, but it seems they are not gone! I guess you have already searched the internet for tips to get rid of silver fish? So, assuming you have followed all available advice and they are still there, I would assume that you are not the one responsible for them being in the property. My best advice would be to get proper legal advice on this issue - probably you will have to get a survey of the issue done privately and then present it to the landlord to prove that you are not causing the problem, but are suffering from it. Are you a member of the Mietverein? If so, book an appointment there and see what they have to say.
  5. Bullying or harassment in the work place

    Just to update a bit, after the two weeks of sick leave, I went back to work this Monday (yesterday), and five minutes later my regional manager turned up. I got called in for a chat, and we agreed that I should move to another store (because I just can´t take it any more!). Today I worked in the other store, and am just not happy there. I had to sit on the till the whole shift, where I am used to being out and about and more or less running the joint. Just not happy.  
  6. Just wondering how they come to think you used so much water compared to 2019 - did somebody come and take a meter reading, or is it an estimate? Okay, as for the price per unit, I guess you could check that online, but maybe making a phone call to the provider or even your landlord/lady would be the best solution.    
  7. Higher rent because of home office?!!

    FFS!!! You rent the room - what you do in it is none of his business (as long as it is legal!)  
  8. Looking to find a friend in Berlin last seen 1972

    I guess you´ve tried looking for her on Facebook, etc? The telephone book is online these days too, but the girl probably got married and changed her name, so start by looking for her parents, who are also more likely to have a "proper" telephone! Why not simply put up all of the information you have on this girl, and see if TT can help? We´ve had some successes in the past, so who knows?  
  9.   That is actually the solution I have come to! German ID card, and British passport, so no problem traveling into the UK, and also no problem in mainland Europe. TBH I am not really known as a traveler, so not planning to go outside of this region anyway.  
  10. Is it worth moving to a big city in the west?

      Oh, come on girl! You have at last made a decision, and your heart knows that it is the right one for you. Don´t feel sad or "down" because this hasn´t worked out for you - hey! you are going "home", to a world where the people are nice and friendly, and you don´t have to make a huge effort to be understood - what could be better? Just be sure to take a cannister of petrol with you when you go, and you´ll have to fight off the number of new friends you instantly have
  11. Meetup around Southern Ammersee?

    I was in Herrsching yesterday, visiting my dentist, and have another appointment next Thursday...  
  12. Bullying or harassment in the work place

    Okay, so the system we have is that you have to phone the store and tell the person in charge at that time that you are off sick and for how long. I wasn´t sure, but thought my boss would be there until 2pm, so I called through at 3pm and got somebody else on the phone. As well as having to phone in sick, since September we have to upload the sicknote on the companys´app - and you have to tick a box to say that you have already called-in!   Anyway, all done and dusted!   I have another appointment with my Doc next Tuesday morning, where we can discuss how to move forward.   Thanks for all of your thoughts on this matter, very much appreciated!   @ Optimista - good point there - dunno, but can probably find out
  13. Bullying or harassment in the work place

    Just to update a bit, I went to see my GP this morning and am written off sick for the next two weeks to give myself a bit of space to decide on my next move, and to, hopefully, get my boss out of my head(!) GP was very understanding and, rather surprisingly, told me that there have been other colleagues who have gone to see her about problems with the same boss. Not sure if this made me happy or sad, but it helps me to believe that it can´t all be my fault!   The only problem right now is that the boss is at work and I don´t want to have to phone him and say that I am written off sick!    
  14. Things to ponder

    My ex is married again, and apparently happy, but he cares enough to want to help me find a new job and be happy again. I guess he counts as a good friend now, and one that I am very grateful to have!  
  15. BREXIT positives and negatives

    No fuel available? What a wonderful way to encourage people to buy electric cars!