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  1. Help with my 10 year old homework

      I beg your pardon? At this distance, you ain't gonna "do the rob" at all, babe!!!   (quote something, mark it, and click on the "B" on the top line)
  2. Help with my 10 year old homework

      I dunno, but if I put my thinking cap on, I might come up with an answer to that one!
  3.   Haha! Finally a use for them!!! Well done, Lisa!   Last time I came home from holidaying without Shorty, I came hom to a living-room with two big, upturned, glasses, and one bowl...and an explanation of "er, Mum, I managed to cover tehm up, but I couldn't get them outside!"....
  4. Baby vaccinations

    Okay, so that throws up a lot more questions, but I will leave them for now. Is your husband assigned to a German company, and being payed locally, or is his pay still coming from the UK? If from the UK, I can well imagine that you may not need to register and thus not have to have the mandatory (German) health insurance. On the other hand, you really do need to have some kind of health insurance that covers more than the EHIC. I would suggest contacting either Starshollow or John g. as they are the TT experts on the ins and outs of insurance.
  5. Why are you happy today?

      Sort of happy this evening, as I have a dental appointment tomorrow at midday. At the moment I feel like half of my mouth is missing, even though it is "only" one tooth!!! Please keep your fingers crossed that my dentist can work magic on it for me!
  6. Why are you happy today?

      Actually, I believe it is also the last piece of my tooth, that the crown was kid of "sat on", if you see what I mean? Think I might have a bigger problem here than just a crown to glue back in place... not really happy at all, so should either bugger off to the unhappy thread or to bed....
  7. Why are you happy today?

      Haha! Lost it whilst in the kitchen, and it is currently sat on the windowsill next to me, reminding me to call the dentist first thing in the morning!!!
  8. Why are you happy today?

      Well done Piggy!   I lost a crown from one of my teeth today - things just don't feel the same in my mouth this evening!!!
  9. Huge bill for heating (Nebenkosten)

      I am so glad you did - do you know how many threads we already have concerning Nebenkosten?!!!   As for thr five months thing - could it be a typing error? Possibly only a 5 and not a 15?   Did you take meter readings when you moved in and out? If so, it should be quite easy to calculate what you should have to pay. Obviously, Vorauszahlungen are only estimates of how much you will pay - if you had the heating on full-blast, day and night, and it was constantly like a sauna in the flat, then it would be no wonder that you now have a higher bill than estimated, but you are the only one who knows what you did...   Looking forward to updates on the status of this one!
  10.   That's okay Gordon, I am not sure who you are either!   On the other hand, if you only know somebody from TT, and know them by their user name, it's kind of normal to call them that, isn't it?
  11.   Don't worry dear, as my ex-MIL would say, (in German!), a house loses nothing!!!   On the other hand, my teenage daughter would use you as a good example for NOT putting things away....
  12. I love living in Germany, but...

    - no better or worse than other stores in that respect, but definitely fresher!!!
  13. I love living in Germany, but...

      I would just like to point out that at least Aldi receives daily deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as many other "standard" products, so it is often a case of Aldi having much fresher produce than other stores simply because everything is shipped-in overnight. The down-side to this being that the staff start work at 5.30am.  
  14. I love living in Germany, but...

      er, excuse me, but who opens the boxes and other packaging? If you care to notice, it's not the staff, but the customers, and some poor sod has to spend all day trying to make things look neat and tidy again!!!   Oh, and you don't actually need to take your Swiss army knife with you, since each member of staff has a Stanley knife in their pocket!!!
  15. Looking for Rheinhard Kimmel & Hsns-Jurgen Herter

    Have you already contacted the Hans-Jürgen I linked to, and asked if it is a photo of him? Whilst the chances are minimal, I think it's worth a try!