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  1. It seems to me that you agreed to the companies´ Terms and Conditions when you booked a place on the course.
  2. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

      Hate to tell you Dessa, but yes, you are part of the problem!   Twice today I backed off from customers, who only took another step forward each time - after three steps backwards I do, now, actually ask the person to keep a distance - and they just stand there like a deer caught  in the car lights, shocked, and not at all sure what to do!   Please, please, keep your distance from the staff wherever you feel the need to go shopping - hte staff have to be there, and you couldn´t go shopping without the staff working their asses off, but we really DO NOT want any of the germs that you might happen to have, thankyou very much!   (rant over!)   Seriously though, as I have said before, just because you are wearing a mask and rubber gloves, does not make you 100% immune, so be sensible, and keep your distance!  
  3. Seeking 2 room apartment in Munich

      Without wanting to get too personal here, what sort of price-range are you looking for?
  4. Trump wants a garden of national heroes

    How about Frank Spencer?
  5. Help for a disabled friend of my son.

    I can´t help you at all, Pappnase, but wanted to say that you have my full respect for taking the lad in and caring about him and his problems. You can be proud of yourself!  
  6. Since the OP signed a contract with the landlord/lady, agreeing to pay x-amount rent per month, the chances of getting a rebate are not so good. I could just as easily try to rent out the shed at the bottom of my garden for €500/month, and if I found somebody willing to sign the contract, then we would have a valid contract.... One should always inform oneself of the local "mietspiegel" before agreeing to pay anything!   By all means go and join the Mietverein, but do not count on getting your money back!
  7. Health insurance help!

    Sorry to hear that your health isn`t so good at the moment - I hope it improves again soon!   Having said that, how shoddy do you think it is to have swapped to Mawista because "it was cheaper", and now to want to put the blame on TK for letting you go?!   In your case, I think you should contact Johng. and ask if he can help you at all. I know he has helped a lot of TTers with all sorts of complicated stuff before.  
  8. Smoke detectors

    Latest test results here:
  9. Someone used my bank card. What do?

      - assuming the shop even has cameras!
  10. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

      Sounds just like the kind of idiots we get at work!   - and the reason she will have gotten a second till opened for her is probably not because she is somebody wonderful and to be respected, but because the poor cashier will have been absolutely desperate to get her AWAY from her!!!!  
  11. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    It seems that there are HUGE regional differences as regards wearing of masks - outside of Munich we are still wearing masks on the shop floor, as well as on the till, behind plexiglas screens. Customers also have to be masked to enter the store, but the number one sees whose nose somehow just manages to "escape" is increasing, and some even pull the mask back down under their chin when in the store, and get stroppy when asked to put it back on properly! More worrying though, is that, increasingly people totally forget to give each other (and maybe more importantly, the staff!) SPACE!   As Snowing so rightly says, we are "out there" all day long, being subjected to all sorts of customer stupidity!  
  12. Apartment rental issues

    You should have joined the local Mietverein years ago! Often they cannot help with ongoing problems!   Having said that, if your bathroom wasn`t clean and tidy when the landlord entered the flat, who cares? Such things are purely cosmetic , and as long as everything can be cleaned up for the handover of the flat (whenever that will be), it really doesn´t matter!   A landlord can enter a flat in certain circumstances, but this does not seem to have been one of them, so your next move should be to make a police report.    
  13. Spouse working as a retailer

    @ zainu - the local FA can answer your questions, probably better than we can! Why not give them a bell?  
  14. Tipping of hospital staff

    I was wondering about this, too.   Having spent the past two days in hospital, having some tests done, I tipped the cleaning lady! Upon arrival at the hospital, I was taken up to the ward and left waiting in the corridor for an hour and a half. The only person who even talked to me in that time was the cleaning lady - we made small-talk, and she kept on rolling her eyes at how long I was being made to wait. Upon leaving, I was made to wait over four hours(!) for my Arztbrief - during which time the cleaner kept popping her head around the door to see if I was still there, or if she could come in to clean. At the point where I was told that they should be finished with me in "ten mniutes", I suggested that I wait in the corridor, so that the room could be prepared for the next person. She was really happy, and it wasn´t a problem for me, although it was more like a half-hour wait at the end of the day! I left some money for the cleaner on the bedside cabinet with a simple thankyou message, since she was very hard-working, and I think that, in particular, the cleaning staff are often forgotten when it comes to showing thanks.  
  15. What made you smile today?

    Bank transfer, envelope through the door, I dunno .- seems like things out there are "a bit" different to here... I was brought up to not owe anything to anybody, and I have stuck to that these past 54 years.