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  1. smoke mask needed

      I hate to mention it, but most "normal" people in Germany do not need these things, so even if you do manage to find an actual store, the prices will be through the roof. Beware of buying masks with a filter that has to be changed regularly - this adds to the long-term cost. A filter that is "out-of-date" can still be used, but you will end up with part of it's content all over your face, and almost certainly in your lungs if you ever do have to use it. As I mentioned before, masks are available on - I also saw an emergency escape ladder on there whilst browsing, so it might still be worth taking a look.
  2. Certificate of death - legal interest

    Since your Polish is probably better than your German, why not have a chat with the Polish people and present them the situation you are in. You are surely not the only Pole to have had a relative die abroad, so there must be some way to get the authorities to work together.   I can well appreciate the Standesamt wanting an official reason for you to get a copy of the death certificate - otherwise anybody could just walk in there and ask for one!
  3. Vollstreckungsbescheid - Lawyer Misrepresentation

      - what did they say?
  4. smoke mask needed

    You can also buy them on Amazon. What do you need one for anyway?
  5. smoke mask needed
  6. Will a German parking fine follow me to the U.K?

      If a comparison had been made, the previous quote would read something like: "Well, tax fines get chased to Germany from the UK, so I assume that parking fines from Germany follow you back to the UK as well"   - guess what? It didn't!!!.  
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

    Don't know what she or has not got, but it's really worrying that a bridge can collapse just like that! Makes me very unhappy, especially for those killed and injured by it.
  8. Moving into a new apartment and ending contract with Vattenfall

    Phone them, tell them that you are moving, and ask what happens now. Then report back.
  9. Whilst SoD is perfectly correct in that those are the rules layed down by the company, we also have Vodaphone, and the guy who came to install it actuall recommended that we cancel the contract after one year - apparently, they then contact you to ask why, and are very likely to make you an offer. Personally, I haven't tried it yet, since we still have six months to go...
  10. Where to live for jobs near Patch/Kelly

      So far, you haven't received any rude comments, although I must admit to very nearly posting something the other day.   Why not take a step back and look at how the conversations here have gone so far? You asked if publis transport even goes to the bases, to which I replied with links for public transport to both bases you asked about. Since then, you have boasted that using another website, you can come up with different travel times, and constantly seem to miss the point that times will vary enormously, depending upon where you live! You want to live in a city, but not Stuttgart, and not in the suburbs. Well, guess what? living in a city automatically means you will have more contact to various forms of polution than if you live further outside of a city. And if you want to mix with the locals (do they want to mix with you?), you won't have much success if, within the first ten minutes of knowing them, you start telling them that you know everything better than they do!   If Mainz is your dream location, then go to Mainz, but if not, then please try to be a bit more accepting of suggestions made by others here - after all, this is an open chat forum, and you are the Newbie!!!
  11. Having a bad day!

    Either the nakedness and stickiness are connected, or you have a peanut or two stuck in your keyboard - try tipping it upside-down and see what falls out...
  12. Having a bad day!

      - should I ask what you have been up to whilst sat at the computer?
  13. Where to live for jobs near Patch/Kelly

    Mainz "feels like home"  
  14. Having a bad day!

      Why did you post this twice, John? Are you feeling alright?   Oh, I see - you actually managed 6 times!!! Going for the the record tonight, are we?
  15. Having a bad day!

    "stabbed in the back and the bottom"??? I can think of far more effective places to stab somebody!