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  1. Why are you happy today?

      - unfortunately, only in England and Wales...
  2. Umzug options

    What if s/he can't drive? 
  3. Umzug options

      - doesn't need to have! Get friends in Munich to help pack a van, drive van and friends to Ingolstadt, unload van, and bring friends and van back to Munich to hand over the flat . Alternatively, place an advert on here to get some helping hands at both ends...
  4. Problems with Sixt - Asking me to pay for scratches

    I wonder if the OP has Rechtschutzversicherung? Might be useful here...
  5. Why are you happy today?

  6. Have you already asked the Kita staff if any of them have time for some babysitting? If not, they might be able to recommend somebody.
  7. What made you smile today?

    Great story, Hoops! Somehow the sort of daft thing I might do, just to make a grave look "cared for".
  8. Looking for an interesting name for a real estate company

    I guess it depends a lot upon your target customers - are you aiming for English-speaking, or German-speaking?   For Germans, how about Immobilien Welle?   For english-speakers, why not stick to Moonwave Immobilien, and hope to get some custom from TT users based upon the name connection?
  9. unemployment benefit

    Maybe you should try a little job-seeking on here? What business is your husband in? What can he do? Where are you based? etc.   There are TTers throughout Germany, and most of them are the nice, helpful sort, so with a bit of luck, you might find something through TT.
  10. International Waste Dumping

      - sod the cost - we can still send it back to where ti came from
  11. Looking for English Trainers

      I was a prefect in school, does that count?
  12. Sewing classes in Munich

      @ Metall - I have a machine like this in the cellar:     - if you are interested, or anybody else, for that matter, let me know.  
  13. I have been known to ask:   "which idiot did that, then?!!!"   - and then realise that I know the "idiot" quite well...
  14. Proper gifts for 5 year old kids?

    Slime! OMG! I remember when that stuff first came out!
  15. Apartment price estimation

    I think you sometimes need to pay a decent price in order to get peace of mind.