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  1. I think that the teams have to stay on the pitch. I also think that both teams should stick together and refuse to continue playing as long some of them are being abused Let the security people deal with the disruptive elements and then get on with the game.   Whatever one believes outside of the football pitch, should stay outside.
  2. About the employment situation in the city

      I think a lot of people lie on their CV and try to make it fit the job better than the reality. On the other hand, companies are always on the look-out for recent graduates with at least 15 years of experience in "the field" and willing to accept the lowest wage, since they are fresh out of uni. Nothing really fits together, does it?   Where I work, we currently have a management trainee who, according to his CV and what he tells you, must simply be Superman, As some of you might have already guessed - he isn`t! Enough said.
  3. Random pointless comments

      - but you don`t count as "old" - yet!!! 
  4. Brexit: The fallout

      I totally agree with you on that one! My Aunty cannot wait for Brexit to go through so that "all those bloody foreigners have to leave"! I don`t think she realises that the whole country would collapse if all foreigners left - no care staff in hospitals or care homes, no dustbin men, etc   Curious to see her face when I tell her that I have become German!
  5. Adult swimming lessons in Berlin

    @ Madfox - Aelulu hasn`t posted on TT since June, so might well have left the country.   Have you thought of going to the swimming pool and asking to at least be put in touch with the teacher of the adult classes? Whilst they might not want to give out personal information of their staff, you could leave your email/phone number and ask them to contact you regarding private lessons.
  6. Bankrupt but picky

      What a wonderful interpretation!!!  
  7. Bankrupt but picky

    @ Krieg - your heart is in the right place! Please don`t let people like this prevent you from helping others.
  8. From my first appointment at the Landratsamt, to becoming a citizen, it took 6-7 weeks altogether. Apparently, that was very fast.   All I can say is, the sooner you start the application process, the sooner you might become a citizen.
  9. Treatment for Parkinson's Disease

    I know Leon, I know! they really aren`t the kind of family that talk to each other, which is difficult enough, but with her becoming ill, I fear it can only get worse!
  10. Treatment for Parkinson's Disease

      If my boyfriend hadn`t of gone to see the Doc himself, he wouldn`t even know what is wrong with he - apparently, the Doc has been trying to get her to go and see a neurologist for a year and a half! This, she has kept quiet from the rest of the family, but she now has the earliest possible appointment that my BF could get - January 27th next year!!! He`s gonna have another chat with the Doc on Monday and see if she can`t somehow get her "squeezed-in" a bit earlier!  
  11. Treatment for Parkinson's Disease

    Thanks guys. My boyfriend finally had a chat with her doctor yesterday, and apparently, she should have gone to see a neurologist over a year ago, but has kept it secret from the whole family! Guess who will be dragging his Mother to a neurologist ASAP?   If you have ever met a family that doesn`t communicate with each other, then this is one of them!
  12. Treatment for Parkinson's Disease

    My boyfriend`s Father passed away about a month ago and today his Mother has been diagnosed with Parkinsons. I don`t know what to say or how I can help.  
  13. Air Berlin,Germania, WOW, Thomas Cook, Adria Airways

      - fixed it for you!