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  1. Back pain: how can I quit my job and get ALG1?

    I had serious problems in my job at the end of last year, and my Doctor offered to write a letter to the Arbeitsamt for me so that I could claim benefits from day one. Have a chat with your GP.
  2. WW3 anybody?

      Have to agree with you on that!  
  3. Zahlen, bitte!

      That sounds really good!!!   I haven´t eaten out since the whole Covid thing started! I spend my working time amongst people, and my private time avoiding them
  4. 1. sorry for your loss. 2. are you sure it was the job center calling? 3. Obviously, the right thing to do would be to contact the job center and tell them what is going on in your life. 4. On the other hand, maybe you went abroad in the hope of finding a job(?)... 5. wait and see
  5. Why are you unhappy today?

    Sorry to hear that Tor! Glad that your sister can get there to help with your Dad. Wishing you (and her!) strength!  
  6. Car Insurance query - Incorrect Valid to date

    I believe that the car insurance in Germany runs on a calendar year basis - hence the "rush" at the end of November to cancel insurances/start new ones with other companies. Thus, I would assume that the OP´s new insurance company is just doing the normal thing here...    
  7. Has anybody been to Toni & Guy in Munich recently? Just wondering about prices and quality of service.
  8. Obituary thread of notable or obscure folk: Ronnie Spector

      Actually only heard of this today, on the news. He did an awful lot of good work in his time, and his funeral was truly "simple", as he would have wanted ti to be.
  9. SUSPICIOUS: Looking to interview 50 Expats

    1. who are "we"?   2. how? zoom? on paper? in person?   3. are you offering any incentive?   4. time frame?  
  10. 14 day home quarantine + your turn to clear snow

      Please don´t do it!!! Just for one moment, assume that you are actually infected, and/or carrying the next round of Corona virus with you - do you really want to potentially threaten the supermarket staff with it? I know, there are plenty of people who do go for "one last shop", but it would be nice to think that TTers are more sensible and caring towards supermarket staff!   You can shop online and have absolutely no contact to anybody, so why not do it?
  11. 14 day home quarantine + your turn to clear snow

    Have you thought of swapping shifts with a neighbour?  
  12. Why are you unhappy today?

      That also makes me unhappy! Staff are told to do whatever is asked, and not to be a hero in such situations. I feel terribly sorry for the cashier!  
  13. Why are you happy today?

      OMG! Orla! How lovely to see you again!  
  14. How and when did you learn German?

      If you need something new, try taking a holiday in southern Bavaria - you would certainly have to puzzle things out again there!   People often think that I am from the Netherlands because of my accent - they do notice that I am not from here, but have trouble placing me!
  15. What are you cooking today?

      Thanks for asking, Fruity! Yes, well, the Doc was of the opinion that she needed to be checked over thoroughly in the hospital, so she got taken away this afternoon. They tried to do an MRT this afternoon, but weren´t able to get her in the right position due to pain - she quite probably has a slipped/worn out disc in her neck, which I know from personal experience is really incredibly painful! Anyway, due for another try tommorow, and she is on intravenous drugs in the meantime.   As for the teeth, well, this has all sort of snowballed since her last visit to the dentist, where she could barely get out of the chair for pain, so she wants to be sorted out before attempting to get the teeth done, if you see what I mean?