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  1. Language acquisition for 5/6 year old

      Whilst I tend to agree that the kid will learn German at Kindergarten, it really is a very different one to that of thirty or forty years ago - with the mass immigration of asylum seekers only a few years ago, many of them are still struggling to integrate children from a totally different immigrant background.   I would suggest taking the kid along to Kinder Turnen or football or whatever is locally available for the little ones, and see if he can`t make contact with German-speaking kids there.   As Katheliz said, stick to your own language when reading books, etc - much better than bad German, which the little one would also pick up!   Whilst it`s true that the little one will pick up the language much quicker and easier than the OP, it is also important that he not forget his first language!    
  2. "Untranslatable" German words

      To me, a sink is in the kitchen, and a wash basin in the bathroom, so a Waschbeckenunterschrank would be a bathroom cupboard under the wash basin. Or to refine that a bit, a vanity unit with wash basin.
  3. Aufhebungsvereinbarung (Termination Contract) after resignation

    My understanding of an Aufhebungsvertrag is not only that the person stops working for a particular company, but that s/he does not take company secrets with him/her, or go to work for a very similar company the day after leaving the first company. This might well explain why the contract is so long.   I think the OP needs to get a German-speaking friend to look over the contract and explain it`s contents to him/her.
  4. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      - I guess it depends upon whether Brexit actually, finally goes through...   Anyway, just in case it does, I suggest you get your act together and jump through all necessary hoops ASAP.   Hey, I just realised that I will actually be in England on October 31st - wonder what difference it will make coming back, assuming it all goes through?
  5. Leaving the country - what will I miss/not miss?

    Something I don`t think you will miss is the German sense of humour....
  6. Laws on leaving a dog indoors while one is away

      WTF?!!! A dog is a dog and doesn`t care what colour it`s owner is! How dare these people take it upon themselves to decide who can and who cannot take their dog to the doggie park? Is there anything like a Hundeverein locally where one could possibly make contact to other dog lovers? Maybe getting to know some of these idiots on a one-to-one basis would make things easier...(?)
  7. Questions you have been afraid to ask... in case you look stupid

    Dunno Hoops, but at risk of souding stupid, here is my question:   Sometimes in the middle of the night I wake up and the light on my television, which is on standby, is blinking and lighting up the whole room - can anybody tell me why?
  8. food videos

    I`d never really thought that America didn`t have much in the way of cheese. I mean, you see it on burgers, so they obviously have the stuff, but is there actually any good cheese in America, or is the "good stuff" all imported?   (please excuse my ignorance here, but I have a "made in England" stamp on my bum!  
  9. Tip of the day

  10. landlord stole my stuff

    Just assuming that all of this is true, what do you expect us to do about it?   I don't mean to sound cold or nasty, or anything, but what are your expectations?
  11. possible psychopath at work

      It`s okay Piggy, nobody knows us here - we are all anonymous
  12. Today I did something stupid

    Today we fancied pizza for lunch, so Shorty and I picked up the cheapest three-pack from Penny Markt we could find, and planned to put extra vegetables and cheese on top. Well, we got carried away with other things whilst the pizzas were baking, and in the end we had forgotten the cheese. Okay, no problem, me thinks, and cover the tops with grated cheese and stuff them under the grill for a couple of minutes. Luckily, I didn`t leave the kitchen, because less than a minute later the baking paper under the pizzas was literally on fire! I grabbed the whole baking sheet and threw it out of the window, since it wouldn`t have fit in the sink.   Stupid, stupid, stupid! Anyway, things could have been a lot worse - as it was, we ended up having a pizza delivered because we are too stupid to bake our own :-(
  13. Why are you unhappy today?

      yep, sorry, but me too! :-)
  14. Peanut butter shortage - help!

      Okay, so the weekend came and went and the peanuts sat in my kitchen looking at me - even this morning as I waited for my toast to jump out of the toaster. This evening, however, there is a small tub of homemade peanut butter in the fridge - Shorty had a go at making it, and it's sooooooooo scrummy that I can hardly believe that there is any left for me! So for any of you on the edge of making your own - go on, give it a try! You won`t regret it!!!  
  15.   - that was 20 years ago, dear!