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  1. Why are you happy today?

      - apparently not!!! Well spotted Wulfrun, but the point remains that Clive could still do his own ironing!
  2. Why are you happy today?

      - erm, you do realise that you could iron the sheets yourself, don't you?!!!   Me? I am happy because I had to contact my optician last week because one of my new lenses was totally out of focus. Anyway, he said it wasn't a problem and that he would order a replacement for me. Well, I popped into the store this morning and he had ordered a new lense for me, plus a new pair of lenses (one for each eye) as a goodwill gesture - saved me about €20 or so! Made me very happy, it did!
  3. All this lawyer stuff is fine and good, but have you even told TK what happened - it seems to me that they have been dealing with a dishonest dentist, who is not capable of actually doing the work properly, and likes to have TK foot the bill. They really do need to be informed too!!!
  4. Beggars knocking on your door

      - got a link please?
  5. May I throw away old contract documents?

    Here is a list (in German) of which documents should be kept and for how long:   and here's another one, somewhat more detailed,,,   - which says that bills, etc. should be kept for three years
  6. Buying a forest from the City/Stadt/Town

      - and even to be able to do your own forestry work, you would need to visit a training course on how to cut trees, how they fall, etc, and how to use and care for a chainsaw...! Oh, and it would be advisable to take out insurance in case one of your trees hits a person, or whatever!   If you are serious, try looking on Ebay small ads - this, for instance:
  7. Buying a house/ where to find the unusual properties

      OMG! This one has to be a real hit!   "kleines Brennereigebäude mit Brennrecht "
  8. Who can take a dog from Germany to NYC?

      @ Fraufruit - you seem to have missed that Jeby initially posted to see if anybody would like to adopt said dog. Having had no response, the final solution is for his daughter to take it - and she happeny to live in New York!   For other dog lovers out there, you can get Golden Retriever puppies from this guy:   - who accidentally posted them on a thread about unexploded bombs!!!    
  9. Returning to Germany

      - and by my calculation, it is nearly the weekend, and it has also gone dark outside, so the chances of getting treated have increased!!! (fingers crossed!)
  10. Traffic fines in Norderstedt

    If it is a speeding ticket you are worried about, it would probably come by post, if you even get one. Could it be that the cops were just being friendly?
  11. No internet and no Vodafone support in english

    We have just been without Vodaphone connections for the past two days - no landline, no internet and no TV - really weird not having TV, even though I would claim not to watch it much!!!
  12.   Our detective caught a regular customer today, who was shopping with a shopping bag - well, two, actually. One was inside of the other, so she put things that she wanted to pay for in the top one, and things she wanted to get for free in the bottom one. Rather unluckily for her, she did all of this right in front of our detective, and he is damned good!!!
  13.   Having spoken to a security colleague, this seems to be the best way to do your shopping without any risk of "profiling" - whether black, white, yellow, male or female. Keep all items you wish to purchase in full view of everybody, and DO NOT go putting stuff into bags, rucksacks or even pockets, however tempting it might be! Security staff actually look to see who holds their goods in view, and who doesn't - obviously, those "hiding" goods attract more attention!
  14. - both Wikipedia and this site say that the "A" is for rubbish:
  15. What made you laugh today?

      - getting old and forgetful, huh?!   You'll probably find that the quote system was on the blink when Gwaptiva posted...