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  1. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    Good luck for your appointment - I hope they can do something to help you!
  2. Four candles, it must be advent!

      Sorry, can´t read the title of this thread without thinking of this!
  3.   FFS! If you traveling with your dog is making the seats all hairy then you really should be clearing the hair off afterwards. Whilst I absolutely love dogs, I find some of their owners to be very inconsiderate.   And don´t get me started on those who thing that throwing their dog-poop bags into snow is the right was to get rid of them - when the snow thaws around here, there are hundreds of blobs of red plastic left - yuck!!!   And on the subject of Beleidigung, I actually have a case running at the moment, whereby a customer shouted that I was a "fucking racist bitch". I´m waiting to see what happens.  
  4. Why are you unhappy today?

    Sorry for your loss John! I am just back from a trip to England and also unhappy, because each time I visit, there are less family and friends to go and see. But Aunty Frances is still hanging in there, at 93!  
  5. Proper paper ticker on Flixbus?

      And quite rightly too, since people have been posting a "money-saving tip" on social media, advising to scan more expensive fruit and veg as potatoes, which are relatively cheap. I´m all for saving money, but I am not willing to break the law in order to do so!!!  
  6. heirloom tomato suitable for germany

      That recipe sounds really good Tap, thanks for posting! sorry for the delay in replying, but my internet, TV and telephone were all down over the weekend... I`ll let you know once I have tried it!  
  7. heirloom tomato suitable for germany

    - do you peel them first?  
  8. heirloom tomato suitable for germany

    I always grow tomatoes from seeds that I collect throughout the year. If I am out having a meal, and the tomatoes taste really good, I simply pop a few seeds on a serviette and take them home with me. These get planted the next year, and produce really good tomatoes! Of course, one can invest in all sorts of tomato seeds, but if you are happy growing whatever tomatoes you grow, then why go to all the expense? If anybody is interested, maybe we could start some seed-swapping on TT?   @ Tap - how to you process your tomatoes to make sauce? I still have quite a lot of toms in the greenhouse that need using up.
  9. Luxembourg airport traffic

    Don´t know myself, but this website seems to recommend taking the bus via Kirchberg:
  10. Online British Food Shops

    For those in the Hamburg area, these guys look to have nice pies:
  11. The War in Ukraine

    Referendum in "wantaway" areas? Fine by me, as long as the UN does the same for Russia.
  12. Steuererklärung - employed with side 2 freelance jobs

    My suggestion to ask them directly comes from the fact that not many of us TTers are actually tax experts, so you would need to be super-lucky to find somebody who can give you a good reply to your question, whereas the people at the tax office do nothing else but fiddle around with tax forms... just trying to be helpful!
  13. Steuererklärung - employed with side 2 freelance jobs

    Got any (German-speaking) friends?  
  14. Steuererklärung - employed with side 2 freelance jobs

    Have you considered phoning the tax office, and simply asking them what you should do?  
  15. Normally, I would not do this, but in your case I would seriously recommend doing things the German way. First thing on Tuesday morning, get on the phone to your local school/your first-choice school, and make your case for your child getting a place there. Germans can be really "in your face" if they want something that bad, so see to it that you play by their rules and not by any others. Ask them directly if they have a place available for your son, and exactly what you need to do to get him allocated a place there. Good luck!