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  1. @TraceKira - just in case anybody else is ever in a situation of needing to have a test done, can you please post how much it cost?   Edit: Thanks!
  2. Minimum hourly wage as of 2017

    Ta luv!
  3. Minimum hourly wage as of 2017

      Thanks for posting that Engelchen - I still thought that it was €8,50!!! (any chance you could post again in January, if it increases again?)
  4. help needed to understand contract

    NO, only if you work over 48 hours, in which case you can take time off in lieu or pay. Oh, Franklan beat me to it! Yes, not the best contract I have ever seen - most are for at least 13 months' pay and not just 12!
  5. What's wrong with being a housewife?

    Em, you can't please everybody all of the time, so you might as well please yourself. Who cares if you are a housewife, or a wheeling-dealing tycoon's wife? it is a personal choice that you and your husband have made, and has absolutely nothing to do with the other parents! Don't let them get to you - it's your life, and you only live once, so make the most of it!!!
  6. help needed to understand contract

    How refreshing to see somebody asking what a contract actually means before signing it!!! (I assume!)
  7. Pleeeze help me - I have some question for the clever forum people

      - you'd probably have to chuck out about 25% of posters - even after a couple of beers, some posters cannot write in complete sentences!!!
  8. Pleeeze help me - I have some question for the clever forum people

    I sometimes think we have to be a bit "generous" with what we read on here, since not all posters have English as their first language. The OP was surely asking what type of paint would be most suitable!
  9. How can I color this?

    I actually take the OP's question to mean what type of paint or whatever would be suitable to the task. If I knew, I would post a link.
  10. American father in difficult domestic situation

    I would suggest taking any job available and standing on your own two feet - only then will you really be free to choose what you do and where. Try looking here:   It doesn't go down too well on TT, or indeed with other people, when somebody asks for help and advice, but gives the impression of wanting to live off the state.
  11. It's not really such a new idea, and there are a lot of sites with playgrounds listed and photos of them, etc, for instance, this one:   Still, if you and your daughter are having fun exploring the playgrounds and reporting about them, why not?!
  12. So, the gym charged for a failed transaction, which is their contractual right, and you/your girlfriend took the money back by lastschriftrückgabe. This still leavesyour girlfriend owing the gym €12, thus they will have charged her again! She really should go along and talk to them about it, but bear in mind that she signed a contract agreeing to this!!!
  13. Actually, I think that Payback sends out enough warning emails about points losing their validity that it would be hard not to miss!  
  14. Three-word story

    I'd love to !!!!
  15. Three-word story

    "Yellow Submarine", and