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  1. Cost of living in Munich

    - but not everybody reading this thread or planning to move to Germany is American, thus I thought the information might be of use to somebody!
  2. Cost of living in Munich

      Just thought I would mention that I am officially Church of England, and have passed this information on to the tax authorities here. I do not pay church tax.
  3. Songs that make you cry

    This one always brings tears to my eyes:        
  4. Represent The Local in Munich

    Oh gosh! I nearly missed this wonderful opportunity! If I missed it, maybe some others will have done so too, so here's a little "bump" for it
  5.   Aha! There we are again with the "how to save water" thing - why not simply ruip the stuff out and replace it with a large stone, or beer bottle filled with sand? Quite honestly though, if it is as horrible to look at as it sounds, I would tend to want to replace the whole thing...
  6. Weeconomy or, business experience?

    Hey Dude, if you like the model, why not invest in shares, rather than actually becoming a part of it for the time being? It seems that the shares are cheaply available, and if this whole thing gains in popularity, then they will surely go up in value...
  7. Weeconomy or, business experience?

    I think that if a scheme is not prepared to let people know exactly how it works, right from the beginning, it is best left to do it's own thing...
  8. Work permission when moving accommodation

    Actually, I think you run a very high risk of missing out on some important post, if you do not have an address. Don`t you have a friend whose address you could use simply for postal purposes?
  9. just one little question - does anybody know the price of baby food - the small jars, at DM?
  10. The current weather in Munich

    As Shorty said, "it's a tad breezy out there!" Dunno where she picked up her English, but I like it
  11. Gold coins at face value - how is it possible?

      Well, maybe the Euro will collapse and maybe not, but just supposing the whole world is doomed, and you need to find a way to survive, surely lots of smaller denomination gold coins would be easier to trade for the little things in life - a meal, maybe? Another advantage being that they are small, easy to hide and easy to transport...
  12.   Definitely agree with this, since MIS is way outside of the city, and not even in Starnberg itself! The kids that attend MIS simply do not live in the area and do not tend to participate in any of the local Vereins, and so, stay very much amongst themselves.
  13. Early cancellation of the electricity contract.

    Since, at the end of the day, you actually pay for the electricity that you use, and you seem to have found a fairly cheap supplier, I would stick with them. No company can tell you exactly how much electricity you will use in a year, since there are so many variables, but if you stick with them for a while, you will find out how much you actually use, and how much it costs.
  14. What made you laugh today?

      I'll go for a 9 too!  
  15. Looking for real friend