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  1. job contract terminated before pregnancy

      - be sure NOT to mention that!!!  
  2. Relocating nearby to Munich

      - point is, the price has doubled even to get onto the property ladder!  
  3. Relocating nearby to Munich

    I also think that the OP should initially rent a property - it would give him a chance to learn the language, and to decide for sure if he actually wants to be in the Munich area. Also, by learning the language, and conversing with the locals, he is more likely to hear of potential properties before they go on the major listings.   As for the "property bubble" around Munich, just take a look at the property listings for Munich - a few years back there were still loads of flats to be had in the €200,000 range - now the cheaper properties are around €400,000.
  4. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

      - I got vaccinated!   But yes, Keleth is right to say that social distancing and masks make a HUGE difference, even to the amount of colds and snuffles that we get!
  5.   - and I would be glad to welcome you to come to my store! It is all to do with the HACCP rules and regulations, which even state that at the till, staff have the very last opportunity to check if goods are suitable for sale or not. However, it would appear that there are regional differences as to how seriously this is taken - sorry!  
  6.   Normally the cashier should notice the problem and ask if you would like to go and get a replacement...
  7. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    Shorty recently had contact to an old acquaintance, who gave her all of her best tips for making a FFP2 mask more comfortable to wear:   - first tip being to take the first two layers on the insdie out of it, discard the second one, and put the first, soft one, back in - helps you to breathe more easily! - second tip being to take a pin and poke lots of tiny holes in the mask, once again, to help you breathe more easily!   I can only say that I am flabbergasted!!!
  8. Looking for some English tea

    Interesting article from YouGov concerning milk or tea first:
  9. Anybody with Payback points can donate them to the Berliner Kältehilfe here:
  10. Loan for person with income from outside DE after Brexit

    Can´t help but wonder if his company couldn´t help arrange him a loan with their bank? Sure, it would depend upon how long he has been with the company and how long he is likely to stay, but it might be worth asking.
  11. Coronavirus

      Metall, I am sure you have a sore throat and are feeling terribly tired all of the time, aren´t you? Go and see your GP in a couple of days`time and they will almost certainly get you tested...   @ John - I have the impression that you French is absolutely spot on in this case!!!
  12. The Non-Political get away thread

      Available at Amazon:
  13. What made you laugh today?

    ..."just a small prick with a needle!"....
  14. Feuerwehr Fine/Debt received by my employer

    If you could get a copy of that letter, then you would know who to contact. Not sure if you can do much about it now that your debt is being taken directly from your income, but you at least have the right to know why! Do you have any German-speaking friends who can assist you?  
  15. What made you laugh today?

      - the alternative is far worse!