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  1. From the website Jeba linked to:   Guthabenkarten ab 10 Euro erhalten Sie in vielen Supermärkten (Famila, Kaufland, Real) und an vielen Tankstellen sowie in vielen Postfilialen. Darüber hinaus können Sie Guthaben per kostenloser SMS aufladen, wenn Sie Ihre Bankverbindung hinterlegt haben. Um 10 € aufzuladen, schicken Sie einfach das Stichwort AUFLADEN an 4444.   - I suspect this is the part that alexunterwegs means. It is probably seem as a security measure to prevent people accidentally transfering €100 or so to their phone account. Nothing to prevent you from entering 4444 more than once though!
  2. Check Pension contributions

    Yes you can! Phone them, and they will send you a letter with all infos.
  3. Coronavirus

      - and supermarkets are only permitted to have half the number of customer in-store at any one time than they were last week, so please try to bring some patience with you when you go shopping as the staff are not the ones to blame if you have to wait outside!  
  4. abuse of nominative pronouns?

      - I would suggest you just leave out the article and call it "fucking Corona"!   For anybody interested in testing their knowledge of the English language, I recently stumbled across this site:  
  5. What are you cooking today?

      I purchase mine at Aldi.  
  6. Obituary thread of notable or obscure folk: Juan Joya Borja

      - apparently he went in to isolation early, and will fly with a private jet... or so it said on the news yesterday...
  7. Coronavirus

      - unfortunately, one has to subscribe to be able to read the article....
  8. Coronavirus

      I totally agree with you there!   It surely shouldn´t be the case that some places are opening up with the quick tests, whilst others are still in total lock-down! There really needs to be some kind of universal system introduced so that everybody knows where they stand.
  9. @ Gatson - if this thing is "too big" for your kitchen, it might help to give the measurements....
  10. Three-word story

    an Easter egg
  11.   - if you pay me enough, I`ll agree with you there
  12. Brexit: The fallout

      Aha! Ta muchly!!!
  13. Brexit: The fallout

      - the other side of the coin being, of course, that it is now more expensive to send things to Britain - I went to the post office today to send a small parcel which previously would have cost €9. Now that Britain has left the EU, it costs €16!!!  
  14. Coronavirus

      Thanks for trying to avoid the rush, Engelchen! Unfortunately, the extra "day off" will simply mean that more people come shopping on the Wednesday and Saturday and it will be hell to work in a supermarket on these days!   Quite honestly, what good is a long weekend of lockdown going to do to help the general situation, where you already have a population sick-to-death of corona-prevention and lockdowns? As it stands, people are so used to being warned about things that they simply forget to keep a distance, and often have to be asked to pull their mask up from under their chin!   If anybody wants my opinion, it is that there should be a lockdown to end all lockdowns - everybody, and I mean everybody should have to stay at home or within a 3km radius for several weeks. This would, hopefully, prevent the virus from spreading from one area to another, and also from one person to another - either a family will have had it or it will not, by the time things re-open, and life can get back to normal.   @ Tap - and on Tuesday the supermarkets will go crazy again!!!  
  15. Smuggling becoming a standard...

      OH, how I wish you hadn´t mentioned that! I am addicted to chocolate digestives!!! - guess where I will go looking once Aldi runs out?!