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  1. Protocol with Handwerkers

    Have you spoken to blauarbeit about these people.  I would speak with the police too and ask them to be present on Monday especially if there was a threat made. Being told that you should pray for your soul sounds like a death threat to me. The finanzampt would also be interested I should imagine. Do you have photos of the men working on your property.  I figure it was a cash deal only. I advise that you do not speak with these men alone 
  2. what happens at a pap smear test

    Once a year is normal at FA, mammogram every 2. I would be very suspect at any procedure that involves knocking you out without a fully qualified team. Any anaesthetic requires a certain knowledge especially if I suspect you are diabetic. Talk to your own doctor if the home test returns as positive.   As for your back problems, I have known this issue with a disabled friend. she can not get into the chair without help. she was manhandled and finally dropped. She's not a lightweight girl´. Now the FA have refused to do the tests rather than let her lay on an exam table such as in England. I would find another FA if the one you went to can not find the time to let you get into position in your own time. If no other FA has room for you on their books then you must be very insistent next time and state that you will require a little help to prevent further injury. Tell them that you ended up at physio   As for other tests; my GP sent me for 1 test and left with 3 überweisungs and appointments for various life threating ailments. I am deaf so my husband has to attend with me. This means time from work, loss off pay if he has no holiday. These appointments are never local and there is always a long waiting time at the clinic. My husband became so worried that he took me to the GP who was also concerned at my apparent ill health. He suspected they were not required and sent me instead to the local hospital where I had the all clear for everything. This GP found I actually had a thyroid problem which he discovered with a scan, followed by blood tests and medication. I think I am right in thinking that AOK at least are clamping down on random testing.   If FA believe that something is not right then they have a duty of care to advise. This is not something to be paid for so the next step would be your GP who will direct you to hospital. At the end of the day it is your body, your choice. Options are being given to you, if you are not happy then ask. If you do not get the answers then leave
  3. Cost of dog grooming in Germany

    I am a dog groomer. I generally charge 35 for shampoo and conditioner, cut, nails, ears. 25 without the bath, 5 for nails. 45 if the dog is very large or very matted. when you moan about the prices please remember that dog groomers have to pay a high           insurance in case of accident. The products we use are not cheap we also have to consider out water and electricity bills and the disposal of the hair. We often have to pay rent and rates on our premises or in my case I took out a loan to build my own salon at the back of our house. Last of all we need to continually have our blades and scissors sharpened at €5 a time. 
  4. Nightmare Tenants, Insurance, The law

    We have finally been awarded a large amount to cover damage and unpaid rent. It has taken nearly 2 years and the ex tenants can take this to high court to contest this award. However they have been warned legally about lying in court and they have lied to the police, so this would be very foolish. It has been very stressful at time and we have had a lot of intimidation to put up with, including account hacking. (there is even an account on here linked to my old email address that was hacked) I would advise any would be landlord to keep every message, letter and email. to take lots of photos of the property beforehand, to confirm every conversation by letter and keep copies and have everything in writing. Keep receipts, and bookings for handwerkers, even if the tenant refuses to have the work done. Once the tenant is out, allow a person appointed by the court (gutachter) to go into the house first. No matter how tempting it is to go and have a peek at the damage, please resist. The report done is worth its weight in gold.  Follow the gutachter and take photos of everything. Not just the damaged part but show the damage in relation to the whole room.   Be aware that not every person with serious debts may be on the schufa. If a debt is sold onto an inkasso a person could have a serious debt problem. Or they have used many names to incur debts. We have now had our ex tenants put on the schufa. Have a good solicitor and always be polite to the tenant no matter how aggressive they get. We won because what the judge called our "concrete" was 100% solid. whatever was said to us, or done to us, we remained calm and polite. As soon as the tenant / landlord relationship started to break down we urged solicitor to solicitor. We were told initially that we could not repair or sell the house in order to get a payout. However as paying 2 mortgages was crippling us and there was a fear of rats, we did repair, renovate and then sell. We kept photos, receipts and finally got permission to sell before it went through. We didn´t add a few euros on. Everything has been straight down the line. We found replacing the toilets was cheaper that trying to clean it and stripping the house back to bare bones was easier. we paid a team of painters to come in a do the bulk of the painting. €800 but worth every cent.   Our ex tenants were very nasty and they planted upturned broken bottles all over the lawn. This nearly got my puppy. there was also poison which sadly killed my older dog. Do not take your dog to the property until you know it is safe   A stroke of luck was the paper bin men refusing to take the bin because it was full of food and plastic too. we had to arm ourselves with rubber gloves and sort through it. Not only did we find post stolen from our letter box at home but proof of 16 inkasso. As for us, we are now off for a quiet life by the seaside. We have bought a new house and have our home up for sale with a queue of would be buyers. We will never rent again. If anyone would like advise then I am happy to help if I can. Happy New Year to you all