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  1. Travel to the US and back.

    Yep, assuming you can get a flight, you should be able to get there. July and later seem more promising for this. Just also keep an eye out for new rules for the countries in which you connect. For instance, KLM says that people even just connecting through the Netherlands need to show this form saying they are healthy: https://www.rivm.nl/en/documenten/health-screening-form (from https://wecare.klm.com/nl_en/ "Do I need to bring additional documents to enter the Netherlands?" section). Only travelers have to sign it, no doctor's visit is required. Also, KLM will still give refunds or vouchers for flights you yourself cancel that were scheduled to fly before the end of August (same link, "Can I still travel to and from the United States of America?" section). Until the end of August they also require wearing masks from boarding through exiting the plane, with small breaks allowed for eating and drinking, during which the masks must be stored somewhere clean and not just slid under your chin ("Do I have to wear a face mask during my trip?" section).   We had planned to go in May but that didn't quite work out. Hopefully we can go later this summer. Hope your trip goes well!