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  1. Steuererklärung - employed with side 2 freelance jobs

      I see thank you  Yes I understand many TT members are not tax experts. Just hoping by chance someone has the experience of having 2 freelance tax numbers (this shouldn't be so uncommon at least for Berlin). but yes, i'll try to contact the Finanzamt if I don't get any response here.   
  2. Steuererklärung - employed with side 2 freelance jobs

    May I ask if my questions are not appropriate for TT?  Basically most questions raised in TT concerning tax declaration can also be addressed to Finanzamt if this is what you suggest....
  3. Steuererklärung - employed with side 2 freelance jobs

    If I spoke better German...
  4. Steuererklärung - employed with side 2 freelance jobs

     Re. the above, I just tried to create one more Anlage EÜR for my 2nd freelance profession of which I have a Steuernummer for Gewinnermittlung. But the Elster system says "Sie haben bereits Eingaben im Formular "Einnahmenüberschussrechnung (Anlage EÜR) 2021" gemacht. Die parallele Nutzung desselben Formulars wird nicht unterstützt."  So I am not allowed to create 2 forms,  but then in the same form it doesn't allow me to enter the Gewinnermittlung for more than 1 profession. What should I do? 
  5. Steuererklärung - Nebenkosten

    Hello, I have other questions regarding Nebenkosten but I'd start a new thread for easy searching for future users. I am employed with side freelance jobs. My husband and I bought an apartment where we are living in. In our home there is a guest room with a working area (desk, computer, printer, etc) but it is not a confined office as the room has a bed for guest as well.  Last year I was pregnant and because of the pandemic I worked from home almost the whole year. My husband worked from home 50% of the time.  I'd like to ask apart from the 5€/day home-office-allowance, can we claim any office area or other utilities as deductible expenses in our Steuererklärung? A neighbour told us that he even claimed kitchen appliances in the Steuererklärung and got accepted!  We have also received the 24-pages Hausgeldabrechnung from our Hausverwaltung. I have absolutely no idea what we should look at and what we can claim as deductible expenses for our case. Any hints? Thanks a million for your help! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻  
  6. Hello everybody! Hope you all are well. I received a lot of help from TT in the previous years. With your support, I managed to do my own Steuererklärung through these years. However since last year our lives got a little more complicated (married, kid, bought an apartment, more freelance jobs...), I have again a couple of questions regarding the Steuererklärung and hope I could get some advices here. 1. I am employed with 2 freelance Steuernummern (1 Steuernummer as translator and 1 Steuernummer as consultant). I understood that I should submit a Gewinnermittlung for each of them. Does it mean I have to fill in two Anlage EÜR, one profession each?   2. In Elster under Anlage EÜR in the page of "Allgemeine Angaben", should I fill in the Steuernummer of each of this freelance profession (the Steuernummer is only for Gewinnermittlung)? Or should I fill in the general Steuernummer (for Einkommensteuer) which is for combined tax return with my husband? I am a bit lost as to when I should use which Steuernummer. Thanks a lot for your help!