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  1. There is some generally good advice. I would suggest you breathe deeply, relax, and go to work on your new job applications.   If I understood it correctly, you seem to be quite sure that you will find a new job yourself before September. Therefore I will not touch the Arbeitsamt at all.   As to your specific questions:   a. You should inform the ABH immediately, as it is a material change in your contract, based on which you received your permit.   Let me an answer h immediately: the Berliner ABH tends to give 3-6 months "for free", meaning they will not take away the Blue Card and not give any other permit, rather they will send you a letter saying that they will take away the Blue Card after that date (Note this will depend on the Land; in some other Länder the BC could be immediately revoked and one would have to apply to a new permit – I searched for a federal regulation that would prescribe a specific action in this case, but found none).   c. That works if you were here for 21/33 months on a Blaue Karte or an employment visa that could actually be the Blaue Karte (so, salary and education conditions). But that will definitely not help you, since NE will only be given to people who have financial security and the checks will be stronger compared to family reunion.   d You will in any case need to notify the ABH regarding your new contract and if your BC is tied to a previous employer you will need to make trip to the ABH to change the Zusatzblatt (it would be illegal to work if you do not have a permission for that).    e. One of the required documents is the one from the employer. You obviously won't be able to provide the document that says that the employment relationship is current and not gekündigt (and yes, suggesting to your employer to commit a criminal offense isn't a very nice move – hope this was just a misunderstanding).   f They will want the new house where you will live.   g. They shouldn't reject you, but they might take time for additional verification.   i. You cannot get ALG II on the employment permit, e.g. on the BC. ALG I is fine, the specifics depend on how long you worked, but since you already have 12 months of insurance contributions you are eligible.   j Job center = place where people get ALG II. It is not relevant for you.   k It is normal, yes, for people to get the compensation from their previous job while working on the new one. But your specific contract might have some additional terms so your situation might differ.   Now as I have mentioned you should continue looking for a job. If you have an offer before you need to provide documents regarding your financial situation you should be in a strong position. Even if you don't get a new job but send the documents as is you have some chances, as someone in your position actually does seem to have a lot of financial security, but that will depend on the specific officer. (e.g. some years ago Probezeit was considered bad, but in IT know people who received their NEs in the Probezeit.)   Again, lots of advice is Land-specific. To increase your chances you can read the VAB ABH Berlin:   Good luck.  
  2. You are already aware of the main benefit, the permanent residency provided you speak enough German.   > can I apply immediately to Niederlassungserlaubnis because I was eligible for the blue card for the whole 21 months till now? Exactly.
  3. Anmeldung at friend's (owner) place - is it legal?

    > It can take months to find a job in relevant field in Germany.   It is not likely to help you if you are not available readily for interviews and presumably also won't have regular German practice. So if you want to find a job ASAP it could be useful to actually stay in Germany.
  4. Anmeldung at friend's (owner) place - is it legal?

    If, e.g. you broke your leg during the vacation, your friend will let you back in the place or if the authorities would want to send you letters – they will reach you at that address, right? Then it's fine that you register even though you are not physically present. Disclaimer, of course, I am not a lawyer.
  5. Anmeldung at friend's (owner) place - is it legal?

      The place where you live doesn't change when you go on vacation, don't worry.
  6. Freelancing after losing job

      The companies are often very careful about the number of permanent positions (well, they are permanent...), so this could be a preferred way for them to have someone for an unspecified period of time who can be easily terminated. But for exactly that reason it could be the wrong choice for you.    Keep in mind that being a freelancer in Germany requires some paperwork for a Finanzamt, so it usually makes no sense to do it only for 1-3 months.   
  7.   The bottom of the page doesn't relate either to Anmeldung or the Blaue Karte. It refers to the permanent settlement permit (NIederlassungserlaubnis). It is correct that the financial situation and economic self-sufficiency are evaluated as part of the application and providing a rental contract in that case makes more sense (additionally, unlike with the previous two situations, NE is something that you don't normally need urgently).   However this seems to not be relevant for the situation of the OP.
  8.   No, the Wohnungsgeberbestätigung as defined in the § 19 BMG doesn't need to address anything related to the normal living conditions:   (3) Die Bestätigung des Wohnungsgebers enthält folgende Daten:  1. Name und Anschrift des Wohnungsgebers und wenn dieser nicht Eigentümer ist, auch den Namen des Eigentümers, 2. Einzugsdatum, 3. Anschrift der Wohnung sowie 4. Namen der nach § 17 Absatz 1 meldepflichtigen Personen.    We are talking here about the Anmeldung, a procedure that is obligatory to be done within 2 weeks. While it's applaudable that the nice bureaucrats want to prevent people from being smuggled, the real way to do it would require an investigation and a house visit, which is extremely unrealistic within this timeline.
  9. > but first, need to get a blue card from the present ABH.   But the rules are supposed to be modern! Since 2015 the Anmeldung is handled by a federal law that prescribes exactly two documents (pass and the Bestätigung des Wohnungsgebers):    And the list of the documents for the Blaue Karte is . Yes, Aufenthaltstitels generally require that a person receiving it should be able to care for themselves financially ( ) but the whole point of the salary requirement for the BC is that you are clearly getting enough money, so what's the point of going into the details? The minimum is, after all, 53.600 Euro in this year, and this is still enough to live in any German Land, even in the rich ones.   The Ausländerbehörde seems to be literally refusing to perform its job. I would say you should complain. Or, as the others said, do this after you move in the new Land.
  10.   It's entirely legal, for example, to work from home in some other country. 
  11. You can't do Anmeldung at the place where people can't live, so no PO boxes. If your work is paying you and not requiring you to stay in Germany, you should be able to tell them your new foreign address and do the mail forwarding there as well. Alternatively you can make a deal with your apartment owner that he allows you some kind of access to the apartment and you stay registered there even when new people move in.
  12.   It's hidden in the "Section 9 (2) sentences 2 to 6 shall apply accordingly." part, specifically:    2. sein Lebensunterhalt gesichert ist,   However, as I said before, you will have some leeway here depending on your case officer. I can imagine someone approving an application of someone who has quit the job voluntarily and already has signed the contracts for freelance work. Then again, I imagine that it could also be rejected.
  13.   This is weird. Local ABH can have somewhat different practices but not in something that is so clearly written out as the requirements for the BC. In any case I would ask for a brief letter from the owner saying something in effect of I allow the long wolf to stay for free until the date of XXX, or he contributes Z to the Nebenkosten and present that.
  14.   The rental contract is not in the list of documents for the BC, the Anmeldungbestätigung is. Are you sure this information is correct? In some cities ABH did the Anmeldung (as an optional bonus service) and asked for the rental contract for that (before the law change in 2015). Compare   > Proof of your residence for example by > Certificate of registration at the main residence (Melde-Bestätigung) or > lease and written confirmation of occupancy from the landlord (Wohnungsgeber-Bestätigung)
  15. Company employed with invalid permit and fired afterward

      The general rues are quite simple. You apply for the thing that allows you to live in Germany at the place where you currently live.   If you live in SA, you apply to the Germany consulate. This doesn't change if you have a short-term Schengen visa or long-term German visa which you haven't used yet.   Once you moved to Germany and did the Anmeldung, you officially live there and go to the local ABH for all immigration issues.